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EaseUS RecExperts Review – One of the Best Screen Recording Software in 2021

It’s very much important for a person who creates video content to record the screen of your computer. For a SaaS provider, he/she needs to record the screen to explain and showcase how to use the product. For a teacher/student in this remote learning period, he/she might need to record lectures, presentations, etc. For me and our YouTube channel, We need to record our screen & it’s a very important part of our work now. Most of our videos are based on SEO comparisons and helpful in being able to SEO slideshow images side by side. I like to compare side by side in the lightroom I have much more control over the images. Points are often difficult to describe effectively if the viewer cannot see the images as well. This also applies if you plan to create a tutorial to demonstrate a specific strategy for your audience.

If you have created a webinar or want to record a video on your computer, EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best screen recorders. This software helps you to capture your screen, easily overlay video from a webcam and most of all recorded audio. RecExperts supports high-quality recording and comes with a variety of convenient features that definitely going to videos more efficient.

Screen Recording Features

There are many reasons why we need screen recording software as a necessity. It simplifies our day-to-day tasks such as giving instructions, running over new employees, recording a video call and sharing lectures.

EaseUS RecExperts, as one of the most efficient screen recorders, can do much more than that. 

Record Any Activity on Your Screen Flexibly

You can capture what’s happening in your entire screen, any custom area or just in a selected window. You can also create a scheduled recording task to automatically record the screen and webcam at specific times.

Record Screen and Audio Simultaneously or Separately

As a screen and audio recorder, it allows you to record screen, system audio and narrator’s sounds at the same time, to avoid any extra work and steps. Thus, it is helpful to record lectures, explainer videos, demonstration videos, etc. Of course, you can choose to record the video and audio separately. It all depends on your needs.

This screen recorder has good audio recording performance. It can remove background noise and boost your audio.

Record Games in High Quality

EaseUS RecExperts combines features to make it easier to create advanced screen recordings. To get started, you can record videos up to 4K resolution. This may not be necessary for any webinar but it is a great drawing for gamers who want to share session recordings. As one of the best game recording software, RecExperts enables you to change the frame rate up to 60 frames per second during game recording.

Better still, it can also record the webcam and make it as an overlay while you are recording your gameplay. It will make your game video more interactive.

Handy Post-recording features

Once the recording is done, you can simply cut the video, add intro and outro or take a screenshot with the built-in editor. With a mouse click, you can upload videos to popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and directly download your videos to google drive or Dropbox.

Plan and Price

19.95$ per month for EaseUS RecExperts, 39.95$ per year, or 69.95$ for lifetime upgrades. This price includes only a single license for one computer. Note that you can also try the software for free. The free trial version has some feature limitations including recording time limit. 


RecExperts is a great screen recording software and has superior customer support service. But if you’re looking for more bells and whistles, you might be interested in Camtasia or Flashback Pro. Camtasia has many options for animating your video recordings and it has advanced video editing features. Flashback Pro provides similar capabilities and adds the possibility to record multiple screens in a single video. 

The final verdict

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recording software with many features to offer. It can capture audio and webcam videos. We liked that it provided scheduled recording and an auto-stop function. Although a bit more expensive than competitors like the Flashback Pro, it still represents good quality for money.

Merits of Yoga Studio Software That You Need to Know

Yoga is surely the best way to work on your flexibility and forte as well. Anyone could do it too and it is not solely for the people who could touch their toes or aspire to meditate. There are also approximately types of yoga about decreasing and you can know more about the advantages of yoga by seeing Yoga Studio Software which would guide you properly. There are also many kinds that focus on learning the poses known as asanas and they basically add attention to breathing as well. Yoga also poses works by widening your muscles as well.

Things You Must Know About Yoga:

They could also help you move better and feel minimum tired or rigid. This way you would surely commence observing the advantages soon. However, people also enhance their flexibility up to 35 percent after solely 8 weeks of yoga as well. You should know more about the yoga thing as it would help you to have all the things in your mind as well.

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Sets Your Posture for Strength:

There are also some styles of yoga-like power yoga, and ashtanga is extremely physical. When you just practice one of these styles which would help you enhance your muscle tone as well. There are various poses like upward, downward, and the pose of the plank, make the upper strength of the body. The vertical poses, particularly if you keep them for hard long breaths, make strength in your abs, quadriceps, and constraints too. Poses that enhance the minimum back add the upward and the chair pose. You can see Yoga Studio Software if you want to take the classes of yoga according to your suitability.

Healthier Posture from Yoga:

Once you are all stronger and more flexible, then this way your posture enhances. There comes many standing and sitting poses as well which enhances the core strength as you aspire your core muscles to support and enhance every pose as well. When you make your core stronger, then this will help you to stand tall and sit as well. Yoga also helps your body to get so much awareness as well. That will also help you to analyse more instantly if you are collapsing, so you could just regulate your carriage as well.

