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10 Best Video Editing Software For Windows

Almost every business is shifting its focus on video marketing for their advertisement campaigns. With the new technology, the attention span of users is decreasing day by day.

Researches have proved that a video catches the attention of the user better than a simple image or graphics. That is why every business must spend some time creating their video marketing strategies.

A video editor knows how to edit the videos to convey the message of an organization. However, they need different types of video editing tools to help them edit HD videos for their clients.

In this article, we will be sharing a list of 10 best video editing software for windows that you can use. Some of these tools are free to use and do not require any investment or subscription to start your editing career.

10 best video editing software for Windows

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe is the leading player in the game of video editing tools. It has been there for a long time allowing its users to edit and create some engaging videos for their audience. You can trust this application to be your one-stop for the video editing solutions.

It comes with 460 VR and 4k editing that makes it a complete solution for beginners as well as experts. It is the first step that you can take to start your video editing career with the best tool in the industry. Adobe Premiere Pro comes with three tutorials to teach you to utilize this software and make the most out of it. Adobe Premiere pro is considered as one of the best tools which is needed in video marketing.

Advantages of Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Better graphics: It comes with better graphics than most of the video editing tools. You can add graphics in your video from the Adobe Library.

4K Support: It supports 4k resolution and allows you to create and edit high-quality videos.

Disadvantages of Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Subscription-Based: It is a paid tool and cost you somewhere around $20 per month for the subscription. It will auto-renew after every month.

2. Corel VideoStudio

It is a great tool that lets you create and edit 4k, 3d, and HD videos right at your home. An advanced feature-packed application that works with 360-degree video seamlessly. It has everything you need to show your creativity to the world.

Corel VideoStudio got some new feature additions such as automatic highlight reel creator and roll editing features. The best thing about this tool is the simple and easy to use interface that allows the users to edit videos anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, you can personalize the user interface to keep the main editing tools in your application handy.

Advantages of using Corel VideoStudio

Advanced Editing Tools: It comes with a lot of useful editing tools that make it a complete package for video editors.

Multipoint Motion Tracking: With this feature, editors can perform multi point motion tracking at the same time.

Disadvantages of using Corel VideoStudio

Lagging Problems: Some of the users have reported occasional lagging problems in the video editor. However, these incidents are rare, and the software works fine most of the time.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements

It is a focused version of adobe premiere pro that is designed for editors to continue their editing by just paying a one-time subscription fee. It offers some advanced professional tools of the Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Elements made it to our list because it is simple to use and includes everything that you need to edit high-quality videos.

With the new update, the editing automation has improved, and now the editors can do most of their work without performing any complex task.

The editing tool comes with three modes, including Quick, guided, and expert. The quick mode is for some basic editing as adding two clips together and making some minor changes in the video.

On the other hand, the other two options are there to help you edit large videos with the way you want.

Advantages of using Adobe Premiere Elements

Video Editing Lessons: You can learn video editing from the same application with its well-organized editing lessons.

Advanced Effects: There are plenty of effects that can be added to your video with a single click.

Disadvantages of using Adobe Premiere Elements

Some tools are missing: Although the application is packed with useful tools, there are still some editing tools missing from the application.

4. Filmora

Filmora is a great video editing tool for the beginners as the user interface is filled with some useful tips to edit the videos. You can expect to edit a whole professional video within half an hour with its automatic editing tools. The users are glad about the export quality of the videos in full HD resolution.  

It comes with monthly and annual auto-renewal subscriptions to its users. Additionally, it works with almost all the major operating systems including Windows 7, 8, and 10. The accessibility of the application is pretty good, and you can easily organize your videos in different campaigns.

Advantages of Using Filmora

Online Store: The application comes with an online store that includes different types of effects and sounds to add in your videos.

4K Video Support: It is one of the few video editors that support 4K videos and edits them seamlessly.

Disadvantages of using Filmora

Lagging While Exporting Videos: Some of the users had some lagging issues while exporting the videos on their devices.

5. Lightworks

If you are looking for a video editing tool that is capable of editing high-quality videos, then Lightworks is the right tool for you. It comes with advanced features that can help you from trimming a video to adding sound effects to it.

We like the preset settings of this video editor in which you can set the default settings for your exported videos. It saves you a lot of time and effort to manually export the videos in the desired format.

Although you may need some time to understand the application, you can still perform the tasks right after installing this tool. The real time effects of this video editing tool make it better than most of the free tools that you will find on the internet.

