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Improve Your SEO with Social Media Strategy


Digital marketing is on every business owner’s mind as it has become an essential aspect of the modern world’s businesses. It covers all marketing strategies that use the Internet and digital tools to reach consumers, attract them and lure them into purchasing your products or services. People of the contemporary world spend most of their day on gadgets. Brands understand that reaching them through digital tools is effective and can result in enhanced sales. Digital marketing is not a new phenomenon. It continues to evolve as digital marketers try to be innovative, attempt new techniques, and give digital marketing dimensions.

SEO, search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Despite being an old digital marketing tool, it still is very relevant in changing marketing for brands. As per an estimate, the number of social media users is higher than the world’s population. Marketing through social media has been beneficial as algorithms have become very smart and display ads accordingly. People say that social media networks have eyes and ears now as it seems like they can even read our thoughts. When users search for an item on one social media platform, the other networks display similar products. Social media can impact SEO, and together they can enhance your marketing efforts and improve your brand’s rankings.

Below we are giving some tips for improving SEO with a smart social media strategy:

1. Integrate Social Media Channels

Social media has different platforms, and not all users use all platforms. Posting on any one platform may not garner high results, as your posts may not see much engagement. Integrating social media channels means that you can post one image, video, or text on multiple platforms with one click. It saves time yet enhances your reach. A single post will be up on several channels and have multiple sharing options, which doubles the brand’s visibility. Marketers need to be smart enough to know the right social media channel that their target audience uses. A wise approach is to conduct research and determine the familiar social media platform for your target audience. Likely, your target audience does not use the widely accepted social media platform, and posting on such a platform will not yield any results. Marketers should regularly read updates from local SEO guide and learn the new trends. Posting according to trend on social media helps significantly enhance your SEO ranking.

2. Improved Link Building

While ranking search results, search engines consider relevance and authority and display results accordingly. For relevance, search engines look into if search entry and your websites are relevant. Generally, they determine authority from the number of inbound links your webpage has integrated. Marketers raise the question that the ranking system has evolved in the past few years, and link building is no longer the deciding factor of SEO ranking. The truth is while link building may not be a final determining aspect, it still holds importance and plays an active role. Social media’s quality content can lead to high-quality and authentic websites’ backlinks and consequently improve your SEO rankings.

3. Unique Posts on Social Media Platforms

Social media come across hundreds of posts on social networks every day. More often than not, they scroll past many posts without checking them out. If your posts are not seeing engagement, then they may not yield meaningful results. As a brand, you need to post content that holds information about your niche and is unique. There would be many social media pages that follow the same niche as yours. To stand out, you must offer something different. A catchy image, caption, or a one-of-a-kind two-second gif can boost your SEO. Still, a 5-minute video that holds repetitive content will not garner many views.

4. Mobile-friendly Content

Gone are the days when people used desktops for their regular activities, as smartphones have become versatile and allow people to carry different operations simultaneously. On the other hand, if a website takes more than twenty seconds to load, people have become impatient and move to another alternative. Some posts are visible on windows operating systems but do not work well on smartphones, and they can drive the users away. Ensure that your content is mobile friendly and manages to engage people even through mobile phones.

5. Post Customers’ Reviews

We live in a fast-paced, technologically driven world. Our one click opens up a sea of information, and people tend to do their research before they zero down on one product. Instead of brands, they trust other customers’ reviews as they do not see a point in lying about social media experience. Posting customers” reviews that contain keywords can amp up your website rankings as people find them more reliable and read them thoroughly. You can dedicate a vital space on the homepage to customers’ reviews as they manage to garner attention and turn potential customers into actual ones.

6. Subtitled Video

Major search engines have amplified the value of video content in their algorithms. Giving subtitles to your videos enhances your reach. It allows deaf people to watch and understand your content and turn them into your customers. Moreover, many people prefer using social media during their daily commute or while waiting in lounges. Your video might disturb others in crowded places. Still, people can easily watch content without bothering people in their vicinity with subtitles.

Furthermore, you can use translating software and subtitles in other languages to attract people from other cultures. Giving subtitles is another way of improving your SEO. It raises the chances of appearing on the initial pages of search engines.