Living Advantages:

Yoga basically adds giving attention to your breath, and which could help you to have relaxation as well. It might also call for tactics of breathing as well. But this way yoga conventionally is not aerobic such as cycling or running, except it is a hard kind of yoga as well.

You can also have a look at Yoga Studio Software as you would be able to get the classes in the best possible way. With the assistance of the software, you will be gifted to manuscript your opening as well. In case, if you have any questions then you could also ask the professionals who would give you so many details and information according to your need and requirement.

Minimum Pressure and More Tranquil:

It is also possible that you might also feel minimum stressed out and calmer after doing so much yoga. There are also some panaches of yoga that use the strategies of thought that help reduces attention. It is also very essential for you to focus on your breathing during yoga which could do that as well. Yoga will surely give you less pressure which would also help you to have complete calmness which would also make your day all well.

The Practice of Yoga Great for Your Heart:

Yoga also has big known to the lower pressure of blood and slow rate of the heart. A minimum rate of the heart could advantage the people with maximum blood pressure or disease of heart, and people who ever had a stroke too. This way, yoga has also been associated with minimum cholesterol and triglyceride levels and enhances the operation of the immune system as well. Many people are having issues with the rate of heart and this is the reaso9n yoga plays a great role for your heart as well.

7 Top Tools Of PDFBear That Can Offer You A Quick Solution

We all want immediate action for many document-related concerns. The world is too busy to be too patient for a slow interface and for a slow process. If a tool cannot guarantee you a fast method, better look for a quicker option. You can find hundreds of more instantaneous tools on the internet. 

One of these tools is PDFBear. This is a website that features various tools that can work for your documents. These tools are known for giving users an immediate solution for their papers. In just a tap away, everything will be granted. If you want to learn more about the tools they offer, check these out!

Rotate PDF Tool

This is one of the useful tools provided by PDFBear free of charge. The tool allows you to rotate PDF based on any angles you wish. Rotate your PDF files quickly and conveniently with just a few taps on its toolbox. The site brings a simple solution to a stressful task when you have a lot of files that need to be rotated. 

Whether the files are intended for your boss or your professor, the site’s toolbox can offer you a helping hand. Whatever angles you choose, be it may at 90, 180, or 270 degrees, the tool will deliver the best service.

Merge PDF Tool

If you already have a lot of PDFs spread on your computer but cannot delete them since they hold essential details, this is the right time to use PDFBear’s merge PDF tool. This tool allows you to combine multiple PDFs in just a few taps. 

This is one of the handiest PDF merger tools you can find on the web today. The PDF merging tool simply takes seconds to compile your individual documents and allows you to view the merged copy of your PDFs. 

Split PDF Tool

However, in contrast to the merger tool, the website also offers this split PDF tool that allows you to split your PDFs into individual pages in a matter of moments. The tool also assures a safe method. No personal data will be stolen. PDFBear ensures that their users will be protected from prying eyes. 

You can go to PDFBear if you are now searching for a free online platform where you can separate PDF files. This digital tool is free to use. You can also opt for its paid membership in order to get more access to the other online features under the website.

PDF Editor

If you wish to edit some of your PDFs because your employer or your professor asked you to make some changes, this PDF editor can offer you a helping hand. The tool is 100% sure that they give you excellent output. 

The PDF Editor helps users to edit their PDFs directly. You can include text and photographs to it. You can also highlight particular paragraphs and even create some circles and arrows. Whenever you need to modify your current contents in the original PDF format, try the website’s service. 

Document Converter Tool

PDFBear can also get your files converted to any format you wish through their converter tool. Whether you want your PDF to be converted to Word or vice versa, PDFBear’s converter can offer you a helping hand. It is also 100% free and safe. 

Add Watermark Tool

You can now add an image or a text as a watermark on your PDFs using this tool from PDFBear. You can conveniently insert any form of watermarks into your PDFs for free.  Pick from several ways to add your desired watermark. The tool gives you a lot of options to choose from. 

After selecting your preferred watermark, pick a spot where you would like to see it. You can put the logo at the bottom of each page. The best part of this tool is its ability to serve various platforms. So, if you’re surfing Chrome or even using your desktop or phone, there’s no problem creating a watermark for your documents. 

Unlock PDF Tool

Removing the password from your PDFs has been made easy with PDFBear. This tool can quickly delete passwords for you and decrypt your PDF documents. The website has built a feature that can decrypt your files with only a few taps. 

