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Top SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

SEO dynamics and requirements are rapidly evolving, and businesses are struggling to stay abreast with the pace of innovations. All websites aim to secure the highest position on Google’s search rankings. However, securing a position on top of the list is not an easy endeavor.

Websites that rank higher enjoy steady and ever-growing website traffic, stemming from their extensive optimization, keyword research, and market-relevance. Naturally, high-ranking websites enjoy greater popularity and authority, alongside generating high-quality leads and sales. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial undertaking to build relevance and connect your website with a target audience. In 2021, SEO is a sheer necessity because Google algorithms and crawlers are increasingly sophisticated and complex. These crawlers and bots rely on keywords, quality backlinks, and other SEO metrics to determine website rankings and overall authority.

Let’s take a closer look at the top SEO ranking factors to consider for a high-ranking and popular website.

Authority Determines Search Rankings

How you ensure that your website gets recognized as an authoritative and informative resource worthy of citation? Google and other search engines deploy sophisticated technologies to identify websites that command authority and popularity. Have you ever noticed how popular and prominent brands always secure top search engine rankings?

Their position does not stem from unlimited marketing spending or pay-per-click ads. Contrary to what most people believe, these popular brands deploy a wide array of techniques to build authority. This endeavor requires a multitude of SEO basics and advanced strategies. Brands must invest in link-building techniques and acquire high-quality backlinks to boost their SEO success.

High-quality backlinks originating from popular and authoritative websites will help your website secure Google’s approval. Multiple backlinks from prominent websites with an enormous social following will expand your audience and website visibility. Google is more likely to allocate higher rankings to websites cited by influential and authoritative websites.

Keywords Determine Search Relevance

How does Google skim through billions of web pages to find search results most relevant to user-generated queries? Google relies on highly-sophisticated search bots, which are automated software termed as “spiders.” These search bots crawl the world wide web and visit web pages to identify the most relevant results?

But how? These spiders rely on keywords and phrases in the search query to offer relevant results. Well-optimized websites that curate content with a wealth of specific keywords enjoy higher rankings and greater audience exposure. Keywords connect content, websites, and businesses with their target audiences. Google relies on search terms to find the most relevant web pages out of trillions of pages logged in its index. Isn’t that stupendous?

The only way your website can stand out and rise above its competitors is by prioritizing keyword research. It’s wise to utilize free tools or invest in advanced keyword research tools to add value to your content. Articles, blogs, images, and even videos hold little purpose without keywords connecting them with a specific audience.

Prioritizing On-Page & Off-Page SEO

On-page and Off-page SEO are popular marketing buzzwords that are thrown around in online and offline conversations. However, what do they signify and aim to achieve? On-page and off-page are powerful SEO ranking factors that can boost visibility and search rankings when done right.

On-page SEO refers to your website and the elements you can optimize to improve user experience. You can optimize and improve the content, layout, website code and design, and overall navigation. 

And off-page SEO refers to the external actions that help build authority. Social marketing, backlinks, and social collaborations create a trustworthy and credible website image. Both on-page and off-page SEO tactics are equally indispensable as they determine the overall ranking of a website.

Marketing Espionage: Competitors’ Analysis

While corporate espionage is a serious crime, marketing espionage is a clever tactic to stay competitive and relevant. Competitors’ analysis is a vital undertaking to improve your SEO rankings or stay competitive with rival brands. The idea is to regularly review and analyze the SEO tactics adopted by your competitors.

Be sure to subscribe to their website notifications, social media networks, and email subscription lists. This way, you can receive alerts for all new updates, blogs, product lines, and other campaigns. Observing your competitors’ content strategy, link-building techniques, and user experience will offer a wealth of inspiration.

You can imitate the strategy that seems to work for your competitors or advance the strategy to reap more gains. Learning from your successful competitors is far more realistic than imitating the strategy of large corporations.

Engaging User Experience

Did you know that Google’s bots and spiders keep a close eye on user engagement and experience? That’s right. If a user quits your website after a few minutes or seconds, Google will note this activity. Suppose a large audience of users starts quitting your website minutes after arriving at a web page. In the long-run, users leaving your website will cast a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Search engines closely observe the time users spend browsing and navigating a website. Google closely observes websites featuring videos or podcasts as users spend more time on such web pages. It’s wise to incorporate a multitude of content to entertain users and compel them to stay longer.

Page loading speed is another crucial SEO ranking factor that most marketers tend to neglect. Users are likely to leave websites that take time to load or fail to show images on smartphones. Google examines page loading speed, and websites that load within seconds enjoy greater popularity with users and search engines.


All this talk about tech-savvy spiders and sophisticated bots compels marketers to forget they’re curating content for humans. It’s essential to maintain a healthy balance. Be sure to appease bots and algorithms with technical strategies. Your content and creativity should always focus on humans who require emotional cues and information to inspire buying decisions.

Visual Content-You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns

If you plan on embarking on a content marketing strategy, you need some tips that can make your journey easy and successful. You need to know how you can stimulate growth and engagement using your content.

Text is not an important part of your website, and without it, you cannot rank your site on the top shelves. But at the same time, you must know that adding a visual appeal to your content and site is remarkably a successful way of capturing your potential audience’s interest.

You would surely be astonished to know that more than 90% of the information that the brain understands comes from visual content. This is because the brain understands images more quickly than text.

This is also one of the major reasons people are more interested in visual content than text. You must know that content having visual stuff in it has 65% more reach than the one having only text in it.

The six types of visual content that you need to use in your marketing campaigns!

Here are the top six types of visual content: you can get tons of traffic on your site/page.


Splitting the body of text with some interesting and relevant images can help you a lot in getting the users’ interest. According to recent statistics, if you use images and text, you can get 93% more views. When it comes to photos/images, you must add original or at least copyright-free images. You can use the modern reverse image search tools to find out the images you can use on your sites or blogs. The most famous reverse image search tool belongs to SearchEngineReports.

With the help of this reverse photo search tool, you can easily find out the details of an image before using it. Furthermore, suppose you feel like another website is copying your image without your permission. In that case, you can make a reverse image search on it and hunt down image plagiarism like a pro.


Adding videos to your content is another incredible example of visual content. Today people add videos to explain common problems and also to show the solutions relevant to these problems. One should know that creating a video can be more expensive than other modes of visual content. Still, the traffic that you would get by adding a video is in no comparison with other modes. You must know that a video can help you increase your landing page conversions by more than 88%. Furthermore, you can easily win the audience’s trust by adding videos along with your textual content.


