Best 5 Free SEO tools with Ahref to improve SEO 2020

Did you know Ahrefs has free SEO tools? Well, in this tutorial, I will show you our five best free SEO tools and how to combine them to actually improve the SEO of your website. Therefore, in the past year, we have released about 14 free SEO tools, most of which can be found in the footer of our website. Now, because I know you like workflows and processes, this tutorial will show you how to use them together and hope to get some traction from organic search.

So let’s start with our first free SEO tool, which will help you keep your website in good condition. And that’s Ahrefs’ Webmaster Tools or AWT. AWT includes our two core tools, which can be used on any website you own. The first tool is “Site Audit”, which will scan your website for more than 100 technical and page SEO issues and organize them into summary reports. Now, I have verified our website and reviewed

So let’s head over to the Overview report. Here you can see things like your websites health score, which represents the percentage of URLs that don’t have errors, and you’ll also see a list of the top issues right below that. Now, if you’re unsure of what to do with these issues, we also provide details on what the issues are and how to fix them. Suppose you want to repair pages that link to broken pages.

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To view the URL, just click on the number and you will be taken to Page Explorer, which displays the affected URL and the page with the broken URL. Just export the results, now just delete or replace those broken links. Now, an important feature of “Site Audit” is that you can set up a scheduled audit every week. In this way, you can monitor the changes that are taking place on the site from the second audit. Therefore, in the second review of, you will see changes in the number of URLs for each problem, the number of new cases, and the number of URLs that no longer have problems.

Perform weekly reviews at any time and you will be able to go to healthier sites. The second tool in AWT is Site Explorer, which provides you with backlinks and search traffic data. So let’s go to the dashboard and click on the verified item, which will bring us to the “Overview” page. On this page, you can view the top-level indicators of the website, such as domain name rating, total backlinks, total referring domains, these are the only websites that link to you, the number of keywords your website ranks for, and the estimated number of visits Your web page. Below is an interactive chart that shows how quickly you get backlinks from unique websites, which is a good indicator of how popular your website is on the web. Let’s go to the backlink report. Here, you can see all the pages that link to your website. Moreover, we also provide useful indicators about linked pages and domains, such as website and page authority values, the number of reference domains it has, estimated search traffic to the page, and the context of the link, which is very convenient. If you prefer to work in Google Sheets or Excel, you can also use these filters to drill down to specific data sets or export up to 1,000 backlinks.

Website browsers can also display website ranking keywords. Just go to the “Organic Keywords” report and you will see the keywords you are ranking for, their search volume, keyword difficulty scores, and where we rank on these pages on these dates. Similarly, we provide some great filters that you can use to find ways to improve your website’s visibility.

For example, suppose you want to find opportunities to rank for featured segments.To do that, just set the Positions filter with a minimum ranking position of two and a maximum of seven. Then, click on the SERP function filter and select the featured code segment, which will narrow the search results to keywords on the search engine results page. As you can see, we have many keywords that can follow selected code snippets to increase search volume.

Now, if you want to see who is competing for these keywords, just click the SERP button to see the top 10 pages and their SEO metrics, which is very helpful for understanding the difficulty of ranking. Now, I can handle a large number of use cases, but we have four other tools available.
But this does not necessarily help establish links. This led us well to our next free SEO tool, Ahrefs Backlink Checker. Using our free Backlink Checker tool, you can view the top 100 backlinks that point to a URL or domain. Suppose you find this page on coffee statistics and find that the data is super outdated. Now, to see if there is a chance, the first thing you have to do is to check and see if there is indeed a backlink to it on the page. To do this, you can paste the coffee statistics URL into the free Backlink Checker tool. As you can see, there are approximately 660 unique websites linking to this page!
And seeing that the backlink looks good, you can create your own page on the topic and reach the relevant website, and then ask them to link to you. Okay, the next tool is Ahrefs’ keyword generator. Using this tool, you can find keyword ideas for search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. Just select your search engine and enter broad keywords related to your niche.
Let’s take a look at “routers” and search for US data. Then, we will show you the top 100 keywords containing the phrase, as well as the search volume and keyword difficulty score of the top 10 keywords. Now, if you are just looking for keywords for a blog post, click the “Question” tab, which will display keywords that contain the target phrase as the question phrase. The query “how long can the router be used” has a low KD and a high search volume, which looks promising. But what should we do now? This is where the next free SEO tool comes into play. That is SERP Checker.
SERP Checker will show you the top 10 rankings and the SEO metrics of the top 3 pages. In addition to metrics, you can also view non-personalized search results from 171 countries. Therefore, let us search again for “how long can the router be used” in the United States. Here, you can use the “DR”, “UR” and “referring domain” indicators to evaluate the difficulty of ranking and view the estimated traffic to these pages to evaluate the traffic potential.
I talked about a lot of keyword analysis in our keyword research tutorial, so I link them in the description. So now that we have covered SEO tools for technical SEO, link building, and keyword research, the last tool is useful for many different SEO tasks. This tool is Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar. If you are familiar with this tool, then you know that people with advanced plans can directly see good things such as keyword metrics and SEO metrics in Google search. In addition, when browsing any page, you can see both page-level and domain-level SEO indicators.
But what you may not know is that you can have many free features without an account. After installing the toolbar, please visit any page, you can see the redirection path and HTTP header of that page. You can click on this link icon, which will then scan for broken outgoing links on the page you are on. Click this icon to get a complete on-page SEO report. Then, the second link icon will show you a breakdown of the types of outbound links. Now, these are just five of the free SEO tools we have at Ahrefs, and they are great when you are just getting started. And I have left links to all the tools I mentioned in the description, so try it out and pair them together to make your page rank higher in the search.

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