Choosing Sunglasses Based on Your Face Shape

It is vital to own sunglasses in the present times. Choosing mens sunglasses may seem easy since there are so many options to choose from when you go to a sunglasses store. You can choose the styles that you think look best on you. But, if you truly want one that will make you look good based on your facial features, you will want to know more about face shapes and how they correlate with the sunglasses you buy.

Definitely, UV protection, mirror coating, and blue light protection are important and should be the first things you should look for when picking out the lenses. But when it comes to the style of the glasses, there is more to it than what you think looks good at the moment. Continue reading to understand the importance of face shape when choosing sunglasses.

In this post, you will learn different face shapes and the respective styles that will be most suitable for your particular face shape.

Round-Shaped Face

For those who have round-shaped faces, you would want to avoid large sunglasses. This is because you want to turn attention away from the size of your face, and wearing similarly-shaped sunglasses will emphasize it instead. This is because the eyes will focus on similar shapes on the face.

What you would want if your face type is round are square-shaped frames. However, the edges or corners should be curved or rounded to prevent the clashing of harsh lines. Square-shaped aviator sunglasses will do perfectly for a round face because it is not the same shape as a circle, but it still has the curves to balance it out.

Oval-Shaped Face

If your face has an oval shape, you will want to avoid sunglasses that will make your face look even longer. Typically, people with oval-shaped faces can get away with any sunglasses because it will not affect the face shape in any way. But you must exercise caution if you do not want your face to look longer than it is.

Teardrop-shaped lenses can direct the eyes downwards. It gives the impression that your face is much longer than it is, and you would want to steer clear from this lens shape. If you already have hair that defines your oval face, you do not want to exaggerate it even more with the lens shape.

Square-Shaped Face

You can use larger lenses if you have a square-shaped face because the outline of the face softens. If you want a harder look, you can also pull off boxy frames because they complement the shape of your face. What you should try to avoid are sharp edges.

When choosing rectangle or box-shaped sunglasses, choose ones with curved edges. If the shape mirrors your face, the lines are exaggerated, and you want to soften them as much as possible. With curved edges or corners, you can get away with these boxy frames easily.

Picking the right mens sunglasses for your particular face shape is a breeze if you know what is most compatible for you. You must know your face and understand the lines and angles to have an easier time choosing the right one. Once you have chosen the shape of the frame and the lenses, you can proceed with special features such as UV protection. You will then be able to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you.

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