These are some of the best visual content mediums that can help you explain complex data and stats in an easy and summarized way. One should know that this type of visual content is usually used for promotions. Making an infographic is easy if you have the right design tool and a grasp of a basic design. If you don’t know how to design an infographic, you can easily help yourself by using a reverse image search tool. You can find relevant infographics with reverse searching. You must take the authorization of the graph owner before using it on your site or page!


Creating memes is another great way of making your content visually attractive. The use of memes is getting more common these days, and you can see them in trend these days. Memes can capture a lot of audience interest, especially if you use them on social media platforms. Before you add a meme to your content, you must make sure that it is relevant to the content niche you are working on and secondly it is non-offensive.


You can also add presentations to your website content. This would help you explain your mission, your goals, and your current position to your audience. One should know that today you can easily add third-party tools to create digital presentations. This is a very reputable way of the engaging audience with your content.


The screenshots are also a medium of visual content that can help you back up the claims you are making in your textual content. You may not feel like screenshots are interesting, but you must know that they are very beneficial for trust-building.

We will suggest you take full advantage of visual content if you want to create brand awareness and increase traffic flow.

Reverse image search technique

The reverse search technique is an important one using which you can not only search for images, but you can also search by an image and other visual content. If you want to find out the details about an image like its ownership, its origin, its sister versions and its content, you can easily find it all by using a reverse image search tool.

There are tons of image search tools on the web, and it is up to you to select the most suitable one!

7 Web Design Factors to Give your Portal’s Traffic Boost

Businesses looking to take advantage of the current scenario to new customers will have to get their target audience’s attention in the first place. Although it is a requirement for any website, it is an absolute necessity for e-commerce ventures and online shopping portals. Without using the web on your website is not possible to make them buy any product from your website.

While many design factors can help you out, the following are the seven factors that will help small businesses and startups get going. 

1. A Quality Website

Visitors on any website go for the quality of the design rather than anything else. Most of them only proceed to browse through a website if they like the design on the first lookout. That’s why the quality of the images and video need to be top of the line. Only then it can be deemed effective and will offer value to the website. 

Quality is also not just about a glamorous look but rather something that looks authentic and crisp. This can only be possible when designers are having the experts offer their support to a company. Don’t go for a mediocre agency just to save a few bucks and rather select the best website design agency in Dubai, which can help you in this concern. 

2. Audience Scan the Pages

Most users just scan through the pages and skim the content rather than read each word. That’s why you need to put strong headings that can get their attention. The content and the way the headings or buttons are designed will make a great difference in getting the visitor engaged. Make an effort to create design and content that is a class apart as only then you can be sure of making an impact with your web design. 

3. Users Follow their Gut Instinct 

It doesn’t matter how much you will try to put up a solid and impactful design and content; most of the visitors will follow their gut feeling. That is, they have a predefined image of the product and the qualities they look for. That is the reason why most companies news exceptional support from the designers helps them out. Seasoned designers know how to carry out their work to attract the target audience for their customers. 

4. Make Visitors Draw Towards your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Imagine what you need to sell your product amongst all the competition in the market. You just can’t lower your price every time your competitor does so. For a small business, this may not be the right approach as they will falter in the initial phase itself. Having a USP for your product is one factor that can do the trick for you. 

Getting your visitors’ attention on the website is the next step to make them go for your product and make them stay on your website. Through smart CTAs and taglines, you can attract them to remain on your website and check out the product pages. 

Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is one quality of your product that makes it unique from all the others. And if it is not unique, you need to market it as something different from the others. This is where the marketing guys need to flex their muscles, and after that, it is the designers’ job to make it look amazing. Make sure you do full justice to this aspect, and pretty quickly, you will notice your visitors will be more interested in checking out other pages of your website as well.

5. Target as per the Niche 

Design is not something that can be perfected overnight. Many factors are involved, so most of them need to be taken care of for the best results. After USP, the most important aspect is to come up with a design that targets your niche. You can’t come up with a design that will be loved by every visitor. Instead, you need to design your website that caters to a niche. 

Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily. 

Suppose that you have a website that caters to infants and toddlers. The design must be bold and funky to attract people looking for vibrant and cool clothing for their children. Never think about attracting parents with a sober design. Stay true to the theme of your website rather than anything else. For better results, this is one strategy that works every time as a targeted design for a niche has better chances of being successful than anything else. 

6. Simple yet Effective Design 

The design of the website should be simple enough so that everything is self-explanatory. Don’t try to develop a complex design to be unable to find any information they are looking for. Simplicity is thought of as something that looks boring and unattractive. In design, this is not the case. In fact, if you can come up with a design that looks aesthetically good and at the same time doesn’t look outlandish, this is an achievement rather than a drawback. 

You can also be innovative in your approach and be simple simultaneously. In the end, it is an effective design that counts and nothing else. Experiment with your design a bit after making your website live and then finalize one design after getting positive feedback from the visitors. 

7. Faster Loading Time 

This is another important aspect as, after everything you have done, a website with a slow load time will ruin all the effort. Optimize the heavy image and graphic files, and make sure the video doesn’t start loading automatically. While maintaining the design and layout quality, try to think of ways how you can make this happen. That’s why I have emphasized this multiple times that selecting the right designer is critical to your success. 

Over to you  If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or have any questions in mind, you are more than

A Complete Guide To LSI Copywriting For The Beginners

The modern abbreviation LSI appears when promoting sites. This refers to articles for sites containing queries and additional words on the topic. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) – semantic index, which changes the index, depends on the main core of the article. Google uses this index when crawling; it begins to recognize the articles the user needs.

LSI copywriting is a method that makes any content enlightening, significant, and serious when done appropriately. This sort of composed material varies from SEO content. Basically, you can’t just load the content with keywords. Its purpose is to refine web content by eliminating unnatural keywords and adding more significant data. It is beneficial for both web crawlers and users.

Reasons For Creating LSI Content

LSI copywriting is a method of increasing traffic in order to monetize it. Other reasons are:

1.       Website promotion through articles (information sites).

2.       Bypassing Google filters.

3.       Creation of publications that reveal the essence of requests.

Why Only LSI Copywriting?

The main value of the resource is in users who do not close the site after 2 seconds, but immediately find exactly what they need.

Let’s remember how the first Google filters appeared. For example, if you search for assignment writing services, it will monitor your behavior. From search results, if you click on one article and quickly close it without looking at the site even for 30 seconds, then the website is in danger.

Google does not display small articles it does not even show them in the search results lately. White papers now start at a minimum of 7,000 to 10,000 characters without spaces. 

How Are Web Pages Scanned?

