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How To Choose A Professional Logo Designer At any Freelance Platform?

A logo creates the impression you want on your customers

Achieving a logo that perfectly defines your business is one part of the battle for a great brand identity. The other part and the most important one is getting someone to create it. Today’s topic discusses how you can get a professional logo designer at a freelance platform to work wonders for your business.

There is a wide variety of freelance platforms house of logo design that can develop outstanding logos. But not just any designer will cut it. You need the absolute best. At times it can get tricky to pick one single professional logo designer for your specific needs.

In the plethora of freelance designers out there, here are things you need to consider before choosing one:

1.  Look for experienced individuals

Looking at past projects from the professional logo designer will present you with the precise idea of the person’s skill level. It’s not meant to discourage new designers by any means. All in all, the designer’s portfolio matters most before taking any further steps.

2.  Check for any published work

How recognized the professional logo designer is in the industry? The answer lies in their published pieces of art. Do the clients acknowledge their work? Was their work featured in magazines or anywhere online?

3.  Focus on testimonials

Check for reviews or testimonials from their previous clients. Make sure to check the validity of those testimonials. How? By visiting the company’s websites or emailing them to confirm if the company actually exists.

4.  Look at the entire portfolio

How strong is the professional logo designer’s portfolio? Compare the number of fictional logo designs versus actual ones. Verify and compare all of the logo designs that they have to offer. Emphasize on the ones that were developed for companies.

5.  Price

How much will the service cost you? The most important question for any business, especially a new startup. Are you receiving your money’s worth? In the majority of cases, you will get what you pay for. Remember, the price will always depend on “your needs.” Every company has different ideas for their logo designs. The best bet will be to make a rough design, no matter how ugly it looks. Leave the rest to the professional logo designer.

6.  Are they giving good customer services?

Does the designer respond to emails quickly? When they do, how do they communicate? Any logo designer that has professionalism will do their darndest to address your queries promptly. Need to hire a particular professional logo designer? Ask away.

7.  Do they ask professional questions?

It’ll become much more apparent as soon as the designer gives his feedback on how you want to design your logo. When the logo designers approach you with their ideas about how your logo can be created differently. If he is serious about building your logo design, he will ask questions. Do not hesitate to answer as he wants to get a precise picture of the logo design you want.

8.  What’s their creativity process?

Does the professional logo designer have a creativity process that they follow? Or, they just produce logos like fast food? Logo designs are not bound by time. Think about how long the design will be in use. Would you want your business to have a logo that was created within 24 hours? Let’s just put it this way, logos are not take-away food, this is also why they aren’t cheap.

9.  Typeface

Ok. Let’s agree that we all have a personal bias towards some fonts. But when you’re looking for a professional logo designer, consider variety of font styles as per design choices. A designer’s portfolio will show various typefaces that they have used in the past. Look put for them as they will give you a general idea of the font styles and how they amplify a logo design.

10. Affiliations and associations

Is the designer affiliated with a renowned professional association? Look out for these. Affiliations show how committed the designers are to their craft. This adds a layer of trustworthiness, authenticity and legitimacy.

What else to consider?

This is not a mere checklist of to-do’s of hiring a freelance logo designer. These are the ultimate 10 steps you must take to ensure you’re delegating the right person for the job, in my opinion.

Tip: Don’t just take a decision of working with a logo designer simply because they have quality logo designs.

A successful logo design project includes more than that. The freelance designer should be able to touch on the process that your logo design will go through. All needs to be in order to ensure that you’re investing the right amount of money and time.

The fact is,

Anyone can be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of freelance platforms. That being said not all of them are reliable. In case you do get into an agreement with a freelancer, do not pay them up front. Paying in advance will provide little to no incentive to the designer to stay on schedule.

Look out for the Hyenas,

Be aware to not fall for any other designers outside the freelancing platform. If something sounds too good to be true or if a freelance designer asks to give you discounts off the website, be cautious. There is no guaranteed protection for your agreement. Freelance platforms are specifically designed to promote security. They help you keep a track of the hired designer. There are dedicated safeguards that will ensure your work privacy and establish direct communication with the designer, including a secure line for payments.

The crux,

If you do wish to communicate with a designer, make sure to be as thorough as possible. Lay it all out on the table. Include every minor detail about your desired logo. Talk about your required skills, project time frame, benchmarks and expected deliverability. Since you have to define exactly what you require, it is important to establish a transparent communication. Schedule some meetings. Consider all the above information before hiring a freelancer.

It’s your “business logo” in question here.

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