10 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

10 Best Torrent Sites in 2020

Are you having a hard time looking for the best torrent sites in 2020? If yes, then this article is for you.

A torrent website allows you to download the paid and premium stuff without spending any money on it. Hence, it has always worked as a great way to save some money on your leisure activities.

In this article, we are going to cover 10 best torrent sites that still work in 2020. However, you may need to use their mirror links to access them. This is because they are banned by most countries for piracy issue.

So, le’s start and discuss the 10 best torrent sites in 2020.



133x is the savior for millions of people from the last many years. This website is full of excellent movies, games, web series, many, and ebooks. Hence, you will never found yourself without some worthy content to consume. 1337x is popular because it has many search options that make it much easier to find the right torrent you are looking for.

Everyone is aware of the struggle to find the torrent that they are looking for. Even a single typo on your search query can land you to completely different search results. However, 1337x provides an easy to use the search option that can use the related terms to show you relevant products.

Additionally, there are different filters to find some new content in your genre.

For example- You can use its filters like Oscar Nominations, New Arrivals, etc., to find their right content for your needs.

The user interface of this website shows a lot of information right on your search results. Hence, you do not need to click on every torrent file to know what’s inside and how many peers are there to help you out.



Torlock is an excellent pick for those who love to read Ebooks and watch animes. However, it is not limited to these as you can almost find everything on this website. The search options work great and show the right results with multiple variations as well. Additionally, there are some great music torrents that you can download without worrying about anything.

As far as its server is concerned, you can expect a better uptime than most of the torrent websites. However, you can always see its mirror links to make sure you never miss out on any torrent you want. The interface is quite good and shows you the top hundred list of every type of torrents.

All you need to do is click on any category and get a list of the top hundred torrents on that category.

It is a treat for those who want to watch some high-quality torrents in their free time. Additionally, you can find some good reads on this website as well.

The download speed is usually good, but you may face some occasional issues where the speed goes down drastically.



Torrentz2 is a unique website that has maintained multiple peers and seeders for years old torrents. You can find all types of media, games, ebooks without worrying going through the annoying search results. It focuses on providing relevant content to the user based on its interests and searches.

Although there is every type of torrent on this website, it still emphasizes more on the music and sounds. You can find excellent music albums on this website without worrying about the downloading speed. You can expect a clean and straightforward user interface that gives a great impression to the user.

Another great thing about this platform is that it does not show irrelevant ads on their website. You can download torrent files with a single click on its file.

The only thing that we do not like about this website is its downloading speed. It offers somewhere around 2Mbps downloading speed on most of the torrents. However, it is not for every flood, and some torrents can offer up to 4 Mbps downloading speed.



If you are someone who loves to download the latest movies and tv shows right after they are premiered, then RARBG is the best torrent site in 2020. This platform is always updated with the new content as soon as it becomes available on the internet. Unlike other options on this list, you can expect all the TV shows, games, movies, and Ebooks after a few hours of their launch.

It has been there for more than 12 years and serves its customers with high-quality torrent files. If you are tired of getting dead torrent files, then you must check this website out.

The only deal-breaker is that it is banned in most countries, and you may need to do proper research for its mirror URLs. However, you can check our mirror websites to access this website. If you still face any issues, consider using a VPN that can connect with high-speed internet.

While we are talking about internet speed, you can 5-6 Mbps downloading speed through its torrents.

The Pirate Bay (Editor’s Pick)


The pirate bay is one of the most famous torrent sites that you will ever come across. It has been there for a long time helping its users in downloading all types of torrents. It is the go-to place for all kinds of users as it is not limited to a single type of file. Hence, you can use this website to download movies, games, ebooks, and other types of torrents without paying for anything.

Another great thing about this application is that it allows you to download any torrent without going through some annoying ads. Everyone knows how most of the torrent websites have ads everywhere, but The Pirate Bay is a much better option.

As far as the download speed is concerned, you can expect somewhere around 6mpbs from this website’s torrents. Additionally, there are hundreds of working mirror URLs for this website. Hence, you do not need to worry about the downtime of their servers.