This actually makes PDFBear more helpful than other web-based tools. From uploading to importing, and the entire process in-between, they can guarantee you it’ll be faster than making tea.


If you wish your files to be converted to another format, to get them unlocked, add some watermarks on them, or split them into individual pages, PDFBear gives you the quick solution. It can also assure the safest method—no wonder why it has become a primary tool for students and professionals. Visit the website now and see how the magic happens within its toolbox.

2 Ways To Unlock Your PDF Files Fast And Efficiently

PDF is one of the most ideal formats when it comes to protecting your data. Aside from the fact PDF files are ideally created to make it harder for others to copy and edit them, you can also encrypt them with a password. However, what if you need to unlock your PDF files permanently. After all, encrypting your files means that you have to input the password every time you need to access it. To make things more convenient for you, here are two ways on how you can decrypt your files. Follow these steps, and you should be able to unlock your files in no time!

Use a web-based tool like PDFBear. 

In some cases, those who want to use such a feature do not have any downloaded software on their devices. PDFBear understands that not everyone can figure out how to remove a password easily. To solve this, you can make use of a cloud-based tool, like PDFBear. They created software that even first-time users can navigate with ease. It means that the website will not use any capacity from your CPU, which will not cause any slowdowns for your device whenever you unlock PDF online. Removing the password is simplified thanks to this website. This tool works everywhere, so it does not matter if you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. You are also safe from malware, viruses, or hackers whenever you use this site. PDFBear is SSL-encrypted since they prioritize the safety and privacy of its users.

To start, upload the file that you want to decrypt into the Unlock PDF tool. If the file is saved on cloud storage, the server can fetch it for you. The next step is to enter the password. Of course, enter the password before decrypting is another security measure. It is to make sure that you are the owner of the PDF. In case you do not know the password, PDFBear will not process your request. After entering the password, click on the Unlock PDF. After that, PDFBear will then proceed with decrypting your file. After a few minutes, your new file will be ready for download.

Download software, like Adobe Acrobat. 

Another easy way of decrypting your files is by downloading software such as Adobe Acrobat. No other software knows their way around PDF other than Adobe since they were the ones who created the format in the first place. Removing password is also secure, yet they have a disclaimer before going through the process. First, not anyone can unlock a PDF file. Only those with permission can remove such restrictions, which is understandable. Imagine if your locked file got accidentally leaked and someone tries to remove the password. They will not be able to do such a thing because the software will not allow it. Second, if the PDF is secured with server-based protection, only the policy author or server administrator can alter it.

Unlike PDFBear, you have to pay a monthly subscription for Acrobat. Acrobat Standard DC retails for $12.99 per month, while Acrobat Pro DC is $14.99 per month.

To use Acrobat, open the file using the software. Next, go to Tools, click Protect, Encrypt, then Remove Security. Once you are there, you will see that there are varying options, depending on the type of password security your PDF has. If your PDF has a Document Open security, click OK to remove it from your file. Next, if your file has a permissions password, you have to type in the code, click OK then confirm the action. After that, save the file. The whole process should take you less than a minute!

What are the pros and cons of using each software?

Depending on who you ask, there will always be an advantage and disadvantage in each way. Let’s start first with PDFBear. Since it is a cloud-based tool, it is more accessible than Acrobat. As long as you have an internet connection, even your phone can do decrypting for you. But this can be a downside for most. If you are planning to do a task offline, then you will not be able to do it unlike with Acrobat.

Another pro of PDFBear against Acrobat is that you can process your files free of charge. If you are someone who is going to use the tool maybe once or twice, then subscribing to Acrobat’s plan is not an option. But if you already have the software on your computer, then Acrobat has the upper hand. Acrobat can identify which specific type of security your PDF has, unlike PDFBear that can only process your files if you have the passcode. Both tools are easy to navigate and can process your request in under a minute.

Removing passwords made easy!

No matter what your reason is for removing passwords from your PDF files, there are easy ways to do it. No need to seek help from an expert as you can do it with ease thanks to the tools featured. Go ahead and pick which one is more convenient for you!

3 Awesome PDFBear Features for Work From Home Employees

Just a little over nine months ago, things were normal. We had to brave the long drive, commute, or walk going to work. We could have coffee with colleagues for lunch or dinner after work at a restaurant near the office. But nowadays, we have to stay at home because of this awful pandemic. This keeps everyone safe and lessens the spread of the virus. Basically, this is now the new normal, in which we have to adjust and just keep going. Thankfully, technology and the internet are helping us to make it through. As we are facing many changes in our lifestyle, technology keeps progressing.