7. Establish Smart Goals

Smart is a widely used acronym that stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Assignable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

Another tip to enhance your SEO through social media is to create smart goals for yourself, as it helps you keep your focus on your goal. Brands think hard in devising long term goals and do not consider short term objectives. You must ensure that your short-term goals align with your brands’ values and objectives and your social media posts are a reflection of them.

Conclusion Social media networks are the widely used platforms, and the number of users is increasing by the day. Effective marketing through social media can put your company on the path to success and change your brand’s whole marketing game. Marketers need to be smart and innovative, and they can enhance their SEO through social mdia networks.

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The Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Business

Even before recent events that have caused almost the entire world to start working from home, communication technology was a fundamental part of running any kind of business; however, the world’s current socio-economic condition has certainly increased the usage, as well as added to the development of new methods of this mode of communication.

When a business is being operated, whether it be remotely or from a fully-staffed office, their number one mode of communication is through email. Other than that, people tend to communicate frequently through text messages, market their products on social media, and send out surveys to random customers to better their experience. Employees are constantly working with laptops, smartphones, and computers to stay in touch with each other, as well as with their target audience. Needless to say, businesses would not be able to do half as well without the assistance of communication technology.

When talking about business growth, communication is its backbone. You must consistently keep in touch with your consumer base in one way or another to draw them toward your brand, and considering the hold that the internet now has over our lives, any business owner relies heavily on all the different modes of online communication available to us; this makes it a great way to grow your business.

Improved Customer Service

Recently, businesses have had to make a lot of adjustments to their working methods, especially in terms of customer relations. Over the past year, several companies have had to lay a good number of people off, meaning they had a much more limited staff to work with. This is where bots come in.

Bots are a great way to provide your customers with quick and to-the-point answers to their queries. They can, however, come off as slightly annoying at times. In order to avoid this and to make them as effective as possible, make sure that human correspondence follows soon after. This shows the customer that you actually care about their problem.

Enhanced Marketing Methods

With people spending a rapidly increasing amount of time on social media daily, there’s virtually no way more effective or practical than marketing through social media. There are so many ways to get your businesses noticed by millions through this platform, including ads, paid sponsorships, and just plain old daily posting on your brand’s social media account.

Other than that, you can also attract customers by offering them services in exchange for things like signing up for your newsletter, or giving you their email so that you can keep them updated with whatever is happening in your business. Not only will this get your business noticed by the public, it will also allow you to build a more direct relationship with your customers.

Online Surveys and Questionnaires

At the moment, there are platforms on the internet that will automatically find the most suitable audience for you according to your business requirements and will lead them to you through ads. Getting the right information to your target audience is a great way to boost your ROI, and should certainly be a top priority.

Surveys, however, are a much more interesting way to do this, considering that they are a lot more interactive. Asking people questions will not only allow them to learn more about your business, it will also help you understand what your target audience wants. This will drastically improve your overall image, as well as help you improve the quality of your work.

Smoother Recruitment Process

The hiring process is another aspect of running a business that has been made much easier through communication technology. As long as you have a reliable internet connection like TDS net, the tedious process of having multiple in-person interviews and tests should no longer be a problem. The communication of HR with possible recruits, the assessment, the performance management, and even matters like sorting payrolls of employees have never been easier!

Furthermore, it has been predicted that with the development of AI, along with the joint effort of both bots and humans, this process will only become more advanced with time. With the evolution of chatbots and automatic testing methods, employee recruitment is soon to become an astonishingly smooth process.

Remote Work

As mentioned previously, this past year has witnessed an alarming amount of layoffs in several different companies worldwide. Some of these companies suffered losses so great due to a lack of manpower, they had to be shut down. Fortunately, a lot of them were saved by employees being able to work from home.

 There are now countless online platforms through which employers can monitor the work of their employees, without them having to be there in person. Telecommunication technology has successfully transformed the way businesses collaborate internally, as well as with other businesses.

