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Actionable guide of Graphic Design is my passion

Graphic Design is my passion, and I have been working as a freelancer for the last few years.

Even you can find graphic designing jobs anywhere in the world. Every business is looking for graphic designers to help them share their ideas with some attractive graphics. These graphics can be used in products, services, websites, presentations, and many other things.

Graphic Design is my passion & I love it

However, if you are also a “Graphic Design is my passion” type of person and are looking for some ways to get online graphic design jobs online, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will share all the things that you need to know to find your dream job in Graphics designing. All the mentioned methods are proven to deliver some amazing results to our readers.Here is the tips to settle yourself in graphic design industry

Creating A Professional Website

The best way to get the Graphics Designing work is by creating a professional website, showing your graphics Designing skills. Having a well-designed website works as your salesman as it attracts the client like a magnet. You just need to get more and more people on your website to see your Graphics Designing skills on your website.

It will also help you run and manage your client’s campaign at a single platform. However, you will need to put some hard work into getting traffic on your website to get some better leads for your business. Use taglines like “Graphic Design is my Passion” to get some relevant leads from your website.

Sources of get traffic for your site

Paid Ads: You can create an attractive advertisement for you and run it on different search engines. It will help you get some high-paying leads for your business without putting hours of effort to get the traffic.

SEO: Another way to get Graphics Designing leads for your website is by doing SEO to rank on the relevant search results. It is a great way that gives some organic leads without spending any money on paid ads.

Using Freelancing Platforms

Almost every Graphics Designer creates a profile on the freelancing platforms to get projects. These platforms help the buyers and sellers to meet and get their work done without looking for them on different platforms.

You can simply create a profile on any of the freelancing websites and start offering your services on a project basis. A freelancer can find all types of graphic designing jobs on these websites that offer short as well as long term opportunities.

The secret to getting more and more projects is by delivering high-quality work to your clients as they will leave a review on your profile. These reviews help other clients to know if you are the right person to work on their project or not.

Some of the best freelancing websites for Graphic Designers:

Design Hill

Design Hill is a great place to get some projects for your designing business. It is a platform exclusive for graphic designers to offer their services to some potential clients. The website follows a unique 5 method strategy to post your offers to the world.

The freelancers can start by creating a profile on their website and uploading a portfolio to showcase your designing skills. One of their designers will review your Portfolio and approve your profile by joining you in their team.

After completing the verification process, you will start getting the project and small task notifications by the buyers. You can choose to work on any of them by sending a proper proposal to the client with your expectations.

The payments are processed after reaching a milestone through Paypal.


Krop is a great marketplace for people looking to offer their graphic designing and web development services. They have some premium clients that may give your freelancing career a boost you were looking for.

Krop works on the membership basis and offers free as well as a paid plan for the subscription. They offer you leads for your services and charge a small commission on every project awarded on their platform.

Their team will recommend the most relevant projects (with your skills), and help you connect with the employers.


Fiverr is one of the leading freelancing platforms that offer effective solutions to their buyers and sellers. It is a great platform that offers a pool of opportunities to the graphics designers to sell their services. However, it deals with different services and is not limited to graphic designing jobs.

You can simply create a profile and upload a Gig proposal with your services. These gigs show up when a buyer searches for your services on their website. Hence, it is a great way to save some time as you do not need to look for buyers to get freelancing projects.

Freelancers can accept project-based or full-time online Graphic Design jobs from this platform.

It is another freelancing website to offer your services to millions of clients. It is one of the largest freelancing platforms as it has all types of freelancers offering their services in more than a hundred categories.

Clients post a project with their requirements on this platform where a freelancer can respond with their proposed bid. The bid should answer all their queries and fulfill their requirements to get selected by the employer.

There are some other factors like your Portfolio, client reviews, and Hourly charges that decide your chances of getting the project.


A platform for professional graphic Designers to get some high-paying projects for their services. The website offers an easy to use method to bid on the relevant projects. It is a great marketplace for Graphics Designers as most of their projects are genuine and the employer ends up buying the services.

They will give you some “Connects” to send a proposal on a project. You can buy some connects to refill them while sending a proposal to a client’s project.

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media is more powerful than ever before. Everyone is using social media platforms to stay connected to their loved ones. Hence, it is a great place for companies to find their potential customers on these platforms.