As an employee, you need to be updated with the latest things and be well-equipped with the right tools to help you out. Most documents nowadays are digital and have gone paperless. You’ll mostly encounter files in PDF. We’ll get into why this is the most preferred file type in a bit. Because right now, we want to help you with your digital documents with a nifty online tool called “PDFBear!”

So, what is PDFBear exactly?

PDFBear is a nifty online software as a service (or SaaS) tool to make the most out of your files. You can quickly and easily convert Word to PDF, JPEG to PDF, merge PDFs, and so much more! It has everything you need for your documents to make things more efficient and easy for you to work. There’s no need for any additional apps or downloads to use this awesome tool. Just use your computer, tablet, or smartphone and access their website through a stable internet connection and you’re good to go! Also, you need not make any payments or subscriptions to use their services. Yes, you read that right, this awesome tool is free to use! So, it’s safe to say PDFBear is the best document converter tool out there right now.

But why are PDFs prominent?

Now that we’ve introduced you to PDFBear, let’s get into why PDFs are the most-preferred file type out there. A Portable Document Format (or PDF) is the most easily accessible and versatile file type. You can access it on any electronic device without the need for any additional app or software. It also keeps its formatting or overall look on any device or platform. So, whether you’re viewing it on a smartphone or computer, it will look exactly the way you saved it⎯this goes the same for printing. The biggest problem with most (if not all) raw files is that they look different almost everywhere. But with Portable Document Format files, you won’t have to sweat! What’s more, is that this file type uses less memory or disk space compared to raw files. In the long run, you can save a lot of precious memory space! With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why this file type is the most preferred of all other formats.

Some awesome PDFBear features

Now, let’s dive into some awesome features of this nifty tool to help you make things more efficient for your work from home set-up!

Word to PDF

You’ll be writing lots of documents which would always be in Word or “.docx” raw format. As we’ve mentioned, raw files have the tendency to change their look and overall format depending on the device or software used to access them. To avoid the hassle of copying and pasting each text and image from one document to a new one, convert it to PDF. You will spare yourself and your recipient the hassle!


You may need to take photographs of inventories or the progress of a project. Or maybe, you need to save photos for reference or research. Either way, saving many photos in JPEG format can eat up a lot of memory or disk space. To help you save precious storage on your computer or portable gadget, convert the JPEG photos to PDF. You need not worry about the image quality degrading as PDFBear makes sure it keeps the photo quality. Awesome!

Merge PDF

Working with your colleagues as a team is great! You get to share ideas and make an excellent project. The only problem is with compiling all your work together. It’s not professional to send your project in different files. So, spare your client, supervisor, or recipient the hassle by merging everything into one big PDF file. You’ll surely save yourself, your colleagues, and the recipient of your project the taxing process of downloading each file individually. This makes you appear more professional, too!

Give PDFBear a go!

So those are PDF files and a PDFBear for you! We’ve mentioned only three features of this nifty tool, but when you try it for yourself, you’ll find loads of other things you may not even need! Once you use PDFBear, you won’t need to look for other converter tools to help you with your digital documents. Go on, try it!

What recording software do YouTubers use

Youtube has been one of the best video streaming platforms of all time. People spend their time looking for the videos they are interested in. It gives the rise to the YouTubers who make youtube channels for their audience and create videos.

You must have seen different YouTubers who create amazing videos for their channel. Have you ever thought about how they record these videos? Or what recording software do YouTubers use for there quality videos?

Worry not! You will get all your answers today as we are going to share some of the best recording software used by these YouTubers.

What To Look For In a Video Recording Software

Frame Rate

Frame rate is one of the most crucial features that you should look for in recording software. The frame rate (FPS) decides how many frames your screen recording software can catch while recording the videos.

An application with 60 FPS can work for simple videos. However, a youtube streamer who wants to upload the gameplay may want to look for the software with 120 FPS or higher.

Ability To Record Multiple Screens

There are screen recorders that can record multiple screens at the same time. Additionally, they give you an option to choose whether you want to record the whole screen or a partial part of the screen. It saves you a lot of editing time after recording your video.

Paid Or Free

The price of a recording software also matters when you want to use it for long-term work. Hence, it is necessary to know whether the application is paid or free. Additionally, the cost of the application also matters for the YouTubers.

Some applications provide better features at a very affordable rate.

Ability To LiveStream On Youtube

Most of the YouTubers stream their videos directly on Youtube. Hence, a screen recorder must be capable of stream direct screen capture on youtube. You can check the features section to find out whether the application is offering this feature or not.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtubers ( For Every Youtubers)

There are different types of videos that require a different type of screen recorder for youtube. Some YouTubers want software that can help them edit the videos for their explainer videos while some simply want to record the screen.

However, this list covers some screen records that work fine with all types of youtube streaming videos.