Google goes through the texts, evaluating the key types of queries, subject phrases, and the general meaning. Against this background, LSI copywriting was born.

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User requests have changed. They enter words and phrases that are confusing in their structure; search engines can evaluate articles and give the desired results.

It’s harder to make money on bad link selling sites. They are not popular and are boring to read. There is almost no use in them for the average user. Their main task is to lure a person in order to click on an advertisement. On some sites, advertisements appear in the form of pop-up windows in full screen, offering to go to the advertiser’s site.

LSI Content Creation

To promote search traffic, the text should be created on the basis of the semantic core of the article. It is important to consider the following:

  •  The article is written in human language (without spam).
  •  The information presented gives many answers to inquiries.
  •  Process the objections

LSI Copywriting Techniques

  •  Enter the keyword in the title of the article, in the subheadings in a modified form with other words. You can even touch on the description and enter the keyword there, if necessary.
  •  User queries look right in the middle of a sentence when they are surrounded on both sides with other words. According to LSI rules, it is better not to use keywords at the beginning of the text or at the end of a sentence.
  •  Keywords should be distributed evenly throughout the text. This will not raise suspicions from Google.
  • Semantic queries must be written into the article should be relevant to the query.  This important point determines the value of the entire text and its possibility of getting to the top.
  • Use Keyphrases instead of keywords.
  • Don’t use keywords or Keyphrases that do not generate a solution to user’s problems. For example, on a webpage for students to use relevant Keyphrases like dissertation help, essay writing, etc.


The method of writing texts in the LSI-copywriting style is not new.  To do LSI copywriting you need time, persistence, mindfulness, and once in awhile extra resources, but all efforts are worth it. Given the huge number of Google rules and prerequisites, each website admin ought to apply legit SEO methodologies to appear on the first page of search results.

Simultaneously, don’t put your emphasis entirely on LSI strategies. Keep in mind, LSI is just a single piece of a powerful SEO methodology that will lead your site to web index result achievement.

Grow your Business with these 5 internet lead generation strategies

Bringing your business online doesn’t only involve building a website and a social media page. For people to notice you in the online world of business you need a fitting Lead Generation Strategy.

But first, what is a Lead Generation Strategy?

A lead generation strategy is the usage of digital marketing and internet tools that help you attract an audience and drive traffic to your website which converts into leads for your business. A lead is a person who has shown considerable interest in your business and has taken some action, for example, bought a product, left their contact information, etc. The best digital marketing company focuses on these below strategies for the visibility of the business.

Here are 5 splendid strategies that a digital marketing company or HR Software company focuses on, which will give you instant visibility for your business:

  1. Optimize Your Website

Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly website is the primary tool that will drive the maximum percentage of traffic.

When people need answers, the first thing they do is search on google and that google search result page is where your business website must be found. SEO is the magic wand that ensures that your website appears at the top of the Google SERP (search engine result page) rankings whenever a potential lead searches a keyword related to your business.

This will not only bring you a continuous flow of traffic but also save you money on advertisements. To ensure that your website is SEO friendly, you need to choose the right keywords. Take a look at Google Trends and keyword rankings to feed in the appropriate keywords in the content of your website. For example, if you search for a digital marketing company in Pune, you will find our name on the list.

  • You should constantly optimise your Title and Meta Tags. Your titles and meta descriptions are the first impression of your brand and it appears even before a user enters your website. So, ensure that it has the focus keyword and also that it drives the user to hit that click button.
  • Your website needs to have the least loading time possible. A potential lead will not want to wait for even a duration of a few minutes for your website to load. Also, your website should be platform-independent, which means that it should run as swiftly on a mobile phone or a tablet as on a laptop.
  • Make a Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing gets you a long term, loyal relationship with your audience. It builds your credibility and it will establish you as an authority figure in your field.

Some content marketing strategies:

  • Build a blog – A blog may not be the fastest way to generate leads, but it establishes you as an expert. With great advice, how-to guides, case studies, and more, you create awareness for your brand and the need for your services or products. Also, it is a great way to fill in keywords that help your SEO rankings. So build a blog to fulfill your dream!

  • Videos and Podcasts – Make videos and podcasts explaining your brand, introducing your team, or a testimonial from one of your clients. It also works as a referral while capturing the attention of your audience. There are over 1.5 million users on YouTube, it’s best not to miss out on such a large audience.

  • Case Studies, Whitepapers, and E-books – Build industry research reports and white papers that you can offer to your target audience. It is a brilliant way to build an extensive mailing list for future promotional content.
  • Build a Social Media Presence

Social media is a great place to connect and engage with your target audience. Your brand should have a strong and active presence on all the social media platforms but your content should be tailored accordingly. For example, on Instagram you can offer B2C content, LinkedIn can help you generate B2B leads.

Social media content should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Photos, videos, blogs, links, there is so much you can offer to your audience and engage with them subsequently. Social media helps in building a positive reputation for your brand.

  • Focus on Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the lead generation strategies that has worked wonders in the world of digital marketing. But email marketing requires some good old effort because you want the user to click on the email and then further click on the banner which leads them to your website. Here are some things you should keep in mind while building your email marketing campaign:

  • Schedule your Campaign – It is one of the smartest things you can do. Do a little research on the best time and day according to your target audience. This is based on their age, profession, region, and more. You can use any email automation software which sends out your email at the scheduled time.
  • Do not limit your email to text – Your potential lead is only going to spend a few seconds on your email and if it is text-heavy, they are not going to pay much attention to it. So, include videos, gifs, infographics, and other visually stimulating content that captures their attention.
  1. Invest in Social Media and Paid Ads

While social media ads appear on social media platforms, Pay per Click (PPC) ads are for search engine result pages. You can add filters to your social media ads so that they will appear particularly to your target audience which will drive traffic towards your social media profile or your website and further, generate leads.

While for PPC, if any person searches a keyword that relates to your business, your page will appear at the top of the page irrespective of your SERP rankings.

While this list is useful in building a boost for your business, it is definitely not exhaustive. If you want a full-fledged strategy without any hassle, you can reach out to the top digital marketing company in your area to build a plan for you.

The role played by technology in business management

Every business organization today simply cannot avoid using technology, in some kind or other, for a variety of reasons. Though it may seem to you to be a costly proposition initially, but in the long run you will be benefited immensely when you use technology for your business. This will help you in many ways such as:

  • Ensuring better and higher production
  • Lowering cost of production
  • Improving quality of goods and
  • Generating larger business profit and revenue.

In addition to that, technology will also help you in several other ways for your business management and operations such as:

  • Maintaining the desired data flow
  • Managing your contacts more efficiently
  • Track the processes as well as the progress of your business
  • Maintaining employee records and much more.

