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7 Best websites to buy WordPress themes & Plugins

7 Best websites to buy WordPress themes & Plugins,Wordpress is the leading content management system that allows you to create a free website or blog with its attractive themes. However, finding the best free wordpress themes for blogs is a challenging task. Many open-source WordPress themes can be applied to any blog or website with minimum efforts.

Some of the themes are free in the WordPress theme directory. However, a professional-looking website needs a lot more than a free template. In this article, we will choose the best websites to buy WordPress themes & plugins.

So, before we go ahead and discuss the websites, let us have a look at the things you should consider while choosing a WordPress theme.

Things need to care to buy WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is important for the user experience of your website. Hence, you need to consider all your requirements and find out what type of theme you need.

Below are some of the tips that will help you choose the right theme for your next blog:

Relevancy with your Website

This is something that most of the new bloggers tend to ignore. A WordPress theme can be great but relevancy is equally important for your website. Just imagine using an eCommerce theme on your Travel Blog. Will someone read it? I don’t think so.

Hence, make sure to check the WordPress themes according to your website type and goals.

Below are the type of themes you can find on the marketplaces:

Blog themes: These things are for bloggers who just want to update blogs for their visitors. They generally have a simple homepage with a list of recent articles to read. You can choose these types of themes to create a simple and easy to read the blog.

Ecommerce themes: These themes are responsive to WordPress online stores to sell products and services. There are thousands of free and paid templates that offer all the plugins you need to start your WordPress eCommerce store.

Agency Website themes: Marketing agencies use these themes to start their agency website. It includes all the plugins to add their portfolio and user reviews in an attractive way. It is recommended for people looking for effective agency themes.

Corporate Blog themes: There are company blogs that have a dedicated homepage and a blog section for updates. These types of themes are relevant to those corporate blogs.

Customization Level

Most of the users love to customize the themes to give it a personalized view. However, every theme has a level of customization capabilities that can not exceed their limit. Hence, you should always go for the full-customizable themes to edit them whenever you want. You should try with website design packages

The best way to find out the customization level of a theme is by looking at its user reviews. There you will get all the real experience of the bloggers who have used them before you.

Loading Speed

The Internet is getting advanced day by day and no one likes to wait for a website to load more than 3-4 seconds. You should consider the effect of the theme on your website’s loading speed before applying it to your website.

It happens because of the large number of plugins required by a theme to function properly. Those plugins can put a load on your server decreasing your loading speed.

Some of the best Marketplaces to buy wordpress themes

Template Monster

Template Monster is a platform that provides digital products to create and manage your website with the latest trends. It is considered as one of the best marketplaces for WordPress blog themes due to its popular theme templates. Different sellers sell their premium templates on the platform. You can find all the trending themes along with some exclusive whcms theme of their designers on their website.

You can find a premium as well as free themes on this website to set a better user experience for your visitors. There are all types of themes for Wordpress, WooCommerce, and all other major content management systems.

Benefits of using Template Monster

Ecommerce Solutions: They provide tailored eCommerce solutions for your business along with the premium themes. Hire their experts and get some premium leads for your eCommerce store.

Meet Sellers: Meet thousands of website developers and graphic designers to give your website a new look. You can also get some recommendations from the leading developers to improve the user experience of your website.

Looking for simple and effective themes for your business? A theme is a great platform to get some exclusive themes for your website at the most affordable prices. They have some fresh designs with fully functional templates to attract new customers on your website.

Sydney Pro is the most famous theme template that has been designed by them for their customers. You can also get some free open source themes which are free to use on any website.

We love their regular updates features that keep their themes free from every bug and virus. You can also return the theme within 30 days without getting charged for the services. So, if you are looking for an easy to use platform to keep your website updated with the latest themes, you should go with this website.

Benefits of using

Translation Ready: Their themes are compatible with all the languages and can be easily translated in any other language.

Fast Support: They have Fast responsive customer support that solves all your queries and problems. Just shoot them an email describing the problem you are facing, and they will reply with the appropriate solution.

Theme Forest

A great marketplace to browse and download some exciting WordPress blog themes for your website. This website has themes with better graphic designs as it is a part of Envato ( A graphics Design Company).