Top 3 Important Methods To Promote The Instagram Business Account Effectively

Instagram is one of the most popular account where you can easily promote business effectively. It has become a great tool for reaching the target market. To catch the attention of the users then one needs to share the content on a regular basis. It must be a part of the strategy for promoting the instagram account. If you need the Free Instagram Followers then you need to find out a platform where you can easily buy the Followers. Make sure that you are creating the prominent strategies that will help you in promoting the instagram account effectively.

Instagram is considered as third one of the most social media platform that comes with the 1 billion monthly active users.  You should have the Instagram business account that will help you in promoting the business effectively.  In the forthcoming paragraphs, I am going to discuss the 5 Important methods that will help you in promoting the Instagram account effectively.

  • Instagram business account

If you want to attract significant amount of traffic on the Instagram then it is your responsibility to create the business account. If you want to improve the engagement and reach of the Instagram business account then it is your responsibility to find out a platform where you can easily get the Free Instagram Likes. You must create the strategies according to the algorithm of Instagram. If possible then one should make the use of marketing channels to promote the instagram account for the free.

  • Through Social networks

If you are one who have higher engagements rates on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn then you should promote your account on it. Make sure that you are also promoting the link to the Instagram Bio. Try to share the latest pictures & videos on the Instagram. One should make the use of relationship-building the promote the instagram account.  To improve the fan-following on platform like Instagram then you should find out a platform where you will able to get the access of Free Followers For Instagram.  Make sure that you are choosing a platform where you can quickly get the access of organic followers. 

  • Initiate with friends and family

If you have created the account on platform like Instagram then you should share it with the family and friends. When you are connecting with the friends or family then it will help you to garner some initial engagement. If possible then you should make a contact with the influencer who can promote the effectively your account. If you really want to improve engagement level and reach of the account then one should find out a platform where you can easily buy the followers.

Moving Further, these are important methods that will allow you to promote the account effectively. It will surely take the business to next level. All you need to share the genuine quality content that will easily improve the engagement and reach of the account.

Can You Really Check Who Visited Your Facebook Profile?

Facebook is a great place to have a conversation with close friends, colleagues, or other acquaintances. You can easily spend your entire day scrolling Facebook stalking people. It is a common habit of people to stalk their exes or friends on Facebook to know about their whereabouts or what is going on in their life. And this makes the other person intrigued if their exes are visiting their Facebook profile or not. And not only for this reason but also for several other reasons, some people are always excited to know who visited my Facebook. Before we proceed if you searching for a Facebook Boosting service in Bangladesh This is our recommendation due to there high diversity of Facebook ads

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook?

One of the common questions that have been asked by several Facebook users is ‘can you see who views your Facebook’ and the answer is ‘Yes’ as well as ‘No’.

Officially, there is no way provided by Facebook to know or to check who visited their Facebook profile or who is stalking them. According to Facebook, it is a breach of privacy for the users and many of them will leave the platform if they enabled this option.

So if you come across any app or platform that promises you to tell you who visited your Facebook, chances are they are completely fake and you must report them to save yourself from getting hacked.

Here is how you can report them:

  1. Go to your Facebook account and using the drop-down menu on the right, select ‘Settings’.
  2. Then from the left menu, select ‘Apps and Websites’ and using the search field, find the app that claims to tell you who visited your Facebook.
  3. Next to the app, you will see the option ‘View and Edit’; click on that.
  4. Now, move to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Give Feedback’.
  5. Now click on the issue that you want to report the app for and click on ‘Next’.
  6. After that, click on ‘Done’ to end the process.

This way you can also help someone from getting into a trap like this.

Are there Apps to Check Who Visited my Facebook?

If you are still asking me if there is a way to see who views your Facebook, let me tell you there are a number of apps claiming to be the one you are looking for. As more and more people are becoming interested in knowing who stalks them on Facebook, more and more fake apps are being developed every day as a result of that.

Now, if you are thinking that you will try all these apps and maybe one of them will work. But let me tell you that this move can cost you a lot as these apps have been created with an ulterior motive. Once you log into them using your Facebook credentials, you are asking them to hack your account or misuse it. As most of these apps have been only created by hackers to hack more and more Facebook accounts by making a fool out of ignorant people.