Kickass torrent is the most visited torrent website of all time. It was one of the first platforms to introduce peer-to-peer torrent sharing through online websites. Hence, you can try this one to search for any type of torrent that you are looking for,

It includes all types of movies, games, ebooks, and web series. The website has an easy to use a design that makes it much easier to browse for new and ranking content. The search bar works great and shows all the relevant search queries with minimum efforts. Unfortunately, you can not access it through its original URL, and you need to use some mirror links. These links may show you some other advertisements that may affect your experience on this website.

Other than that, it is a complete platform to get some of the best torrents on the internet.

The downloading speed is quite good and usually goes higher when there are multiple sources for a file. Hence, choosing the right file plays a crucial role in getting the maximum downloading speed for your torrents.


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Here is another great platform to download the latest torrents on your computer. It is there for a long time, helping millions of its visitors with their content needs. It is popular because it focuses on their user experience and keeps everything organized. You can go through different categories to ensure you get what you are looking for.

Additionally, it has a separate column for people looking for something new without any specific content requirement. You can check their Top list in every category to what people are looking for on their platform.

Another great thing about this website is that you can find all the torrents you are looking at different websites. No matter how old they are. Hence, you must give this website a try when you are annoyed by searching for a specific file on the internet.

The download speed is okay, and you won’t face any bandwidth issues downloading your movies and games.  (Editor’s Pick For movies)


Yts is a torrent website that focuses on providing the best movies to its users. You can find almost every famous film on this website. The classic collection of this torrent site is considered as a goldmine for the movie lovers. The server works quite well and provides an excellent downloading speed by every torrent downloader.

All the torrent files of this platform are bandwidth-friendly and do not pressurize your internet connection while downloading them.

There are different genres and categories to watch other types of movies. Hence, you can expect a great experience on this website as long as you look for some movies to watch. Users are active, and you can find new releases as soon as they are out on the internet.

The only limitation of this website is that it does not offer anything other than movies. Hence, you may need to switch to other torrent sites if you are looking for a complete website for every type of torrents.

Tamil Rockers


Tamil Rockers is a website that allows you to download the best movies directly on your system. It does not require you to use a torrent downloader and provides direct access to all the film. You can find Tamil and Hindi dubbed movies on this platform. People love this application to use an interface that shows all the popular movies on the dedicated page.

Additionally, it usually does not require you to use a VPN and direct access to the content.

Although it is a platform for movies, you can still find useful software and games on this platform. They have some pages that show you some great application that works for their users. Hence, it can be termed as a complete website to download stuff for free.

Due to its simple working, you can expect the highest downloading speed as the maximum speed depends on your internet connection.

Zooqle (Editor’s Pick For Games)


We can not leave out gamers when we are talking about the gamers. Zooqle is a great platform to download all types of games on your system. No matter if you are looking for games for your mobile, desktop, or play station, you can always get something for your device.

Hence, it is considered as the best torrent site for games. There are many other advantages of using this platform as it does not annoy you with multiple ads. The layout is quite categorized, and the ads do not appear at the website’s central space. Hence, you can expect an excellent experience on this platform.

It has more than 3.5 million active torrents to help you find the game you are looking for. Additionally, it offers many choices for beginners that make it easier for them to get used to this website.

How to Get the right Torrent Website for your needs?

Searching for the right torrent website can be a challenging task. Some of the websites focus on some specific files that make it harder to find the file they are looking for. In those cases, using some famous torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass torrents is the best solution. It is because they offer all types of torrent files on their website.

However, if you are looking for some particular files, you can look at the relevant categories. 1337x for movies, Torlock For Ebooks, and Torrentz2 for music. You can use these websites to get your required content without searching every torrent website on that niche.

Final Words

Everyone loves torrent sites that help them download stuff for free. However, many other factors contribute to the convenience of a user. It can be the specific type of categories, downloading speed, ads frequency, and other things. Hence, it is crucial to find the right application that can fulfill all your requirements. The top 10 best torrent sites in 2020 that we have covered in this article suit everyone’s requirements for their content needs.

Additionally, you can check our editor’s pick to understand what websites will help you download the relevant content for you.

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