All these will add to your efficiency and effectiveness of your business. you will need minimal manpower but you will stay connected to your suppliers and customers as well as your sales force because everything will be streamlined. In short it will enable you to provide products and services at a much more affordable price without having to compromise with its quality.

Use of proper and relevant tools and software will enable you to make a better and stronger presence online to get Instagram views, clicks, comments and shares. This is an important aspect for any type of ecommerce business. this is because:

  • It will let the current and potential customers to view your products online more conveniently.
  • It will help you to reach to your potential customers all over the world.

If you use accounting and management software for your business, it will also simplify the process and ensure a higher level of accuracy in every aspect of your business operation.

Streamlines decision making process

Apart from ensuring business growth with advanced digital marketing, use of technology will also streamline your decision-making process when you want to enter into a new market segment. Proper web optimization and social media targeting you will be able to do a lot better in search marketing.

Technology will help you to:

  • Keep proper track of your customer
  • Identify and analyze the useful market data
  • Prepare error free reporting with guaranteed accuracy
  • Manage your marketing, finance, and customer engagement departments and
  • Identify the weak areas of your business and make the necessary tweaks to strategize accordingly.

All these will provide you with the necessary competitive edge and stay on the top. This is crucial for any specific business niche because you will certainly not to be one of those businesses that are hardly visible online.

You can weigh up and drive more quality traffic to your site using different viable and useful online tools. This will eventually help you to increase the level of engagement, rate of conversion and volume of sales and revenue.

Management of information systems

Most of the large corporations and small businesses depend heavily in the quality and volume of information and data. Therefore, you will need to manage these systems properly so that there is a steady flow of work data, business information and other details that you can save, analyze and use as and when required.

Companies that store this data effectively find it easy to formulate their business strategies to facilitate their marketing efforts. MIS or Management information systems will enable you to track different important elements of your business such as:

  • Sales data
  • Productivity level and
  • The expenses incurred.

These facts, figures and information gathered will provide you will valuable insights on different important functions of your business such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Market trends
  • Consumer behaviors
  • Competitor pricing and most importantly
  • Customer demographics.

The data will not only enable you to know the different areas of improvement within your business but will also help you to identify the opportunities for growth. Typically, the management of information systems involves areas like:

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Operating
  • Organizing
  • Coordinating and
  • Control of different technological products.

All business managers must have a thorough knowledge of MIS and different technology tools for management. If it is done properly it will help in:

  • Reducing costs of operations
  • Creating and implementing new products
  • Entering new market segments with more confidence
  • Improving the level of customer service
  • Streamlining administrative operations and
  • Creating competitive advantage in the market.

Ideally, a well-planned management of information systems will benefit both the company as well as the customers. This will result in the desired growth of the organization.

Collaborate with different teams

Use of technology in business will ensure team collaboration. There are different software and apps that will change the way your businessoperates. You will no longer need to save numerous versions of spreadsheets and documents and email them to different departments to get their feedback.

If you use innovative online authoring tools like Google Docs, it will save you a lot of time because different team members can review and work on different documents at the same time. in addition to that, proper use of tools and software will allow you to:

  • Organize your projects and assign tasks
  • Tack the progress
  • Maintain proper work schedules
  • Meet customer needs to ensure better service
  • Increase the reach of your website
  • Automate the entire process
  • Cerate better solutions to influence the purchase decisions of viewers
  • Target specific audience segments effectively
  • Convey message more effectively
  • Increase conversion sales and revenue and even
  • Improve work-life balance.

Most importantly, technology will make your work paperless which means employees can work flexible hours and from anywhere outside the office.

 A few other benefits

The list of benefits of using technology for your business seems to be endless. It will help you to keep your employees engaged in several different ways. They can telecommute which will eventually encourage collaboration between them. It will reduce work stress but the flexibility of work will ensure that they meet the given deadlines and quality standards. You will find out newer and better resources to improve your business and succeed in achieving your business goals and objectives.  

Therefore, using technology for business management is the best way to increase productivity.

What recording software do YouTubers use

Youtube has been one of the best video streaming platforms of all time. People spend their time looking for the videos they are interested in. It gives the rise to the YouTubers who make youtube channels for their audience and create videos.

You must have seen different YouTubers who create amazing videos for their channel. Have you ever thought about how they record these videos? Or what recording software do YouTubers use for there quality videos?

Worry not! You will get all your answers today as we are going to share some of the best recording software used by these YouTubers.

What To Look For In a Video Recording Software

Frame Rate

Frame rate is one of the most crucial features that you should look for in recording software. The frame rate (FPS) decides how many frames your screen recording software can catch while recording the videos.

An application with 60 FPS can work for simple videos. However, a youtube streamer who wants to upload the gameplay may want to look for the software with 120 FPS or higher.

Ability To Record Multiple Screens

There are screen recorders that can record multiple screens at the same time. Additionally, they give you an option to choose whether you want to record the whole screen or a partial part of the screen. It saves you a lot of editing time after recording your video.

Paid Or Free

The price of a recording software also matters when you want to use it for long-term work. Hence, it is necessary to know whether the application is paid or free. Additionally, the cost of the application also matters for the YouTubers.

Some applications provide better features at a very affordable rate.

Ability To LiveStream On Youtube

Most of the YouTubers stream their videos directly on Youtube. Hence, a screen recorder must be capable of stream direct screen capture on youtube. You can check the features section to find out whether the application is offering this feature or not.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtubers ( For Every Youtubers)

There are different types of videos that require a different type of screen recorder for youtube. Some YouTubers want software that can help them edit the videos for their explainer videos while some simply want to record the screen.

However, this list covers some screen records that work fine with all types of youtube streaming videos.

They are:

1. CloudApp

Cloud app is one of the preferred software of every YouTuber as it lets them record videos conveniently. It is a great screen recorder that comes with hundreds of tools to edit your recorded videos. The developer has also added different options to add text and graphics to your videos without using any other software.

Hence, it is safe to say that it is one of the most complete screen recording software for YouTubers. Additionally, you can use the same software to share your recorded videos with your friends and subscribers.

The application claims that it can help you save 56 hours a week with its high-end recording technology. The application is free to use, but some features can only be accessed with a paid plan.


Password-Protected Sharing: You can share your videos on almost every famous platform while protecting it with a password.

Record, Edit, And Share: It is a complete tool that lets you record, edit, and share your videos from the single application.


Limited Access: The free version has limited access, and most of the features are restricted in this application.