When they get your Facebook login details, they can use that to access your data such as likes and preferences and that will be then sold to advertising companies. Some of the hackers can even change your password and use it for their personal use. If you have entered your credit card information or any other sensitive data, they can steal that too. Some such apps can even infect your device with viruses or malware when you download them on your device.

What Details You Can Check About Your Facebook Account?

Apart from knowing who visited my Facebook, there are several things you might be interested in knowing about such as if you want to know how long you have been friends with a particular person. You can even check your activity log to know about the interactions you had with your friends, groups. You can even review the items where you have been tagged and in total there are more than 25 additional filters that you can use to know more about your Facebook activity.

Also, if you own a Facebook page, you can even have a look at the Facebook Insights to know the number of people who have liked your page, the number of people who have visited your page, the number of views you have received, and the number of people who have taken any action on your page. But here also you will not be able to check who all have visited your page, by that I mean the names as you can only check the numbers of the person who has visited your page at least once.

So make sure you don’t get into the trap of any such apps and wait till Facebook comes with the feature to know who views your Facebook.

The Influence of social networks on young people

How Has the World Changed?

Today, major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, … have gradually dominated the globe, bringing people back to the world with four walls, surfing, and surfing. It is hard to see people who control life and nature without holding an Internet-connected Smartphone. Therefore, in order to free mankind from the social network epidemic, each of us must know how to master ourselves, to master socialism through knowledge and reality, through perspectives on social networks to human life.

Social Networks Are the Bridge Between People

The emergence with diverse features, rich sources of information, social networks have allowed users to receive, share, select information effectively and overcomes obstacles of space and time, across gaps between generations, eradicating ethnic, religious, and religious discrimination. Besides, social media also help us save money.

Social networking also enhances the role of every citizen in creating relationships and self-organization around common interests in communities that promote the alignment of social organizations. By connecting action, people have the whole world at their fingertips. Users can find all information they want and offer many useful options. Social networking is a huge repository of knowledge.

Many young people already know how to use social media most effectively. Through social networks, they equip themselves with a source of knowledge and self-worth. Social networking is the place to unite the community, share the unhappiness and joy of people with the same heart to sympathize and help those who are pitiful, need the help of society.

Through social networks, the young people promptly praised typical examples, excellent individuals who have made practical contributions to life. There are many young people who also use social media as an effective place for advertising, business, and other businesses to bring high income.

Social networks influence the current youth lifestyle through understanding their needs, purposes, and forms of using social networks. Members of social networks collaborate with each other to form groups of people with similar interests, interests, and aspirations that can be met, exchanged on the Internet, and then proceeded to offline activities.

The Dark Side of Social Networks

Facebook or Twitter are taking you away from the real world, distracting your life goals, where people compete to get more “likes”.

Besides, there are several shortcomings when using social networks.

1. Reduce interaction between people

You pay too much attention to electronic devices and spend less time and attention to those present in your real life. This made them very upset. Eventually, the people around you won’t even want to hang out with you anymore.

2. Cause attention

Posting ambiguous, confusing states on Facebook to attract the attention of others is becoming an annoying habit of social network users. The battle for likes and announcements will not end.

3. Neglect the real goals of life

It’s easy to summarize what’s happening on social media, and people will gradually neglect real-life goals. Instead of trying to realize their dreams by becoming a truly talented, talented young people tend to strive to become stars on the Internet.

4. There is a risk of depression

According to recent studies, people who use social media often have more negative emotions, including depression. Using social media is especially harmful to people with a history of depression. If you start to feel sad, pessimistic, stop using social networks for a while. I myself heard from someone that they felt better, found something new after a week without social networks.

5. A relationship can be easily broken sometimes

You should not be glued to the screen, continue to be jealous and prying. Social media is an easy choice to open a relationship but in fact, it is advantageous. In fact, research shows that people who often use Facebook to follow their partners lead to speculations, fantasies, and ultimately love affair.

6. Affect the creative process

Surfing social networking sites will paralyze people’s minds, similar to watching television unconsciously. If you are planning to work today, turn off your social networking apps.