They are:

1. CloudApp

Cloud app is one of the preferred software of every YouTuber as it lets them record videos conveniently. It is a great screen recorder that comes with hundreds of tools to edit your recorded videos. The developer has also added different options to add text and graphics to your videos without using any other software.

Hence, it is safe to say that it is one of the most complete screen recording software for YouTubers. Additionally, you can use the same software to share your recorded videos with your friends and subscribers.

The application claims that it can help you save 56 hours a week with its high-end recording technology. The application is free to use, but some features can only be accessed with a paid plan.


Password-Protected Sharing: You can share your videos on almost every famous platform while protecting it with a password.

Record, Edit, And Share: It is a complete tool that lets you record, edit, and share your videos from the single application.


Limited Access: The free version has limited access, and most of the features are restricted in this application.

2. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is the best application for Mac users to record high-quality videos. It has all the main features that we have discussed in our article on what recording software do YouTubers use. You can also add the GIFs to your videos to make it more interesting for your subscribers.

The application has a media library database of more than half a million video clips that can be used in your youtube videos. However, you will need to pay a subscription charge for the media library along with the application charges.

The media includes background music, short clips, and intro videos to add to your channel.


iPhone Record Option: You can connect an iPhone with your device to record its screen along with the main device screen. It is one of the rarest features we have seen in an application.

Media Library: The application has its own stock media library to use texts, graphics, and illustrations in your video.


Expensive:  It is a bit more expensive than most of its alternatives.

3. Snagit

Have you seen those tutorial channels that create how-to videos? SnagIt is one of the best options for those YouTubers. It includes useful features that allow them to create their tutorial videos professionally.

You can record your screen along with your video through a webcam. It means that you can connect with your audience while showing them what’s on your screen at the same time. Like other applications, it allows you to live to stream your videos on platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

The application offers a favorite tools section where you can add some frequently used tools to reach them easily. It is a great feature as there are hundreds of tools in the application that makes it harder to find the right tool when you need it.


High-Quality Recording: It offers a high-quality recording for all your tutorial videos.

Favorite Section: You can add your favorite tools in this section to use them whenever you want.


Only For Premium Users: The application is only for premium users and does not have much to offer in its free plan.

Best Recording Softwares for Youtube Gaming Channels

It is necessary to use a screen recorder that is capable of recording game videos for your youtube stream. This software requires a better FPS and works much better with the audio. That is why we have created a separate list of recording software used by YouTubers.

They are:

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is the first choice of every youtube streamer to record their gameplay. It has all the features that you will ever need to stream and record your youtube videos. Additionally, it is compatible with almost every game as it comes with a 144 FPS recording that is more than what you need.

The user interface is quite easy to use and provides all the features that you will need on the main screen. It has a feature to record either the full screen or a specific area to make it easier to record only concerned screen areas.

This software is recommended for those racing game that runs on high FPS and requires a powerful recording solution. We have tested this on some games like NFS, Blur, etc, and it turned out great.


144 FPS:  BandiCam is the only leading screen recording software that can record in 144 FPS.

Ultra HD 4k: You can record your videos in Ultra HD 4k resolution with high quality led monitor. It means that you can only be limited to your device capabilities rather than the software’s capabilities. 


Limitations In Free Version: The free version has many restrictions that may irritate the users at some point.

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is another great screen recording software that works just fine to record the gameplay. Users can stream their gameplay directly on youtube with the help of this device. The screen recorder works in the same way as BandiCam and allows you to choose between the full or the partial section of the screen to record.

The best thing about this recorder is the In-build video editor that is more than enough to edit your recorded videos. It has all the tools to add text, graphics, and illustrations to your videos.

Users can also add their voice in the gameplay while recording the screen and the computer audio. It is a great feature for those who prefer to narrate along with the gameplay.


Visual Effect:  The visual effects of this software works great in Video Editing.

4k Record and Edit: You can record and edit your videos in 4k resolution with this application. It is a great feature as it saves your time and money and allows you to do it with a single software.


Limited Free Version: We were disappointed to find the limitations in the free version of the software. However, you can still use enough features to decide whether you should go for it or not.

6. ShadowPlay by Nvidia

What is better than having a game recorder by a graphic card manufacturing company?

ShadowPlay is offered by Nvidia to record the gameplay whenever you want. The software comes with many useful tools and works free for gaming purposes. We are impressed by the replay mode that automatically saves the screen time of the last 30 seconds.

It is helpful when you are not recording, and you just had a moment worth recording. Just click the hotkey, and it will save your gameplay.

Additionally, there are multiple tools to edit your videos before uploading them on youtube. It allows you to add texts and graphics to your video before exporting them to your drive.

