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Improve Your SEO with Social Media Strategy


Digital marketing is on every business owner’s mind as it has become an essential aspect of the modern world’s businesses. It covers all marketing strategies that use the Internet and digital tools to reach consumers, attract them and lure them into purchasing your products or services. People of the contemporary world spend most of their day on gadgets. Brands understand that reaching them through digital tools is effective and can result in enhanced sales. Digital marketing is not a new phenomenon. It continues to evolve as digital marketers try to be innovative, attempt new techniques, and give digital marketing dimensions.

SEO, search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Despite being an old digital marketing tool, it still is very relevant in changing marketing for brands. As per an estimate, the number of social media users is higher than the world’s population. Marketing through social media has been beneficial as algorithms have become very smart and display ads accordingly. People say that social media networks have eyes and ears now as it seems like they can even read our thoughts. When users search for an item on one social media platform, the other networks display similar products. Social media can impact SEO, and together they can enhance your marketing efforts and improve your brand’s rankings.

Below we are giving some tips for improving SEO with a smart social media strategy:

1. Integrate Social Media Channels

Social media has different platforms, and not all users use all platforms. Posting on any one platform may not garner high results, as your posts may not see much engagement. Integrating social media channels means that you can post one image, video, or text on multiple platforms with one click. It saves time yet enhances your reach. A single post will be up on several channels and have multiple sharing options, which doubles the brand’s visibility. Marketers need to be smart enough to know the right social media channel that their target audience uses. A wise approach is to conduct research and determine the familiar social media platform for your target audience. Likely, your target audience does not use the widely accepted social media platform, and posting on such a platform will not yield any results. Marketers should regularly read updates from local SEO guide and learn the new trends. Posting according to trend on social media helps significantly enhance your SEO ranking.

2. Improved Link Building

While ranking search results, search engines consider relevance and authority and display results accordingly. For relevance, search engines look into if search entry and your websites are relevant. Generally, they determine authority from the number of inbound links your webpage has integrated. Marketers raise the question that the ranking system has evolved in the past few years, and link building is no longer the deciding factor of SEO ranking. The truth is while link building may not be a final determining aspect, it still holds importance and plays an active role. Social media’s quality content can lead to high-quality and authentic websites’ backlinks and consequently improve your SEO rankings.

3. Unique Posts on Social Media Platforms

Social media come across hundreds of posts on social networks every day. More often than not, they scroll past many posts without checking them out. If your posts are not seeing engagement, then they may not yield meaningful results. As a brand, you need to post content that holds information about your niche and is unique. There would be many social media pages that follow the same niche as yours. To stand out, you must offer something different. A catchy image, caption, or a one-of-a-kind two-second gif can boost your SEO. Still, a 5-minute video that holds repetitive content will not garner many views.

4. Mobile-friendly Content

Gone are the days when people used desktops for their regular activities, as smartphones have become versatile and allow people to carry different operations simultaneously. On the other hand, if a website takes more than twenty seconds to load, people have become impatient and move to another alternative. Some posts are visible on windows operating systems but do not work well on smartphones, and they can drive the users away. Ensure that your content is mobile friendly and manages to engage people even through mobile phones.

5. Post Customers’ Reviews

We live in a fast-paced, technologically driven world. Our one click opens up a sea of information, and people tend to do their research before they zero down on one product. Instead of brands, they trust other customers’ reviews as they do not see a point in lying about social media experience. Posting customers” reviews that contain keywords can amp up your website rankings as people find them more reliable and read them thoroughly. You can dedicate a vital space on the homepage to customers’ reviews as they manage to garner attention and turn potential customers into actual ones.

6. Subtitled Video

Major search engines have amplified the value of video content in their algorithms. Giving subtitles to your videos enhances your reach. It allows deaf people to watch and understand your content and turn them into your customers. Moreover, many people prefer using social media during their daily commute or while waiting in lounges. Your video might disturb others in crowded places. Still, people can easily watch content without bothering people in their vicinity with subtitles.

Furthermore, you can use translating software and subtitles in other languages to attract people from other cultures. Giving subtitles is another way of improving your SEO. It raises the chances of appearing on the initial pages of search engines.

7. Establish Smart Goals

Smart is a widely used acronym that stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Assignable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

Another tip to enhance your SEO through social media is to create smart goals for yourself, as it helps you keep your focus on your goal. Brands think hard in devising long term goals and do not consider short term objectives. You must ensure that your short-term goals align with your brands’ values and objectives and your social media posts are a reflection of them.

Conclusion Social media networks are the widely used platforms, and the number of users is increasing by the day. Effective marketing through social media can put your company on the path to success and change your brand’s whole marketing game. Marketers need to be smart and innovative, and they can enhance their SEO through social mdia networks.

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