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is the best application for Mac users to record high-quality videos. It has all the main features that we have discussed in our article on what recording software do YouTubers use. You can also add the GIFs to your videos to make it more interesting for your subscribers.

The application has a media library database of more than half a million video clips that can be used in your youtube videos. However, you will need to pay a subscription charge for the media library along with the application charges.

The media includes background music, short clips, and intro videos to add to your channel.


iPhone Record Option: You can connect an iPhone with your device to record its screen along with the main device screen. It is one of the rarest features we have seen in an application.

Media Library: The application has its own stock media library to use texts, graphics, and illustrations in your video.


Expensive:  It is a bit more expensive than most of its alternatives.

3. Snagit

Have you seen those tutorial channels that create how-to videos? SnagIt is one of the best options for those YouTubers. It includes useful features that allow them to create their tutorial videos professionally.

You can record your screen along with your video through a webcam. It means that you can connect with your audience while showing them what’s on your screen at the same time. Like other applications, it allows you to live to stream your videos on platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

The application offers a favorite tools section where you can add some frequently used tools to reach them easily. It is a great feature as there are hundreds of tools in the application that makes it harder to find the right tool when you need it.


High-Quality Recording: It offers a high-quality recording for all your tutorial videos.

Favorite Section: You can add your favorite tools in this section to use them whenever you want.


Only For Premium Users: The application is only for premium users and does not have much to offer in its free plan.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtube Gaming Channels

It is necessary to use a screen recorder that is capable of recording game videos for your youtube stream. This software requires a better FPS and works much better with the audio. That is why we have created a separate list of recording software used by YouTubers.

They are:

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is the first choice of every youtube streamer to record their gameplay. It has all the features that you will ever need to stream and record your youtube videos. Additionally, it is compatible with almost every game as it comes with a 144 FPS recording that is more than what you need.

The user interface is quite easy to use and provides all the features that you will need on the main screen. It has a feature to record either the full screen or a specific area to make it easier to record only concerned screen areas.

This software is recommended for those racing game that runs on high FPS and requires a powerful recording solution. We have tested this on some games like NFS, Blur, etc, and it turned out great.


144 FPS:  BandiCam is the only leading screen recording software that can record in 144 FPS.

Ultra HD 4k: You can record your videos in Ultra HD 4k resolution with high quality led monitor. It means that you can only be limited to your device capabilities rather than the software’s capabilities. 


Limitations In Free Version: The free version has many restrictions that may irritate the users at some point.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is another great screen recording software that works just fine to record the gameplay. Users can stream their gameplay directly on youtube with the help of this device. The screen recorder works in the same way as BandiCam and allows you to choose between the full or the partial section of the screen to record.

The best thing about this recorder is the In-build video editor that is more than enough to edit your recorded videos. It has all the tools to add text, graphics, and illustrations to your videos.

Users can also add their voice in the gameplay while recording the screen and the computer audio. It is a great feature for those who prefer to narrate along with the gameplay.


Visual Effect:  The visual effects of this software works great in Video Editing.

4k Record and Edit: You can record and edit your videos in 4k resolution with this application. It is a great feature as it saves your time and money and allows you to do it with a single software.


Limited Free Version: We were disappointed to find the limitations in the free version of the software. However, you can still use enough features to decide whether you should go for it or not.

6. ShadowPlay by Nvidia

What is better than having a game recorder by a graphic card manufacturing company?

ShadowPlay is offered by Nvidia to record the gameplay whenever you want. The software comes with many useful tools and works free for gaming purposes. We are impressed by the replay mode that automatically saves the screen time of the last 30 seconds.

It is helpful when you are not recording, and you just had a moment worth recording. Just click the hotkey, and it will save your gameplay.

Additionally, there are multiple tools to edit your videos before uploading them on youtube. It allows you to add texts and graphics to your video before exporting them to your drive.

The best thing about the application is that it allows you to Livestream your gameplay on youtube and Facebook effortlessly. You can also share the 4k screenshot with your friends with this software.


4k Resolution: The application records the screen at 4k resolution that is a great way to stream your videos on youtube.

LiveStream: It allows you to stream your videos directly on youtube with no extra efforts. Just customize your screen settings, and it is good to go.


60 FPS: We have seen some other screen recorders that can record up to 120 FPS. However, this application supports only 60 FPS that can be a deal-breaker for some people.

7. Filmore Scrn

It is one of the most popular video recording software that is used by gamers to record their gameplay. The best thing about this application is the fact that it lets you edit your videos in the application itself. Dozens of features can edit your videos for youtube in the easiest way possible.

The user interface of this application is quite simple and offers you two options including quick recording and Video Editor. Just click on any of the options and start creating videos for your youtube channel. They offer you a record of 120 fps that is way better than most of the video recording software.

Additionally, you can use different effects in your video to give it a better view. The best thing about the software is the fact that it is available for free to use to every user.


Effect Library: The application has its effect library where you can use them in your videos.

Free to Use: There are only a few applications that let you record your screen without any subscription.


Lagging Problems: Some of the users have reported some lagging problems in this application. This may affect your recording experience as you may leave some of the best moments of your recordings.


A Free Google chrome extension to video record screen, webcam, or both. it is a powerful video recorder recommended by most YouTubers with advanced features like cloud storage, password protension, heatmap powered video analytics, branded video player etc.


Storyxpress has Pen tool for video recording Video password protection Heatmap powered video analytics In-video CTAs, Banner, lead forms Video blur, crop, and trim 24*7 live chat support Video player customization Integration with top tech stacks including zapier, youtube, Twitter, Slack, Facebook, etc.


Some features are not included in the forever free plan.


YouTubers need the best software to create attractive videos for their subscribers. Every person who is now aware of the technology thinks what recording software do YouTubers use to record these high-quality videos.

This article has covered all the recorders like Bandicam and ShadowPlay that is always the first choice of YouTubers. You can also find some other screen recorders that are used by the channels that cover a topic and explain it to their users.

These types of YouTubers require more editing features such as cursor, graphics, and texts. All the software have their pros and cons that lets you decide what suits your needs the best.

Do let us know in comments about your favorite recording software for the youtube videos.

Mass traffic Monster Software Review (Feature, How to Use, and Advantages)

Digital marketing depends on the number of people who see your product or service. It is almost impossible for a business, blog, website, e-com store to generate revenue without having some traffic on their websites.

That is why we did our research to find a software that can give you traffic without putting in any effort into your marketing strategy. Today we will discuss mass traffic monster software review

We learned about mass traffic monster software that helps in generating traffic, leads, and sales for any business. They have multiple sources to generate traffic and does not rely only on the organic reach. It means that you will get some high-quality leads from almost every major platform.