The best thing about the application is that it allows you to Livestream your gameplay on youtube and Facebook effortlessly. You can also share the 4k screenshot with your friends with this software.


4k Resolution: The application records the screen at 4k resolution that is a great way to stream your videos on youtube.

LiveStream: It allows you to stream your videos directly on youtube with no extra efforts. Just customize your screen settings, and it is good to go.


60 FPS: We have seen some other screen recorders that can record up to 120 FPS. However, this application supports only 60 FPS that can be a deal-breaker for some people.

7. Filmore Scrn

It is one of the most popular video recording software that is used by gamers to record their gameplay. The best thing about this application is the fact that it lets you edit your videos in the application itself. Dozens of features can edit your videos for youtube in the easiest way possible.

The user interface of this application is quite simple and offers you two options including quick recording and Video Editor. Just click on any of the options and start creating videos for your youtube channel. They offer you a record of 120 fps that is way better than most of the video recording software.

Additionally, you can use different effects in your video to give it a better view. The best thing about the software is the fact that it is available for free to use to every user.


Effect Library: The application has its effect library where you can use them in your videos.

Free to Use: There are only a few applications that let you record your screen without any subscription.


Lagging Problems: Some of the users have reported some lagging problems in this application. This may affect your recording experience as you may leave some of the best moments of your recordings.


A Free Google chrome extension to video record screen, webcam, or both. it is a powerful video recorder recommended by most YouTubers with advanced features like cloud storage, password protension, heatmap powered video analytics, branded video player etc.


Storyxpress has Pen tool for video recording Video password protection Heatmap powered video analytics In-video CTAs, Banner, lead forms Video blur, crop, and trim 24*7 live chat support Video player customization Integration with top tech stacks including zapier, youtube, Twitter, Slack, Facebook, etc.


Some features are not included in the forever free plan.


YouTubers need the best software to create attractive videos for their subscribers. Every person who is now aware of the technology thinks what recording software do YouTubers use to record these high-quality videos.

This article has covered all the recorders like Bandicam and ShadowPlay that is always the first choice of YouTubers. You can also find some other screen recorders that are used by the channels that cover a topic and explain it to their users.

These types of YouTubers require more editing features such as cursor, graphics, and texts. All the software have their pros and cons that lets you decide what suits your needs the best.

Do let us know in comments about your favorite recording software for the youtube videos.

Mass traffic Monster Software Review (Feature, How to Use, and Advantages)

Digital marketing depends on the number of people who see your product or service. It is almost impossible for a business, blog, website, e-com store to generate revenue without having some traffic on their websites.

That is why we did our research to find a software that can give you traffic without putting in any effort into your marketing strategy. Today we will discuss mass traffic monster software review

We learned about mass traffic monster software that helps in generating traffic, leads, and sales for any business. They have multiple sources to generate traffic and does not rely only on the organic reach. It means that you will get some high-quality leads from almost every major platform.

We wonder while writing Mass traffic Monster Software Review

You must have got an idea of the software by now. However, it is equally important to know about the features of this software before trying it out.

Below are some of the main features of mass traffic monster software:

Increase Web Traffic

One of the main features of this software is to increase web traffic for different campaigns. You can use it for your sales campaign or leverage your AdSense strategy.

Easy To Use

The application is easy to use and gives you all the rights over your campaign. You track, pause, and monitor your campaign without someone’s assistance. Additionally, you can download the reports to know how your campaign is performing with the audience.

Visible Traffic

Mass traffic Monster gives you the visible traffic that can be easily tracked with Google Analytics. You can also monitor the bouncing rate to check the credibility of the visits you get through the software.

The software is known for this feature as there are only a few software that can show the visits in the google analytics.

Designed for Affiliate Marketing

Most of the affiliate marketers find it challenging to get the traffic for their marketing. With the increasing competition, it is getting harder and harder to reach the right audience for a product or service. However, this software provides the targeted audience for the affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can also use it to generate leads and sales for the direct marketing of your business.

How to use Mass Traffic Monster Application

To start using mass traffic monster software, you will need to subscribe to one of their plans. After that, you will need to create an account and campaign to define your audience.

(The software comes with 16 e-books that teach you different ways to generate traffic in the fastest way possible).

In the campaign, you can use their keyword research tool to get the right audience for your website. It can be also be used to get some views for your youtube video or even your Fiverr Gigs.

Their solution is customized for all the users and used in different ways to generate leads, sales, and traffic. They also use rotation visitors, which means that you will not get the traffic from the same sources more than once in a day.

Advantages of Using Mass traffic Monster Application

There is a long list of advantages of using this application. However, here are some of the most popular advantages of using Mass Traffic Monster Software:


The cost of generating high-quality traffic for a website or campaign can cost even thousands of dollars. However, this software gives you the freedom to get niche traffic starting for only $60.

