5 Key Reasons to Start Using Digital Billboards

In a world where everything is turning digital, it is not surprising to see businesses investing in digital marketing strategies to get ahead of the competition. Business owners would ask their advertising agencies to build digital billboards to keep up with the trends. 

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America revealed that the first billboards powered with digital technology came out in 2005 when companies worldwide started using them to promote their brands. However, if you still prefer using traditional billboards instead of digital ones, these reasons will convince you to think otherwise. 

Reason #1: Digital Billboard Advertising Works 

Based on statistics, using a digital billboard to raise awareness for your brand, products, and services can give you favourable results. 

According to reports, 71% of people who saw digital billboard ads recall the promo copy better than printed ads. The reports also mentioned that digital billboards showing a business, store, or restaurant get noticed by 52% of its target audience. It means using this marketing strategy allows you to reach all your business objectives. 

Reason #2: Digital Billboard Uses Diverse Content 

Today’s digital technology can create more unique billboard options to capture your audience’s attention. Advertising companies combine various content in HD display to achieve your advertisement goals.

Some of the media you can mix and match for your digital billboard includes: 

  • Traditionally designed business ads
  • Text-Heavy ads
  • Videos
  • Colourful images
  • Real-time data
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Weather reports
  • News reports 
  • Motion graphics
  • Real-time sports scores
  • Schedule updates 
  • Countdowns
  • Instagram images 
  • Virtual tours
  • Product demonstrations

These content options can make the digital billboard look more appealing.

Reason #3: Digital Billboard Options Offer More Flexibility 

Take advantage of numerous content and display times by using a digital billboard. For small businesses, the advertising time for each billboard can be bought from the owner of the digital marketing apparatus. You may opt to rent these billboards on a limited budget instead of buying them outright. You may also offer your billboards to other businesses so they can rent them from you. As a result, you will earn from your investment.    

Reason #4: Digital Billboard Offers More Flexible Production

Investing in a digital billboard requires you to spend a lot upfront. But you must keep in mind that its production cost is significantly less than the traditional billboards. 

For example, the expensive printed ads should last for one to three months or more to maximise their cost. But since digital options are easier to replace and cost way lesser than printed ones, you can swap different campaigns as frequently as you want. 

Reason #5: Faster and More Efficient 

Business owners will appreciate the convenience of using a digital billboard. This medium will let you display a new message and replace a new one in minutes. It is very different from the other advertising methods like traditional billboard advertisements that need at least 24 hours before being put up. It is a significant advantage for time-sensitive advertisers and immediate posting of important brand announcements.  

If any of these reasons appeal to you, then you must start investing in digital-powered billboards to post your brand’s promotions and messages right away. Look for advertising agencies offering these options to begin enjoying the perks of digital advertisements and achieve your business goals in no time.  

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