We wonder while writing Mass traffic Monster Software Review

You must have got an idea of the software by now. However, it is equally important to know about the features of this software before trying it out.

Below are some of the main features of mass traffic monster software:

Increase Web Traffic

One of the main features of this software is to increase web traffic for different campaigns. You can use it for your sales campaign or leverage your AdSense strategy.

Easy To Use

The application is easy to use and gives you all the rights over your campaign. You track, pause, and monitor your campaign without someone’s assistance. Additionally, you can download the reports to know how your campaign is performing with the audience.

Visible Traffic

Mass traffic Monster gives you the visible traffic that can be easily tracked with Google Analytics. You can also monitor the bouncing rate to check the credibility of the visits you get through the software.

The software is known for this feature as there are only a few software that can show the visits in the google analytics.

Designed for Affiliate Marketing

Most of the affiliate marketers find it challenging to get the traffic for their marketing. With the increasing competition, it is getting harder and harder to reach the right audience for a product or service. However, this software provides the targeted audience for the affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can also use it to generate leads and sales for the direct marketing of your business.

How to use Mass Traffic Monster Application

To start using mass traffic monster software, you will need to subscribe to one of their plans. After that, you will need to create an account and campaign to define your audience.

(The software comes with 16 e-books that teach you different ways to generate traffic in the fastest way possible).

In the campaign, you can use their keyword research tool to get the right audience for your website. It can be also be used to get some views for your youtube video or even your Fiverr Gigs.

Their solution is customized for all the users and used in different ways to generate leads, sales, and traffic. They also use rotation visitors, which means that you will not get the traffic from the same sources more than once in a day.

Advantages of Using Mass traffic Monster Application

There is a long list of advantages of using this application. However, here are some of the most popular advantages of using Mass Traffic Monster Software:


The cost of generating high-quality traffic for a website or campaign can cost even thousands of dollars. However, this software gives you the freedom to get niche traffic starting for only $60.

This pack comes with around 300 daily visitors who can give you a better ranking in the search engine results page.

Adsense Safe

Most of the traffic generators provide fake traffic that does not work for Adsense. Those types of traffic generators can even get your account banned by google. However, mass traffic generator is compatible with AdSense and works without any problems.

It means that you can also generate some ad revenue while making sales from your website.

Niche Targeting

It is one of the most amazing advantages of using this software. Unline other software, mass traffic monster gives you the targeted audience that converts well for your campaign.

No more traffic that shows up and leaves without making any progress in your sales campaign. If you know your targeted audience, you can create a niche targeted campaign to reach the people who matter the most.


It looks like the mass traffic generator has the potential to make it easier for marketers to manage and boost their campaigns. The tools and guides have received positive responses from the users, making it one of the few legit traffic generators.

The features like targeted niche and Adsense safe caught our attention while reviewing this software. It is something that is rarely seen in any traffic generator while maintaining the bounce rate.

7 Best websites to buy WordPress themes & Plugins

7 Best websites to buy WordPress themes & Plugins,Wordpress is the leading content management system that allows you to create a free website or blog with its attractive themes. However, finding the best free wordpress themes for blogs is a challenging task. Many open-source WordPress themes can be applied to any blog or website with minimum efforts.

Some of the themes are free in the WordPress theme directory. However, a professional-looking website needs a lot more than a free template. In this article, we will choose the best websites to buy WordPress themes & plugins.

So, before we go ahead and discuss the websites, let us have a look at the things you should consider while choosing a WordPress theme.

Things need to care to buy WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is important for the user experience of your website. Hence, you need to consider all your requirements and find out what type of theme you need.

Below are some of the tips that will help you choose the right theme for your next blog:

Relevancy with your Website

This is something that most of the new bloggers tend to ignore. A WordPress theme can be great but relevancy is equally important for your website. Just imagine using an eCommerce theme on your Travel Blog. Will someone read it? I don’t think so.

Hence, make sure to check the WordPress themes according to your website type and goals.

Below are the type of themes you can find on the marketplaces:

Blog themes: These things are for bloggers who just want to update blogs for their visitors. They generally have a simple homepage with a list of recent articles to read. You can choose these types of themes to create a simple and easy to read the blog.

Ecommerce themes: These themes are responsive to WordPress online stores to sell products and services. There are thousands of free and paid templates that offer all the plugins you need to start your WordPress eCommerce store.

Agency Website themes: Marketing agencies use these themes to start their agency website. It includes all the plugins to add their portfolio and user reviews in an attractive way. It is recommended for people looking for effective agency themes.

Corporate Blog themes: There are company blogs that have a dedicated homepage and a blog section for updates. These types of themes are relevant to those corporate blogs.

Customization Level

Most of the users love to customize the themes to give it a personalized view. However, every theme has a level of customization capabilities that can not exceed their limit. Hence, you should always go for the full-customizable themes to edit them whenever you want. You should try with website design packages

The best way to find out the customization level of a theme is by looking at its user reviews. There you will get all the real experience of the bloggers who have used them before you.

Loading Speed

The Internet is getting advanced day by day and no one likes to wait for a website to load more than 3-4 seconds. You should consider the effect of the theme on your website’s loading speed before applying it to your website.

It happens because of the large number of plugins required by a theme to function properly. Those plugins can put a load on your server decreasing your loading speed.

Some of the best Marketplaces to buy wordpress themes

Template Monster

Template Monster is a platform that provides digital products to create and manage your website with the latest trends. It is considered as one of the best marketplaces for WordPress blog themes due to its popular theme templates. Different sellers sell their premium templates on the platform. You can find all the trending themes along with some exclusive whcms theme of their designers on their website.

You can find a premium as well as free themes on this website to set a better user experience for your visitors. There are all types of themes for WordPress, WooCommerce, and all other major content management systems.

Benefits of using Template Monster

Ecommerce Solutions: They provide tailored eCommerce solutions for your business along with the premium themes. Hire their experts and get some premium leads for your eCommerce store.

Meet Sellers: Meet thousands of website developers and graphic designers to give your website a new look. You can also get some recommendations from the leading developers to improve the user experience of your website.

Looking for simple and effective themes for your business? A theme is a great platform to get some exclusive themes for your website at the most affordable prices. They have some fresh designs with fully functional templates to attract new customers on your website.

Sydney Pro is the most famous theme template that has been designed by them for their customers. You can also get some free open source themes which are free to use on any website.

We love their regular updates features that keep their themes free from every bug and virus. You can also return the theme within 30 days without getting charged for the services. So, if you are looking for an easy to use platform to keep your website updated with the latest themes, you should go with this website.