7. “Keyboard Heroes”

People feel too comfortable on social media and start saying things they don’t usually say in real life. If you do not often say cursed words or swear, you will definitely have to contact this on social networks. If you say such things often, stop immediately.

You are not anonymous on social networks as you think. With the emergence of “keyboard heroes” on social networks, people are becoming more rude than usual.

8. Often comparing you to others online will hurt you

With the help of technology, images, and actions displayed on Facebook can be far different from the person’s real life. After a while, you might think that acquaintances on Facebook are better and better than you, which creates a social gap. However, keep in mind that everyone on social media is just a human being just like you.

9. Insomnia

The light from the electronic screen affects the mind and makes you sleepless. Getting enough sleep each night is becoming more and more difficult. The best way is not to keep the phone near you when you go to bed.

10. Lack of privacy

Social networking sites are still silently saving (and selling) your personal information. Even the US intelligence agency is also involved in a scandal involving allowing the government to access personal data including emails, Skype calls, etc. This clearly shows that security and privacy. Internet privacy is being violated.

Young People – What Should Do

As human beings of the modern world, how do we make technology serve us rather than let technology dominate our lives?

Must know the reasonable time distribution in using facebook as well as other social networks. How to allocate a reasonable time between work – family – friends – entertainment and the use of time on social networks?

Do not be too dependent on social networks, the virtual world. Need to build relationships in the real world, do not spend too much time on it. Spend time on more useful things. How can Facebook not become a boss, and we do not become victims of social networks?

We young people are acutely aware of that, but be smart to use it effectively and not be a victim of social networks. The time of one’s life is short, do not waste time on useless, even harmful things.

How to find the lost time? Know how to treasure time, how to live meaningfully. Real life is so vast and fascinating with so many mysteries, wonders why we only immerse in the virtual world? We are young, let’s spend more time on meaningful things than spend time on useless websites.

How to make a poll on facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Almost every human regardless of age have a Facebook profile to meet new people. Although it was introduced as a platform to meet people, now you can do much more with this platform.

It has introduced several features that let you use it for your business and personal benefits. One such thing is the Facebook Poll feature that lets you run a poll on Facebook. Additionally, you or anyone else can share the poll to reach a wider audience to get better insights.

However, most of the people were confused about how to make a poll on Facebook. That is why we have decided to write this article so that you can easily create a Facebook poll whenever you want.

Before we go ahead and discuss the steps, let us have a look at the requirements to run a Facebook poll.

Just follow our step by step guide to know how to make a poll on Facebook:

Login to your Facebook Account

You need to have a Facebook account to create a Facebook poll. However, you can easily create an account within a minute or two by entering some personal details. It includes your name, email, DOB, and password.

After completing the registration, log in to your account and head towards the New Feed Section.

Navigate to a Group

 As we have already discussed, you can only create a poll for the specific audience of a group or page. Hence, you need to click on the “Groups’ section from the menu and choose the group.

You can join a new group in case you want to reach out to a type of audience for your poll.

Choose Poll From The Status Update Section

After opening the group, you need to click on the ‘what’s on your mind’ It will open a drop-down menu where you will find different options to post in the group.

All you need to do is choose the poll option from the menu, and a new box will appear.

Note: make sure the group has allowed every member to post in it. It is because most of the Groups’ restrict the members from posting in it. In that case, you will need to get your poll reviewed by the admin or moderator.

Type The Poll Question

The box will allow you to add a question in the poll. Make sure to add all the necessary details in the short paragraph to make it easier for the audience to choose.

It is up to you what type of question you want to ask to the audience. It can be related to any valid topic in the world.

However, there are some other guidelines regarding the type of Facebook polls that you can create. Remember that going against any policy can get your account banned from Facebook.

Add the Options

After adding the question, it is time to give your audience an option to choose their answer to the question. The best thing is that they do not need to write the full answer as you will be giving choices to choose from.

All you need to do is write down the 3-4 options for your customers. After writing them, click on the add answers, and it will be ready to post.

However, there is still the final step before making it available for the audience.