Advantages of Using Lightworks Video Editing Tool

Free to use: This application is free to use and does not require any monthly subscription to enjoy the advanced features.

4K support: It supports the 4K video editing with all the effects that you may need in your video editing.

Disadvantages of using Lightworks Video Editing Tool

A bit complicated Interface: The beginners may find it harder to use this application as the user interface is designed for experts.

6. HitFilmExpress

HitFilmExpress is considered as a professional video editing tool that is used by filmmakers and other professional editors. However, one can use it for simple editing such as adding clips, creating birthday videos, etc.

The application comes with dozens of useful tools and features to make it easier for you to edit long videos.

The tools are free to use and do not require any subscription to work. However, users can buy a premium pack for $9 to support the developer. This pack includes a dark theme and other interesting effects.

Additionally, the application comes with the VFX editing tools allowing its users to create VFX effects easily.

Advantages of using HitFilmExpress

Enhanced text Designs: This editing tool has multiple text designs to use in your videos. The developer keeps updating the tool with amazing designs regularly.

Dark Theme: You can use a dark theme in this application to edit videos for a long time without hurting your eyes.

Disadvantages of Using HitFilmExpress

User Interface: As the application was primarily designed for professionals, beginners may find it a bit challenging for them to use.

7. Avidemux

Avidemux is one of the best free video editing tools for the Windows operating system. It comes with different documents to train you to become a professional video editor along with the editing tools.

This tool can be used to split/merge videos without any issues. However, some of the main features are missing as a media library and speed adjustment. You can still use it to do basic video editing without paying any subscription fee for the application.

The application is top-rated for its ease of use because of the simple user interface. All the features and tools are on the main page to make it easily accessible while editing the videos.

Advantages of using Avidemux Video Editor

Free to use: You can use this application to work on your video editing projects without paying a single dollar for it.

Different Profiles: The application offers different profile tools to edit the different types of videos. It means that the application automatically detects the right tools to edit the video based on the video type.

Disadvantages of using Avidemux Video Editor

Media Library: There is no media library, and the users are supposed to use their clips and effects to add in the videos.

8. Windows Movie Maker

Do you know windows has its video editor that has all the features you need to edit the videos?

Windows Movie Maker is a complete software to help you edit your videos in the easiest way possible. Although the features are limited, you can still perform the basic editing tasks without paying any subscription fee.

The best thing about the application is the easy to use interface that does not require any efforts to understand the editing tools. Additionally, you do not need to install the application, as it comes with your windows operating system.

Advantages of Using Windows Movie Maker

Trusted: It comes with the windows operating system and is one of the most trusted video editors in the world.

Fast Processing: Unlike other applications, Windows movie maker edit the videos within a few minutes.

Disadvantages of Using Windows Movie Maker

Supports only WMV format: You can export the videos only in the WMV format that is a deal-breaker for some of the video editors.

9. OpenShot

OpenShot is a free video editing tool that can help you create some high-quality videos with minimum efforts. It is pretty simple and easy to use in any operating system by the video editors. You can also add the sound effects in your videos with the help of this open source video editor.

One can get all the features in this editing to create and edit HD videos. Additionally, you can export the videos in any format, and there is no restriction on the video formats.

Advantages of using OpenShot Video Editor

Free to Use: It is a great application for those video editors who are on a tight budget. They can use it as long as they want without worrying about the subscriptions.

HD Editing support: You can edit the HD videos right from this application in the easiest way possible.

Disadvantages of using OpenShot Video Editor

Slow to export: Although you can export in different formats, it may take some extra time to export your videos.

10. VideoPad

VideoPad is another exciting video editing tool that allows you to create and edit videos in minutes. It has over 50 effects that help you give a professional touch to your videos. This application is trusted by beginners and professionals as it has an easy to use interface.

VideoPad is offered at a one time fee of $40. You can also get the training session through a webinar in your subscription.

Advantages of using VideoPad

Works with Every OS: The application is compatible with windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android platforms.

Media Library: It comes with a media library from where you can add effects and sounds to your video.

Disadvantages of using VideoPad

Export Speed: Some of the users have complained about the slow exporting and uploading speed of the software


Being a video editor is a challenging task. They always need to come up with nicely edited videos for their clients. The video editing tools that we have shared in this article will help you work as a professional video editor.

Just choose any of them and start creating some engaging videos for your business. We enclosed the Best Video Editing Software For Windows today, let us know if you have any view on the comment section

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