You must have seen different Business Accounts and pages on these social media platforms. This is where your clients are, and you need to create a proper strategy to reach out to them.

Utilize Your Social Media Accounts   

Use your Social media profiles to tell people about you and the services you offer to your clients. It will help them reach out to you, in case they need a graphic designer to help with their project.

Most of the freelancers use this tactic to get some free exposure to their business without making it look like an advertisement. Use your bio section to get loved by the search engine, whenever a person types for the graphic designing services.


LinkedIn holds the power to run your graphic designing business without using any other platform. It is an amazing platform that helps employers and job seekers to connect.

You can start by using your profile details to give a clear message of your skillset and proposals. Then, start connecting with people who are looking for your services and give them an offer that they can’t resist.

The secret to getting better projects from LinkedIn lies in staying online for better opportunities.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is a community of more than 1 billion active users and helps a lot of businesses to stay connected to their audience. However, we are just going to use some Facebook groups that work as a platform to help buyers meet sellers.

You just need to join some graphics Design is my passion type of groups and stay active in those groups. You will have different job postings that might interest you to work on a long or short-term basis.

However, you should try to create a contract before working on a project, as there is no payment guarantee offered by Facebook. It depends on your mutual understanding and the contract’s conditions.

Asking Friends

Getting a shoutout by your family and friends can do wonders for you. Just ask them to share your services on their social media accounts, and you will be surprised by the queries you get from those shoutouts.

It is a great way to use word-of-mouth to get some better leads for your business.

Looking for Local Jobs

Although this is the era of digital marketing, still you can get some local jobs and projects for your business. Just go out in your locality, and look for the organizations who may require a digital marketer. Know that offering a service in person is way more powerful than getting connected through freelancing websites.

You can start by creating a list of businesses around you, and visit them with your proposals.

Tip: You can use the “Google My Business” feature to list your business for local recruiters. Additionally, you can use the same tool to look for organizations that may be interested in your services.

Contacting the Potential Clients

Most people do not realize that they need some graphic designing work for their website. You can use this opportunity to help them find the problems in their designs and market your services as the solution.

However, you need to create a proper strategy before reaching out to a business or organization regarding your services. It is recommended to create a presentation that can help them understand the changes you can bring to their website.

There are thousands of ways to connect with those businesses that include cold calling, email marketing, and social media hunting.

Email Strategy

Collect some email addresses of the organizations and start shooting them emails with your proposal. Try to add some value in your mail and give them a reason to get back to you with a positive response. This method may take some time to get you a load, still, you can expect better growth in your business opportunities.

A free Website Audit

Another great way is by reaching out to a company on their social media page and offering them a free design audit. Let them know that you won’t charge any fees to find out the designing errors on their website which might be sending their visitors away.

This method always works because you offer them a solution just after introducing the problem. The fear of losing their customers motivates them to buy your services to ensure their website is up to their audience’s expectations. Spread the message as much as you can – Graphic Design is my passion.


Here are some of the FAQs that may come across your mind while reading this article:

What is the Scope of the Graphics Design Industry?

Graphics Designing is an internal part of every visual form used by organizations. People require designers to help them with their presentations, website development, advertisements, etc. Hence, this industry is only predicted to be bigger every year.

Can I get a Full-time Job as a Graphics Designer?

Yes, there are a lot of companies that are always looking for some graphic designers to work for them. Generally, they are the web-development agencies that work on their client’s websites.

What is the salary of a Graphics Designer?

Most of the time, A Graphic Designer offers their services on a project basis rather than to work full time for a company. However, an average Graphic Designer earns around $50,000 annually in the United States.

Please know that there is a difference between a senior graphic designer salary and a junior graphics designer salary.

Final Words

Graphics Designing is a trending industry that has a lot to explore for the new designers. The use of digital platforms is forcing organizations to create a proper strategy for their digital marketing. Hence, they look for graphics designers to give a shape to their thoughts with their illustrations.

If you have the right skills and Graphic Design is my passion, then finding a design job should not take you a lot of time. All you need to do is market your service and let the people know about them. The different ways that we have discussed in this article will help you get noticed as a graphic designer.

No matter if you are looking for junior graphic design jobs or senior graphic design jobs, then it is the right opportunity for you.

Creating your website to use it as a sample of your skills is an underrated technique that works all the time. You should consider adding it to your strategy to get some instant leads for your freelancing career.

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