Apply Settings and Filters

The final step is choosing the right audience for your post. You can also apply some other filters to select the poll layout and designs.

After choosing the filters, you can finally post the poll, and it will start reaching the group members instantly.

You can see their responses individually, or you can check the percentage of people choosing different options.

Frequently Asked Questions For a Facebook Poll

How to edit a poll?

You can edit a poll by clicking on the edit option from the drop-down menu of the post. It will let you change your edit your questions before getting the votes.

Where else can I share a Facebook poll?

Facebook does not let you share a poll on your news feed. However, you can a poll on your Facebook stories to reach your Facebook friends.

How to download videos from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging systems where you can share your experiences, thoughts, or else. However, sometimes you need to download some media, and one of the most important of them are videos. So, if you are curious about how you can download a video from twitter, then just relax and sit back and follow the steps.

There can be numerous reasons why you are downloading the videos from twitter, and it depends on the version of your twitter whether it is on desktop or mobile.

There are a bunch of applications and software that will allow you to download media from twitter but if you are using the iPhone or Android then it would be better if you would use a dedicated video downloading the app.

Now, here’s how to download videos from twitter.


The SaveTweetVid is the online video downloader that will allow you to download videos from Twitter. It is very easy to use, and you can also download GIFs and audio files with the help of it.

When you are using twitter, it will be obvious that you will find something that relates to your interest, and you wanted to download it.

And it is very easy to get going; you will just need to go on a post/tweet that you want to download. Once you are there, you will be able to see three Dots at the bottom of the post. You just need to click on the three dots, then you will see a ‘copy link’ option. You can simply press ‘Copy’, or press Ctrl + C simultaneously.

Once you have done, that’s all with twitter. Now, you have to go to SaveTweetVid. You will see the option ‘Enter Twitter URL’. Now, you can ‘Paste’ the URL link that you have copied by simply clicking ‘Right click’ and select Paste, or press Ctrl + V simultaneously. Once you have done, you will see resolution options like 720p, 480p, 360p, and so on. You can select the quality in which you would like to download your video.

Once you have chosen your quality, you will have to click on the ‘Download’ option that will appear on the menu. Choose the location path for your video and hit the ‘Save’ And that’s all it is, you have successfully downloaded your video from twitter.

If you have noticed that there is also a QR scanner option in SaveTweetVid. QR code is a code that is readable with the help of your smartphone. That is the much easier way to know how to download videos from twitter by scanning your QR code, and video will be downloaded.

For iOS

Things are a little complicated for iOS users, but there is no need to worry as we have brought the easiest way for you to download your video from twitter. All you need to do that turn file viewer Documents by Readdle to download the videos.

Now open the twitter app, then go to the video you are interested in. Once you have reached there, then click on the ‘share button’ it looks like an upright arrow. Then select the option ‘ share via’ and then ‘copy link’.

Now the main part will unfold, switch the Documents by Readdle, you will see a compress icon that will launch the integrated browser. Go to the twitter video downloader online and simply paste your URL that you have previously copied. It will allow you to select your resolution for the video and then simply click on the download button, and you are done!

For Android

The steps are much easier for android users because of the Download twitter videos application. You can use any other applications to download your videos from twitter, but we consider to give you a secured app as much as we can.

Now, if you have opened your application then just go to the twitter app and tap on the share video button before tapping the Download Twitter app. You will be able to choose your version for the video. Choose the one that you are interested in, and then simply click on download, and your video will be downloaded.

Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

Top 7 SEO Marketplace for Beginner to expert

SEO is one of the leading industries in Digital Marketing. It is known as the soul of Digital Marketing for the impact that it causes on the performance of a website. Every business wants to hire the top professional SEO service provider company in Bangladesh that can them on the first page of the Search Engines.

Hence, you will need to be the best one in your industry to get the premium client for your Business. In this article, we will share 7 SEO marketplace for Beginners and Experts. These marketplaces are well-established in the market, and attract the premium clients and freelancers on their platform.

So, let’s start our article with the leading service provider of SEO.

