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How To Build A Social Media Strategy For Your Start-Up: A 5 Step Guide

When you are starting a new company, sometimes the most challenging part is not creating the services or products themselves. When it comes to marketing and building brand identity, most start-ups usually struggle a lot. Social media can be one of the most efficient and also cost-effective solutions to all these related issues. 

A 5 Step Guide To Build A Social Media Strategy For Your Start-Up

Here, I will provide you with a 5 step guide to build a social media strategy for your startup. Apart from these fives, in case you are looking for more social media advertising examples, click here now.  So, let’s get started.

Secure Handles

Before starting with anything else, it is an absolute mandate to reserve your social media handles. Though this very step is often neglected, for social brand awareness, it is absolutely crucial and also will bring success down the road. 

Make sure that through all social media platforms, you are using the same username, and that is, of course, the name of your brand or company. And try to keep the name as close to the actual business name as possible. Avoid making your viewers confused. 

Build Content Strategy

Before you go ahead and start posting on your commercial social media account, develop a content strategy along with a distribution calendar. It will prevent you from getting too busy to post, out of ideas and content, and also missing out on opportunities to capitalize on trending events and topics that are related to your brand. 

It is obvious that you will always want your content to be engaging, consistent, and intentional instead of being haphazard or random. Establish a weekly or twice in a weekly routine to post, and include free advice or tips and insight into your industry, fun videos, and photos. For developing a content strategy, here are some aspects that you can consider.

  • Company culture.
  • Aspects of your business.
  • Retweeting or sharing content, which is conveying your company’s values and is related to your brand. 

Go Live

Set your social media accounts active and start posting as per your content calendar. But it is not only about posting, always remember it is more about interacting with your customers when they are engaging. It is like developing a bond. Nurture it properly, and it will definitely flourish. 

And this is the scene when social media lives come into action. In addition to this, another crucial prospect of going live is asking your employees, friends, and families to connect with your social media accounts, comment on them, share and encourage their friends to do so. 


Social media is no longer totally free. Facebook has become so enriched with content that it has become really challenging to come up with original pieces. But those pieces of original and unique content will be only effective when people actually see them. To boost your facebook marketing process buy aged facebook account it will get you better output on your facebook marketing campaign.

So, a significant part of your social media strategy should be boosting your content as well. It means you will pay for placing your content on the news feed of those users who still do not follow you but might like to know about you. A considerably little budget can bring significant social media growth and engagement. If you dont have good quality video try with fb downloader and than boost.

Rinse And Repeat

So, now as you have successfully developed a social media strategy along with publishing schedule, precious content, and also gathering enough knowledge about the ROI of boosting those pieces of content, it is also crucial not to go in the dark. 

It is non-negotiably crucial to continue with searing engaging content and to post them on social media handles on a regular basis. Just disappear for a little while, and you will witness a significant drop in your social media engagement. 

Final Tips

So, consider all these basic 5 steps for developing a social media strategy for your startup. If it is done correctly, it has the ability to result in the growth of your business. Also, remember that you need to analyze and critique the strategy and enhance them when needed.

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