What To Do with A Broken Fridge, Repair Or Replace?

Buying a refrigerator is not an easy or reasonable venture. People usually spend days or even months saving and shopping for a good deal. And when you do eventually find one that is according to your taste, it is a gratifying feeling. You leave knowing that you don’t need to go through this procedure again anytime soon. Because the typical lifespan of the refrigerator is approximately 10-20 years yet, at some point, you will require to come to terms with the tragic reality of the situation. Your fridge isn’t going to last eternally.

While refrigerators usually don’t need as much maintenance. Also, they are more solid and durable than other home appliaence like dishwashers or trash compactors. However, they are not indestructible to damage from everyday wear and tear. The refrigerator problems may range from something minor like a broken ice maker to more severe issues like overheating. Because the severity of the problems differs, it can be not easy to decide if you should pay for repairs or buy a completely new one.

The decision relies on many aspects. We would like to make it quite simpler for you. Refer to this article if you are deciding if you should replace or repair your refrigerator.

When To Repair A Fridge 

Here, we have mentioned some of the disorders in which you only need a good refrigerator repair. Then, call a repair person, and everything will be okay.

  • Your Food Is Going Bad

When you notice your food going worse before it should and things like beer or sodas taking longer to get cold, it may be another noticeable hint that you require to repair your refrigerator. Taking so long to achieve a sufficient cooling temperature may lead to increased costs. Because the food will be wasted and your electricity bill will go up since it will be functioning harder than usual.

Therefore, if you notice your food going rotten before time, call a maintenance specialist as fast as possible to lessen the damages.

  • Leaks From The Base

A leaking refrigerator is one of the undeniable indications of distress. You might notice a sudden leak appear on the ground as you open the door of your refrigerator. These leaks typically arise from the reservoir at the base of the appliance Condensation that should drain or evaporate away might become caught with clogged pipes and hoses. The repair person will clear any jams and alleviate this leaking issue.

  • You See A Rise In Your Electricity Bill.

Did you notice that your monthly electricity bill keeps ascending, but your consumption patterns are the same? It could be induced by a broken refrigerator that is functioning harder than it should, to be cold. The average refrigerator covers about 8% of a household’s electricity consumption, but that amount could ascend if it is malfunctioning. 

It is one of the signs that your refrigerator needs repair. Call your technician. He/she can repair your broken fridge and get your bills back to normal.

  • The Door Gasket Isn’t Sealing.

Your refrigerator’s door has a rubber gasket to keep the cold inside and the heat outside. However, when its gasket gets brittle and old, the cold air escapes, it compromises the quality of the perishable food products in your fridge and increases your utility bills. That is why sometimes replacing the gasket of your refrigerator is essential. 

Now, you must be wondering what the alarming signs are of an ineffective door gasket? Noticeable brittle sealing lines or cracks are clear indications of an inefficient and damaged gasket. Moreover, keep your eye out for minor tears and a loose adherent bond.

When To Replace A Fridge 

Sometimes, when your fridge is old enough, you have to stop repairing it again and again and consider replacing it. Here are a few situations when you need to replace your refrigerator instead of wasting money fixing it.

  • The Back Of The Refrigerator Feels Hot

Because of the refrigerator’s motor location, the back of your fridge feels typically warmer than the other sides or the front. But if the back exterior surface emits a large amount of heat, your motor may be running too hot. Consider calling a technician to repair any less than seven to eight years old fridge, mainly if it’s under warranty. Contrarily, if your refrigerator is older, it’s possibly best to replace it. Therefore, fixing up a malfunctioning motor can cost you a lot, and you’re probably going to require a new fridge soon anyway.

  • Frost Builds Up In The Freezer

Freezers generally develop a slight frost, which you can fix by switching off the freezer and letting the ice melt. But if you find yourself cutting through stacks of frost every time you go for a frozen meal. Then your freezer has probably got inefficient and outdated. If you don’t already own one, going for a frost-free model will lower your energy costs and eradicate the necessity for manual defrosting.

  • Your Refrigerator Is More Than 10 Years Old

A fridge can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. The older your refrigerator is, the more it may cost you to repair it. Ultimately, the cost of repairs will begin to surpass the cost of getting a new one.

Suppose your refrigerator is more than ten years old and requires constant repairs. It’s not a wrong idea for you to begin saving up and looking around for a new one. It is a clear sign that its life expectancy is going to an end and may end at any time soon. You may feel you’re unnecessarily spending money. But if you compare the cost of buying an efficient fridge and the cost you pay on repairs. You’ll soon realize that buying a new refrigerator is a wise investment.

  • The Refrigerator Is Making Weird Noises

While vibrating and humming sounds can be a regular part of your refrigerator’s system from time to time. These sounds should be silent enough that you barely notice them. However, if you hear unusually obscure or loud noises, your fridge is facing any problem. The problems include a faulty defrost timer, a failing compressor, or even a blocked condenser fan.

However, it is possible to deal with each of these problems to fix or reduce the noise. But, fixing up does not always solve the issue permanently.

When attempts to fix the issues run to their limit, it is time to hit the market up and search for a new refrigerator. After all, nothing is more favorable than a quiet kitchen!


When you require to decide whether or not to replace or repair your freezer and refrigerator, there are many aspects to consider. First, however, based on the particular problem, you must have a pretty good idea about your next step.

Lastly, if you’re getting confused in making a decision, discuss it with any reliable and trustworthy repairperson. Just remember one thing: don’t waste your money on replacing it when it only needs repair by any good fridge repair services. Similarly, please don’t waste money on repairing it again and again when it only needs replacement.

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