Fiverr is one of the most famous marketplaces for freelancers. It is one of the first Freelancing platforms to Affordable SEO services to its users. Fiverr is a service that connects the Employers with the freelancers to make their work hassle-free. The Fiverr services start at as low as $5 that attracts a lot of employers on the platform.

A lot of people used to struggle to find the right person for their job due to the limited number of applicants. However, Fiverr has made it possible to choose from thousands of service providers for a project. Similarly, it gives Freelancers the freedom to choose their projects without having to compromise on the available project.

We love their transparency as they provide all the information related to the employer and freelancer to know about them. However, you can not find the contact information as they want you to deal with them on their platform.

Features of Fiverr

Fiverr is considered as the best platform to find work as a freelancer because of the features they offer to their users. Some of the features are:

SEO MarketPlace: Fiverr is a marketplace for all types of freelancing services including Affordable SEO Packages. You can easily get some early projects after creating a profile on this platform.

Custom Offers: It allows freelancers and employers to work with custom orders to meet the project requirements. It increases your chances of getting the project by satisfying the client project needs.

Clear Communication: Fiverr offers a personal communication feature so that the freelancers and the employee can share details without having to use any third-party platform. It keeps the communication clear by eliminating the chances of confusion.

Benefits of Fiverr for SEO Freelancers

Payment Security

SEO freelancers on Fiverr get the payment security after getting rewarded with a project. They can ask their employers to create milestones and break down the payment into smaller milestones. It ensures the work and payment security among the two parties creating a better working relationship.

Flow of Work

Fiverr is a leading platform that has a continuous flow of projects for its freelancers. A freelancer with a good reputation will never be out of work on this platform.

Is Fiverr the right MarketPlace for you?

Fiverr is a great choice for the SEO experts to get a pool of opportunities without wasting your time bidding on projects. works on the bidding system letting the freelancers bid on the posted projects. Their job lister works well, and recommends the most relevant jobs to its freelancers.SEO experts can easily find some work opportunities by sending proposals to the employers.

However, you will need to buy the connections to send the proposal on a project. Every project requires some connections ranging from 1 to 5 depending on several factors such as project amount, employer ratings, etc.

Features of Upwork

Proposal-based: It works by sending proposals to the employers regarding their offer for the project.

Easy Communication: Their communication features are easy to work. You can easily send and receive the project files using their platform.

Proper Reports: Freelancers can check their reports to analyze their working details. They can also check their financial reports to know how their proposals are performing.

Benefits of using Upwork

Skill Verification: Upwork verifies the skills of the freelancers to ensure that the right freelancers get the opportunity to work. It keeps the platform free from the bots and fake profiles that makes it harder to land a job.

Secured Payments: It allows a secured payment method to ensure you get paid for the project. You can also work with your offline clients while using their secure payments option without registering them on this platform. is a great platform to offer your SEO services as a beginner. It is comparatively easier to win projects on freelancers than on Fiverr. The main reason behind it is the fact that it allows you to bid on most of the projects in your category.

However, Fiverr usually works on getting rewarded by the employers while searching for a service.

On this platform, employers post a project where the freelancers can bid with their offers. Then, the employer can choose the most relevant bid for their project.

Features of Freelancer:

  • Time Tracker: It lets the employers hire the right freelancer for their project on an hourly basis. It ensures that the freelancer earns for every second he spends working on the project.
  • Secure Milestone Payments: offers a secure way to make payments to the freelancers. The payment can be divided into several small milestones that can be released after getting the work done.
  • Contest Posting: Employers can post the contents on this platform to award the best work for their project

Benefits of using Freelancer for SEO Freelancers:

Good for Beginners: has a lot of opportunities for that beginner in their career in SEO. There are thousands of job posts every day in this industry providing an opportunity for every small or big freelancer.

Profile Reviews: You get a profile review after completing a project based on your work. Getting more profile reviews means more credibility to your profile landing your new projects. is a marketplace for leading professionals in their respective industries. It is a great SEO marketplace that has a lot to offer to the deserving freelancers. PPH offers a local search based option that allows employers to check the freelancers near them for their project.