This pack comes with around 300 daily visitors who can give you a better ranking in the search engine results page.

Adsense Safe

Most of the traffic generators provide fake traffic that does not work for Adsense. Those types of traffic generators can even get your account banned by google. However, mass traffic generator is compatible with AdSense and works without any problems.

It means that you can also generate some ad revenue while making sales from your website.

Niche Targeting

It is one of the most amazing advantages of using this software. Unline other software, mass traffic monster gives you the targeted audience that converts well for your campaign.

No more traffic that shows up and leaves without making any progress in your sales campaign. If you know your targeted audience, you can create a niche targeted campaign to reach the people who matter the most.


It looks like the mass traffic generator has the potential to make it easier for marketers to manage and boost their campaigns. The tools and guides have received positive responses from the users, making it one of the few legit traffic generators.

The features like targeted niche and Adsense safe caught our attention while reviewing this software. It is something that is rarely seen in any traffic generator while maintaining the bounce rate.

Logitech g933 software & latest Driver download

Logitech has been one of the most trusted manufacturers of computer accessories. You can find every computer accessory that you need from their website. However, they need different types of drivers to work properly in a device.This article covers everything about Logitech g933 software and its latest drivers.

These drivers give the command to the computer system to make it understand the functioning of the accessories.

The Logitech G933 is a great gaming headphone that uses a 3D positional audio system. The headset has a lot of features that you can never find a normal wireless headset. However, it needs the right drivers to make it work with your system. So. Let’s start and cover some of the main points related to the Logitech g933 driver download and installation guide.

Logitech G933 Software Overview

Logitech G933 drivers are necessary for the game lovers as the main features of the headset may not work without them. As you all know that G933 is an unlimited wireless gaming headset that surrounds sound effects. However, you can not enjoy the HD sounds unless you install the right drivers in your device.

You do not need to worry as this article covers everything that you need to know about G933 and its drivers.

Logitech G933 Software Specifications Review

Logitech G933 comes with a powerful backup of 12 hours. It means that there will be no interruption in your gaming marathons. However, there is a 3.5mm jack to keep you covered in case you get a low battery in between your games.

You can use the AUX cable to continue your games even when there is no battery left in your headset.

As far as the drivers are concerned, there are no special requirements to install the drivers in any device. It supports almost every operating system giving you the freedom to use it on any device.

Logitech G933 Software Os Compatible

The best thing about this headset is that it is compatible with all the major operating systems.

Logitech G933 is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10. They have made an easier way to find the right drivers for your system from their automatic process. You can refer to our installation guide to know the exact steps that you need to take to download the drivers for your wireless gaming headset.

All the users need to find suitable drivers for the g502 to connect it wirelessly to their devices.

Logitech G933 Driver Download

The Logitech G933 does not work without its driver, and you will need to download them from their official website. We have provided a direct link so that you can easily download and install the drivers in your device.

The website may ask you about your operating system to find suitable drivers for your system. You can check the version of your OS from the properties option of your computer or laptop.

Logitech G933 Software Installation guide

You need to follow the below steps to download Logitech g933 drivers in your device:

Download the Driver

The original drivers of this gaming headset are available on their official website. So, you can download the g933 drivers by visiting this website. You will find a box asking to enter your operating system and its type to download the compatible drivers of your device.

Install the Drivers

After downloading the setup, you need to click on the setup of the drivers. It will open a setup wizard where you need to click continue and accept the terms and conditions of the software.

The process may take some time to complete as the drivers include several other necessary tools to make it function properly.

Logitech g502 software & latest Driver download

Logitech is one of the leading manufacturers of computer electronic devices. It manufactures different types of keyboards, mouse, webcam, and other computer accessories. These accessories have a purpose to serve according to their programming. However, they need several types of drivers to perform their tasks on the computer.

This article covers everything you want to know about the Logitech g502 gaming mouse and its software and also provides an installation guide for the drivers.

So, keep reading and find everything you want to know about the Logitech drivers. The Logitech g502 software drivers are for everyone who wants their accessories to work properly.

Logitech G502 Software Overview

Logitech G502 drivers are important for every PC owner, especially the gamers, as it improves an amazing way to play games. G502 is a gaming mouse that is a lightspeed gaming wireless mouse that works perfectly for computer owners.

The gaming mouse comes with the drivers that can be installed on a computer to support the mouse. Please know that you can still use the mouse without the drivers but most you will miss out on most of the features of the mouse.

