3 Awesome PDFBear Features for Work From Home Employees

Just a little over nine months ago, things were normal. We had to brave the long drive, commute, or walk going to work. We could have coffee with colleagues for lunch or dinner after work at a restaurant near the office. But nowadays, we have to stay at home because of this awful pandemic. This keeps everyone safe and lessens the spread of the virus. Basically, this is now the new normal, in which we have to adjust and just keep going. Thankfully, technology and the internet are helping us to make it through. As we are facing many changes in our lifestyle, technology keeps progressing.

As an employee, you need to be updated with the latest things and be well-equipped with the right tools to help you out. Most documents nowadays are digital and have gone paperless. You’ll mostly encounter files in PDF. We’ll get into why this is the most preferred file type in a bit. Because right now, we want to help you with your digital documents with a nifty online tool called “PDFBear!”

So, what is PDFBear exactly?

PDFBear is a nifty online software as a service (or SaaS) tool to make the most out of your files. You can quickly and easily convert Word to PDF, JPEG to PDF, merge PDFs, and so much more! It has everything you need for your documents to make things more efficient and easy for you to work. There’s no need for any additional apps or downloads to use this awesome tool. Just use your computer, tablet, or smartphone and access their website through a stable internet connection and you’re good to go! Also, you need not make any payments or subscriptions to use their services. Yes, you read that right, this awesome tool is free to use! So, it’s safe to say PDFBear is the best document converter tool out there right now.

But why are PDFs prominent?

Now that we’ve introduced you to PDFBear, let’s get into why PDFs are the most-preferred file type out there. A Portable Document Format (or PDF) is the most easily accessible and versatile file type. You can access it on any electronic device without the need for any additional app or software. It also keeps its formatting or overall look on any device or platform. So, whether you’re viewing it on a smartphone or computer, it will look exactly the way you saved it⎯this goes the same for printing. The biggest problem with most (if not all) raw files is that they look different almost everywhere. But with Portable Document Format files, you won’t have to sweat! What’s more, is that this file type uses less memory or disk space compared to raw files. In the long run, you can save a lot of precious memory space! With all these benefits, it’s no wonder why this file type is the most preferred of all other formats.

Some awesome PDFBear features

Now, let’s dive into some awesome features of this nifty tool to help you make things more efficient for your work from home set-up!

Word to PDF

You’ll be writing lots of documents which would always be in Word or “.docx” raw format. As we’ve mentioned, raw files have the tendency to change their look and overall format depending on the device or software used to access them. To avoid the hassle of copying and pasting each text and image from one document to a new one, convert it to PDF. You will spare yourself and your recipient the hassle!


You may need to take photographs of inventories or the progress of a project. Or maybe, you need to save photos for reference or research. Either way, saving many photos in JPEG format can eat up a lot of memory or disk space. To help you save precious storage on your computer or portable gadget, convert the JPEG photos to PDF. You need not worry about the image quality degrading as PDFBear makes sure it keeps the photo quality. Awesome!

Merge PDF

Working with your colleagues as a team is great! You get to share ideas and make an excellent project. The only problem is with compiling all your work together. It’s not professional to send your project in different files. So, spare your client, supervisor, or recipient the hassle by merging everything into one big PDF file. You’ll surely save yourself, your colleagues, and the recipient of your project the taxing process of downloading each file individually. This makes you appear more professional, too!

Give PDFBear a go!

So those are PDF files and a PDFBear for you! We’ve mentioned only three features of this nifty tool, but when you try it for yourself, you’ll find loads of other things you may not even need! Once you use PDFBear, you won’t need to look for other converter tools to help you with your digital documents. Go on, try it!

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