It also has a different plan for big SEO agencies that can handle a large number of projects with their teams. Hence, you can trust PPH to get some high-paying projects for your freelancing business.

Core Features of

Local Freelance Directory: the local freelance directory allows the employer to work with nearby freelancers. It can also be an offline job posting for the freelancers.

Escrow Protection: All the freelancers get the Escrow protection for their funds by the employers. Every employer needs to pay at least half the project amount to award the project to a freelancer.

There are some more features like file sharing, project tracking, profile ratings, etc.

Benefits of Using PeoplePerHour

Industry Experts: PPH allows the industry-leading freelancers to register on their platform to ensure the quality of the work. It makes it a great SEO marketplace for experts.

In-depth Reports: Freelancers get the In-depth reports of their earnings and work progress to track their position in freelancing. You can use it to get some better insights into your career.

Legiit is considered as one of the best Fiverr alternatives that work on the same concept. You can create your proposals in the relevant category so that employers can find you when they apply for the service. Freelancers can also send the proposal to a job posting to be a step ahead in this competitive industry.

SEO experts can utilize this platform to get some high-paying employers for their freelancing business. It is a new marketplace that has got early recognition from some of the leading freelancers in different industries.

Core Features of

Gig Supported: This platform supports gigs where you create your proposals for each service on your profile. These gigs show up in the results when an employer looks for the service you provide. 

Low Competition: All the profiles on this platform are verified that helps the employers and freelancers to get genuine leads. Additionally, the platform does not have much competition for the same reason.

Advantages of Using

SEO marketplace:  The platform focuses mainly on the SEO services and promotes the freelancers in the industry. However, you can still offer other services as a freelancer. It helps get the focused leads for the SEO services for your business.

Responsive Customer Support: Their customer support is super friendly and tries to solve every query of their users. You can raise a ticket, in case there is a dispute with the employer.

Konkar is another marketplace for SEO experts to get hired by the premium SEO clients. This platform allows you to share your details with the employer to work on your terms. Unlike other freelancing platforms. It does not bound you with strict terms and conditions and allows you to work independently.

The market is mainly for SEO, graphics design, and web development. The onboarding process is really easy as they have dedicated videos to keep you going on their platform. Just watch a tutorial video and you will be selling your services to the worthy clients.

Feature of

Gig-based Proposal: You do not need to waste your time writing bids on every project. Just create a proposal and let the employers find you when they search for your services.

Payment Security: Payment security is one of the best features of this platform. They ensure that the freelancers get paid for their services by creating several milestones for each awarded project. You can ask your employers to release them after submitting the work.

Benefits of using

Better Pay Rate: All the employers on this platform are there looking for professional SEO services. Hence, you can expect premium rates for the services you provide them.

Support and Community: They have responsive customer support that helps with your problems and disputes. You can also engage with the freelancer’s community to stay updated with the latest trends of SEO.

If you are looking for a marketplace that is focused on the SEO services, then Seoclerk is the right platform for you. Here, freelancers can sell their services to thousands of employers at the best rates. It eliminates all other job postings that let you focus on the main projects for your business.

Their community has a lot of Leading SEO experts sharing their knowledge with the freelancers. You must register on this platform to learn new trends of Search Engine Optimization while earning money by your services. They are famous for their BackLink generating services as most of their freelancers are professionals in link building.  

Features of

Free-job Posting: Anyone can post a job on this platform without having to pay a single dollar for the job-posting.

Payment Security: It works on the milestone system to provide a payment guarantee to its freelancers.

Benefits of Using

Educational Blog: They have a dedicated blog for its users to learn more about SEO while offering their services. It is a great way to keep learning with the experienced community.

Better Rates: This platform has a base of employers who are familiar with SEO and its industry rates. Hence, you can expect better service rates on this platform than other leading ones.


Every SEO marketplace has its pros and cons. You decide to find the advantages of every application with your requirements and select the best one. The 7 SEO marketplaces that we have covered in this article can be a great platform for you to utilize your skills.

All these websites have different features and benefits to offer giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits your needs. We recommend starting with Fiverr and to understand how these platforms work.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose any of them and start taking some premium projects for your business.