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10 Key Elements to Include in Every Ecommerce Website Design

Ensure your ecommerce website design is as impactful

To ensure your ecommerce website design is as impactful as you thought, there are a few elements that need to be taken into consideration.

These elements cannot be skipped no matter what brand or industry you are developing the design for. We can say that these are the main crux of them all, without which a website is incomplete.

Let’s make sure your website ranks!

1)    What’s your name?

ecommerce Website Design
Image Source: https://www.uptownwebsite.com

The whole point of creating a strong online presence is to make sure your name is recognized in the market!

Imagine opening a website and not knowing which brand that is, it would be the biggest loss for that establishment. No matter what size, niche, industry, the client is from, their name needs to be placed in a catchy manner. Reading the brand name first thing when you open a website says a lot about it.

Referring to the image above, having the name displayed front and center creates a trust between the brand and the potential customer.

2)    Star Products!

Image Source: https://www.uptownmotions.com/

Yes, everything you sell is the best.


What I’m interested in are the products that have the most running from your brand.

That is something majority of the customers think when visiting your website. It is very important to incorporate a section for the best-selling products in your ecommerce website design. This way, customers wouldn’t have to go through much trouble to find the products that everyone raves about you for.

Referring to the above image, we can directly see on their landing page the services that they provide best!

3)    Season Collection

Your product collection available for that season counts a lot.

It shows the products that are especially available for a season or an occasion which might not be available once the time is over.

Customers are very interested in the latest products a brand has to offer. Your website showcasing the product collection adds to its charm. This also entices the customers to check them out ultimately leading to them making a purchase from you. There can be issues if customers are unable to find these collections. They can end up believing that you don’t have a new stock available, leading customer to bounce to another website.

4)    Zoom In!

When there are images involved, everyone wants to take a closer look.

Zoom is a very important feature, if it is missing from your ecommerce website design customers may not find your platform as enticing.

This is due to the fact that there are designs and other features that customers want to take a closer look at. When customers are unable to understand the image the entire purpose of adding it on is actually nullified. Since there is no physical product involved, images are the only way to understand them.

So, don’t forget to add the zoom option!

5)    How Will the Items Reach You?

Image Source: https://www.uptownwebsiteworks.com

Whether it is a service or a product, the final order needs to reach the customer somehow!

Working online doesn’t mean customer would be traveling to the source to collect their order. Hence, someone with a smart ecommerce website design would have the delivery details mentioned clearly. This would help customers decide the best option on how they want their order to reach them. Lack of the details can cause customers to be skeptical and decide against putting their order across.

6)    How to Get in Touch?

Image Source: https://www.uptownwebsiteworks.com

Sending across queries and getting a prompt reply from the brand adds points in their favor.

When the details on how to actually get in contact or send your feedback is not available to the customers, it makes them uneasy. This is especially common with new customers as they don’t have that level on trust on you as yet. So do add the contact details and feedback form clearly to build and keep that trust between the customer and the brand.

  • How Many Customers Like You?

Whether you have been nice or landed on the naughty list, your reviews and ratings decide that.

A brand that have these displayed openly add to the level of trust that customers have when they first land on your page. An ecommerce website design should have these displayed right in front. This is because customers who are unable to find them will have no clue what an experience with your brand is about. The more positive reviews and ratings you have, the more likely new customers are to trust you.

8)    Filter Out the Expenses!

Everyone is on a budget, please add a range to the prices so making a choice is easier.

Everyone has a lowest to highest preference. Not everyone has the time to keep going through the endless rows of products to find the perfect one in their budget. Well, a smart ecommerce website design makes everyone’s life easier with a price filter. Just add the range and you have the products that best match your requirements.

  • Make Your Wish!

Its not always the right time to make a purchase.

A wish list adds to the appeal where customers can add the products, they want in their list of things they wish to purchase. This way they are able to keep a track of their old loves. Having a wish list in your ecommerce website design keeps a track on what customers want. They can comeback to make a purchase whenever the time is right.

  1. Let Everyone Know

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, so allow your customers to share your brand.

There should always be an option that allows customers to be able to share where they are making their purchases from on the social media. This way, you are able to get free publicity reaching a bigger number of customers. The more shares you receive the more chances of you to increase your number of customers.

Smart Ecommerce Website Design

The better you are able to incorporate the above-mentioned elements into your website design, the better your chances of making a sale!

Which elements do you think are the most important to be incorporated? Let us know in the comments below!

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