It has a large marketplace of premium WordPress blog themes exclusively created for premium users. Most of their themes have featured in the top WordPress themes of all time. You will come across their themes on every other WordPress website.

The best thing about the website is the fact that they offer proper information related to every theme on their website. You can check their compatibility, user reviews, overall ratings, and all other information about the theme.

You can trust all their themes as they are tested by their team to look for any bugs or viruses. It is recommended for those looking for a fully-customizable WordPress premium theme.

Benefits of Using ThemeForest

Trending themes: They offer all the trending themes in a different section to save you time and money. Just browse and find the most trending website theme and start your online journey.

Useful Plugins: They also provide some useful plugins for your websites to automate your blogging process. You can use image optimizer, website speed booster, and many other exciting plugins for free.

Elegant Themes

It is a famous marketplace to find the best WordPress blog themes for your website. You can also use their page builder feature to customize your website as much as you want. Their Flagship theme is Divi that is also used as their main page builder.

It is a great way to create attractive websites without writing a single code of line in HTML or any other programming language. They offer different plans to access their premium features and WordPress themes. However, you can still find some attractive themes for your next blog.

We love their themes library as it is really simple to use and you can find your dream WordPress theme in a few seconds. Just browse their categories such as Educators, Restaurants, Agencies, Online Store, and get a fully-functional theme.

Benefits of Using Elegant Themes

Effective Page Builder: They offer a page builder that can be used to create your website theme. With this, You do not need to browse thousands of themes just to get what you are looking for.

Simple Pricing: You just need to subscribe to a single plan and get all the themes and features without additional cost. Their simple pricing attracts a lot of eyeballs.

Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is a one-stop solution for all your Wordpress website needs. From premium themes to trending plugins, you can get everything from this marketplace.

Benefits of Using Mojo MarketPlace

Premium Services: They provide premium services along with the themes and plugins to help you get a better audience and traffic. Just connect with them and get some better tools and services to boost your sales.

Free Themes: Mojo Marketplace has thousands of free themes that can be installed on your website without any charge. Just browse their categories or enter your website type to see a list of relevant themes.

My Theme Shop

My Theme Shop is a unique marketplace for WordPress blog themes and Plugins. You can get thousands of fully-function and customizable WordPress themes. On the other hand, Plugins like Rank Math and WP Quiz Pro helps you get better insights for your WordPress website within a few minutes.

All these themes are well-categorized in sections like Magazines theme, Woocommerce themes, and Business themes to make it easier to find the right theme. Hence, we can say that it is a complete marketplace for beginners to customize their websites.

Benefits of Using My Theme Shop

Fast loading Themes: They have an exclusive section of themes that are pretty faster than other themes. It gives you a benefit as people generally bounce back from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Video tutorials: Most beginners find it harder to upload a theme and its plugins on their website. This is why they have uploaded tutorial videos for its users to learn the basics of WordPress designing such as installing a theme.

Creative Market

Creative Market has more than three and a half thousand Wordpress themes to use on your website pages. The best thing about this platform is that they provide exclusive themes and templates for different pages. It means that you can simply find a theme for your about us page while keeping your current theme.

They also offer some useful Plugins for your Wordpress website to get some better insights and user-experience. You just need to select your website type and start browsing your favorite themes for your blog.

The users can also filter the themes based on their compatibility, loading speed, color, and other important factors.

Benefits of Using Creative market

Free themes: There are only a few websites that offer some premium WordPress themes for free. Creative Market offers you some useful plugins and themes without charging you any money for them.

Additional graphics: You can create your custom themes by using their Illustrations, objects, and web elements. These objects can help you create your webpage by using any page builder with custom graphics.

Final words

The right WordPress theme can help you connect with your audience without sending them away from your websites. The best websites to buy wordpress themes that we have covered in this article, offers thousands of free and paid themes to start your website.

Choose the most relevant one that can fulfill all your requirements while being user-friendly. Know that your visitors are the ones for whom you are creating the website. Hence, user-experience should be a priority while choosing your website theme.

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