Tips to Gear-up Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery is a life-changer for the big-winner. When invested correctly, the jackpot prize can pay your children’s college debts off, buy a car or house for your family, and help establish your own business. 

Most first-time bettors might think they would need to get all the numbers in a draw. Moreover, the Australian lottery only requires you to match two regular numbers plus the Powerball to win a prize. So getting the coveted Powerball’s number in your ticket assures you of a bigger prize pool.

With the convenience of betting or getting your lotto tickets online, it has become easier to take the risk of hopefully becoming one of the jackpot owners. Even though the lottery is a game of gamble, this article would like to provide some valuable hacks and hints on how you may strategically increase your winning chances.

On the Numbers:

  • Quick-Play – This refers to the option of letting the lottery terminal or website choose random numbers for your ticket entry. Although you might have your favourite numbers, this play has been proven to give out jackpots. 13 out of the 17 lotto divisions were won using this technique.
  • Significant Numbers – These digits are the dates to your birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions. But there are only up to 31 days in a month. Thus, your options will be limited. Also, it lowers the probability of matching the draw numbers, especially if the range limit is higher than 31. 
  • Consecutive Numbers – The odds of three consecutive numbers appearing on a lotto draw are meagre. Studies showed a 70% probability of having a whole number sum range of 104 and 176 when choosing numbers 1 to 55.

Additionally, you should avoid a number that falls in the same number group or ends with a similar digit.

  • Previous Winning Combinations – The odds of the exact winning number combination reappearing in a draw are very low. Sure, there are ‘hot’ or most commonly drawn numbers, but you shouldn’t forget to add 2 or 3 uncommon ones or even your favourites.

Always remember that every number in the lottery range has an equal chance of appearing in a draw and winning the Powerball jackpot. 

  • Play in a Lottery Syndicate – You can increase your chances of getting the jackpot when you have more tickets, thus more lottery numbers. You can cut your expenses by sharing the cost with your friends and family or with a random group in a lotto outlet. Moreover, you will have to share or distribute the prize money with your group if you win. 

On the Timing:

  • Don’t Compete with the Majority – It has been widely known that more people will want to bet when the prize pool increases up to millions in the jackpot. However, your probability of winning the lottery decreases as more people take on the risk of placing bets. 
  • Consider Less Popular Games – These lotto games would have fewer patrons so that you would have less competition for the prize. The timing of placing your bets should also be considered to increase your chances. The jackpot prizes on these games and timings may be smaller than the popular ones, but you would have more opportunities to take the prize pool yourself. 
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