4 Situations Where You Might Need to Send a Fax Online

If you’re under 40, odds are you’ve probably never sent a fax in your life. That’s perfectly understandable in the age of instant messaging and email. However, faxing hasn’t been completely phased out of existence. In fact, in some cases, it might be the only way to send information. If you do need to send a fax, you should use a service that lets you send a fax online. It’s just as effective and much easier.

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1. Filing Legal Documents

Government lags behind modern business trends. A perfect example is how many government agencies still require documents to be sent by fax instead of email. While physical mail is also an option in these cases, sending a fax from your phone or computer is much easier than going to the post office. DMVs, voter registration offices, and lots of courts still require faxes.

Even the IRS prefers faxed documents in lieu of physical shipments. Odd as it may seem, the fax machine is still alive and well in government buildings, so you ought to be ready to send some. In some cases, it could actually save you from dealing with big problems.

2. When You’re Pressed for Time

Did you know that there are still millions of telegraphs sent every year? If you thought the fax machine was dead, then you probably figured the telegraph had been completely decomposed by now. What keeps these two technologies alive? It all comes down to two things: Speed, and legal recognition. See, faxes have been around so long that lawmakers have named them official means of communication for all sorts of things. A faxed document is legally valid, and that matters.

Suppose you have a deadline to file certain documents in court. If you mail your papers, they may not arrive on time. If you fax them, however, the transmission is instantaneous and your confirmation page is proof of delivery. The same holds true with the IRS. Sending a fax might save you money if you’re up against an important deadline.

3. International Business

Faxing becomes even more important when you deal with businesses around the world. For the same reasons we’ve already mentioned, sometimes a fax is the best way to send files internationally. If you have important legal documents you need to send overseas, an international shipment can potentially cost hundreds of dollars overnight. But a simple fax is much cheaper.

Some countries still love faxes. Japan, for instance, uses them so much to this day that the majority of homes still have a fax machine!

4. Unexpected Fax Surprises

At least once in your life, you’re going to be surprised by a company or government office asking you to fax over some information. When that happens, you want to get it done right. Fortunately, you’ve got the easiest online fax service at your fingertips.

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