Benefits of using

Translation Ready: Their themes are compatible with all the languages and can be easily translated in any other language.

Fast Support: They have Fast responsive customer support that solves all your queries and problems. Just shoot them an email describing the problem you are facing, and they will reply with the appropriate solution.

Theme Forest

A great marketplace to browse and download some exciting WordPress blog themes for your website. This website has themes with better graphic designs as it is a part of Envato ( A graphics Design Company).

It has a large marketplace of premium WordPress blog themes exclusively created for premium users. Most of their themes have featured in the top WordPress themes of all time. You will come across their themes on every other WordPress website.

The best thing about the website is the fact that they offer proper information related to every theme on their website. You can check their compatibility, user reviews, overall ratings, and all other information about the theme.

You can trust all their themes as they are tested by their team to look for any bugs or viruses. It is recommended for those looking for a fully-customizable WordPress premium theme.

Benefits of Using ThemeForest

Trending themes: They offer all the trending themes in a different section to save you time and money. Just browse and find the most trending website theme and start your online journey.

Useful Plugins: They also provide some useful plugins for your websites to automate your blogging process. You can use image optimizer, website speed booster, and many other exciting plugins for free.

Elegant Themes

It is a famous marketplace to find the best WordPress blog themes for your website. You can also use their page builder feature to customize your website as much as you want. Their Flagship theme is Divi that is also used as their main page builder.

It is a great way to create attractive websites without writing a single code of line in HTML or any other programming language. They offer different plans to access their premium features and WordPress themes. However, you can still find some attractive themes for your next blog.

We love their themes library as it is really simple to use and you can find your dream WordPress theme in a few seconds. Just browse their categories such as Educators, Restaurants, Agencies, Online Store, and get a fully-functional theme.

Benefits of Using Elegant Themes

Effective Page Builder: They offer a page builder that can be used to create your website theme. With this, You do not need to browse thousands of themes just to get what you are looking for.

Simple Pricing: You just need to subscribe to a single plan and get all the themes and features without additional cost. Their simple pricing attracts a lot of eyeballs.

Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is a one-stop solution for all your WordPress website needs. From premium themes to trending plugins, you can get everything from this marketplace.

Benefits of Using Mojo MarketPlace

Premium Services: They provide premium services along with the themes and plugins to help you get a better audience and traffic. Just connect with them and get some better tools and services to boost your sales.

Free Themes: Mojo Marketplace has thousands of free themes that can be installed on your website without any charge. Just browse their categories or enter your website type to see a list of relevant themes.

My Theme Shop

My Theme Shop is a unique marketplace for WordPress blog themes and Plugins. You can get thousands of fully-function and customizable WordPress themes. On the other hand, Plugins like Rank Math and WP Quiz Pro helps you get better insights for your WordPress website within a few minutes.

All these themes are well-categorized in sections like Magazines theme, Woocommerce themes, and Business themes to make it easier to find the right theme. Hence, we can say that it is a complete marketplace for beginners to customize their websites.

Benefits of Using My Theme Shop

Fast loading Themes: They have an exclusive section of themes that are pretty faster than other themes. It gives you a benefit as people generally bounce back from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Video tutorials: Most beginners find it harder to upload a theme and its plugins on their website. This is why they have uploaded tutorial videos for its users to learn the basics of WordPress designing such as installing a theme.

Creative Market

Creative Market has more than three and a half thousand WordPress themes to use on your website pages. The best thing about this platform is that they provide exclusive themes and templates for different pages. It means that you can simply find a theme for your about us page while keeping your current theme.

They also offer some useful Plugins for your WordPress website to get some better insights and user-experience. You just need to select your website type and start browsing your favorite themes for your blog.

The users can also filter the themes based on their compatibility, loading speed, color, and other important factors.

Benefits of Using Creative market

Free themes: There are only a few websites that offer some premium WordPress themes for free. Creative Market offers you some useful plugins and themes without charging you any money for them.

Additional graphics: You can create your custom themes by using their Illustrations, objects, and web elements. These objects can help you create your webpage by using any page builder with custom graphics.

Final words

The right WordPress theme can help you connect with your audience without sending them away from your websites. The best websites to buy wordpress themes that we have covered in this article, offers thousands of free and paid themes to start your website.

Choose the most relevant one that can fulfill all your requirements while being user-friendly. Know that your visitors are the ones for whom you are creating the website. Hence, user-experience should be a priority while choosing your website theme.

Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

SEO is one of the leading industries in Digital Marketing. It is known as the soul of Digital Marketing for the impact that it causes on the performance of a website. Every business wants to hire the top professional SEO service provider company in Bangladesh that can them on the first page of the Search Engines.

Hence, you will need to be the best one in your industry to get the premium client for your Business. In this article, we will share 7 SEO marketplace for Beginners and Experts. These marketplaces are well-established in the market, and attract the premium clients and freelancers on their platform.

So, let’s start our article with the leading service provider of SEO.

Fiverr is one of the most famous marketplaces for freelancers. It is one of the first Freelancing platforms to Affordable SEO services to its users. Fiverr is a service that connects the Employers with the freelancers to make their work hassle-free. The Fiverr services start at as low as $5 that attracts a lot of employers on the platform.

A lot of people used to struggle to find the right person for their job due to the limited number of applicants. However, Fiverr has made it possible to choose from thousands of service providers for a project. Similarly, it gives Freelancers the freedom to choose their projects without having to compromise on the available project.

We love their transparency as they provide all the information related to the employer and freelancer to know about them. However, you can not find the contact information as they want you to deal with them on their platform.

Features of Fiverr

Fiverr is considered as the best platform to find work as a freelancer because of the features they offer to their users. Some of the features are:

SEO MarketPlace: Fiverr is a marketplace for all types of freelancing services including Affordable SEO Packages. You can easily get some early projects after creating a profile on this platform.

Custom Offers: It allows freelancers and employers to work with custom orders to meet the project requirements. It increases your chances of getting the project by satisfying the client project needs.

Clear Communication: Fiverr offers a personal communication feature so that the freelancers and the employee can share details without having to use any third-party platform. It keeps the communication clear by eliminating the chances of confusion.

Benefits of Fiverr for SEO Freelancers

Payment Security

SEO freelancers on Fiverr get the payment security after getting rewarded with a project. They can ask their employers to create milestones and break down the payment into smaller milestones. It ensures the work and payment security among the two parties creating a better working relationship.

Flow of Work

Fiverr is a leading platform that has a continuous flow of projects for its freelancers. A freelancer with a good reputation will never be out of work on this platform.