Logitech G502 Software Specifications Review

The gaming mouse has received some early reviews from the gamers and everyone is loving this mouse. The software does not have any special requirements for the computer and works with almost every computer wirelessly. The gaming mouse is of high quality and delivers an amazing performance with every operating system.

The cursor sensitivity is pretty smooth and does not lag like other wireless mouses. You can expect to work just like your wired mouse with some pretty advanced features.

You just need to follow the installation guide and run the setup of the drivers to use this mouse. However, you need to download the original drivers of the mouse to get real performance.

Logitech G502 Software Os Compatible

Logitech G502 software is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10. The official website of Logitech has drivers for different Operating systems to provide an easy way to install the drivers. Additionally, it is compatible with mac and can be used in any version of the Mac devices.

All the users need to find suitable drivers for the g502 to connect it wirelessly to their devices.

Logitech G502 Driver Download

Download Logitech g502 drivers from the official website of the company. You can simply click here to get the latest drivers for the wireless gaming mouse. Please make sure to choose the correct OS before downloading the drivers for the mouse. Logitech G502 driver download works with every device.

Alternatively, you can use their downloader to automatically detect your computer to download the suitable driver of the g502.

Logitech G502 Software Installation guide

Just follow the below steps to download the Logitech g502 software in your device:

Download the Driver

Download the g502 drivers by visiting this website. There, you will be asked to enter your OS version to find the compatible drivers for your device.

Install the Drivers

Click on the setup of the drivers that you just downloaded on your device. It will open a setup wizard where you need to click continue and accept the terms and conditions of the software.

After that, it will take some time to complete the process, you can click on “complete” after the installation is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the battery of a Logitech G502 mouse?

You can check the battery level of the mouse by the LED as it turns blue while in low battery. You can also check it by pressing the G6 button of your mouse.

What is the warranty period of the Logitech G502?

Logitech G502 gaming mouse comes with a warranty period of 2 years. You can get it replaced in case you found any problem with the device.

Logitech g502 hero software & latest Driver download

Logitech has always been providing some high-quality computer accessories with advanced features. It deals in different types of mouse, keyboards, webcams, joysticks, and several other computer accessories. Hence, this page will cover all the crucial topics that you are looking for related to the Logitech g502 hero software – A high-performance gaming mouse software and their downloading process. All these accessories require different types of drivers to work properly.


Logitech G502 hero Software Overview

Logitech G502 hero is one of the most popular gaming mice that you can find on the internet. It comes with all the features that you need in a perfect gaming mouse. Additionally, it comes with a battery indicator that allows you to seamlessly enjoy your games without getting low on battery.

The Logitech G502 hero software can be found on their official website by simply following the instructions on our installation guide.

Logitech G502 hero Software Specifications Review

It comes with 11 programmable buttons that are enough to dominate any game with these advanced features. Additionally, it comes with light sync and audio compatibility to provide a full gaming experience to the users. You can expect it to work alone as a great computer and gaming mouse for your desktop.

The Logitech G502 hero software specifications are quite simple and can be installed easily in your device. We have prepared an installation guide that you can use to get the most out of these drivers.

Logitech G502 hero Software Os Compatible

Logitech G502 hero is compatible with windows 7 and all the new updates of this operating system. You can also use this in your mac to experience the amazing gaming quality with this 11 button mouse.

Although you can use it in other operating systems, it may still not work properly in the OS that is not listed here.

Logitech G02 hero Driver Download

The Logitech G02 hero Driver can be downloaded from the official website of Logitech. You can get this link from our installation guide where we have explained how and where to download these drivers.

Logitech G502 hero software Installation guide

This is a complete guide to download and install the drivers of Logitech g502 gaming mouse. All the reference links are provided in the guide, and you do not need to do any research to download the drivers.

Just follow these steps to download the Logitech g502 hero drivers in your device:

Download the G502 hero Driver

Download the g502 drivers from the official website of Logitech. You can directly download the software by clicking here. A new webpage will open where you will find different drivers for different operating systems. Logitech g502 hero driver download works with the selective operating systems only.

There. You will be asked to enter your OS version to find the compatible drivers for your device.

Install the G502 hero Drivers

After downloading the software, click on the setup of the drivers from your device. A setup wizard will open where you need to double click on the “continue” option. Just go through it and accept the terms and conditions of the application and drivers.


The setup may take several minutes to complete. You can wait and click complete once the setup wizard indicates to you to end the installation.

Just restart your computer, and you will be able to use all the features of this gaming mouse after installing the drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the USB Report rate of the G502 hero gaming mouse?

The USB report rate of G502 is 1000 Hz (1ms) for a regular device.

What is the weight of the G502 hero mouse?

The weight of this mouse is approximately 121gram. It is much lighter than most of the gaming mouses available in the market.