Is Fiverr the right MarketPlace for you?

Fiverr is a great choice for the SEO experts to get a pool of opportunities without wasting your time bidding on projects. works on the bidding system letting the freelancers bid on the posted projects. Their job lister works well, and recommends the most relevant jobs to its freelancers.SEO experts can easily find some work opportunities by sending proposals to the employers.

However, you will need to buy the connections to send the proposal on a project. Every project requires some connections ranging from 1 to 5 depending on several factors such as project amount, employer ratings, etc.

Features of Upwork

Proposal-based: It works by sending proposals to the employers regarding their offer for the project.

Easy Communication: Their communication features are easy to work. You can easily send and receive the project files using their platform.

Proper Reports: Freelancers can check their reports to analyze their working details. They can also check their financial reports to know how their proposals are performing.

Benefits of using Upwork

Skill Verification: Upwork verifies the skills of the freelancers to ensure that the right freelancers get the opportunity to work. It keeps the platform free from the bots and fake profiles that makes it harder to land a job.

Secured Payments: It allows a secured payment method to ensure you get paid for the project. You can also work with your offline clients while using their secure payments option without registering them on this platform. is a great platform to offer your SEO services as a beginner. It is comparatively easier to win projects on freelancers than on Fiverr. The main reason behind it is the fact that it allows you to bid on most of the projects in your category.

However, Fiverr usually works on getting rewarded by the employers while searching for a service.

On this platform, employers post a project where the freelancers can bid with their offers. Then, the employer can choose the most relevant bid for their project.

Features of Freelancer:

  • Time Tracker: It lets the employers hire the right freelancer for their project on an hourly basis. It ensures that the freelancer earns for every second he spends working on the project.
  • Secure Milestone Payments: offers a secure way to make payments to the freelancers. The payment can be divided into several small milestones that can be released after getting the work done.
  • Contest Posting: Employers can post the contents on this platform to award the best work for their project

Benefits of using Freelancer for SEO Freelancers:

Good for Beginners: has a lot of opportunities for that beginner in their career in SEO. There are thousands of job posts every day in this industry providing an opportunity for every small or big freelancer.

Profile Reviews: You get a profile review after completing a project based on your work. Getting more profile reviews means more credibility to your profile landing your new projects. is a marketplace for leading professionals in their respective industries. It is a great SEO marketplace that has a lot to offer to the deserving freelancers. PPH offers a local search based option that allows employers to check the freelancers near them for their project.

It also has a different plan for big SEO agencies that can handle a large number of projects with their teams. Hence, you can trust PPH to get some high-paying projects for your freelancing business.

Core Features of

Local Freelance Directory: the local freelance directory allows the employer to work with nearby freelancers. It can also be an offline job posting for the freelancers.

Escrow Protection: All the freelancers get the Escrow protection for their funds by the employers. Every employer needs to pay at least half the project amount to award the project to a freelancer.

There are some more features like file sharing, project tracking, profile ratings, etc.

Benefits of Using PeoplePerHour

Industry Experts: PPH allows the industry-leading freelancers to register on their platform to ensure the quality of the work. It makes it a great SEO marketplace for experts.

In-depth Reports: Freelancers get the In-depth reports of their earnings and work progress to track their position in freelancing. You can use it to get some better insights into your career.

Legiit is considered as one of the best Fiverr alternatives that work on the same concept. You can create your proposals in the relevant category so that employers can find you when they apply for the service. Freelancers can also send the proposal to a job posting to be a step ahead in this competitive industry.

SEO experts can utilize this platform to get some high-paying employers for their freelancing business. It is a new marketplace that has got early recognition from some of the leading freelancers in different industries.

Core Features of

Gig Supported: This platform supports gigs where you create your proposals for each service on your profile. These gigs show up in the results when an employer looks for the service you provide. 

Low Competition: All the profiles on this platform are verified that helps the employers and freelancers to get genuine leads. Additionally, the platform does not have much competition for the same reason.

Advantages of Using

SEO marketplace:  The platform focuses mainly on the SEO services and promotes the freelancers in the industry. However, you can still offer other services as a freelancer. It helps get the focused leads for the SEO services for your business.

Responsive Customer Support: Their customer support is super friendly and tries to solve every query of their users. You can raise a ticket, in case there is a dispute with the employer.

Konkar is another marketplace for SEO experts to get hired by the premium SEO clients. This platform allows you to share your details with the employer to work on your terms. Unlike other freelancing platforms. It does not bound you with strict terms and conditions and allows you to work independently.

The market is mainly for SEO, graphics design, and web development. The onboarding process is really easy as they have dedicated videos to keep you going on their platform. Just watch a tutorial video and you will be selling your services to the worthy clients.

Feature of

Gig-based Proposal: You do not need to waste your time writing bids on every project. Just create a proposal and let the employers find you when they search for your services.

Payment Security: Payment security is one of the best features of this platform. They ensure that the freelancers get paid for their services by creating several milestones for each awarded project. You can ask your employers to release them after submitting the work.

Benefits of using

Better Pay Rate: All the employers on this platform are there looking for professional SEO services. Hence, you can expect premium rates for the services you provide them.

Support and Community: They have responsive customer support that helps with your problems and disputes. You can also engage with the freelancer’s community to stay updated with the latest trends of SEO.

If you are looking for a marketplace that is focused on the SEO services, then Seoclerk is the right platform for you. Here, freelancers can sell their services to thousands of employers at the best rates. It eliminates all other job postings that let you focus on the main projects for your business.

Their community has a lot of Leading SEO experts sharing their knowledge with the freelancers. You must register on this platform to learn new trends of Search Engine Optimization while earning money by your services. They are famous for their BackLink generating services as most of their freelancers are professionals in link building.  

Features of

Free-job Posting: Anyone can post a job on this platform without having to pay a single dollar for the job-posting.

Payment Security: It works on the milestone system to provide a payment guarantee to its freelancers.

Benefits of Using

Educational Blog: They have a dedicated blog for its users to learn more about SEO while offering their services. It is a great way to keep learning with the experienced community.

Better Rates: This platform has a base of employers who are familiar with SEO and its industry rates. Hence, you can expect better service rates on this platform than other leading ones.


Every SEO marketplace has its pros and cons. You decide to find the advantages of every application with your requirements and select the best one. The 7 SEO marketplaces that we have covered in this article can be a great platform for you to utilize your skills.

All these websites have different features and benefits to offer giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits your needs. We recommend starting with Fiverr and to understand how these platforms work.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose any of them and start taking some premium projects for your business.