EaseUS RecExperts Review – One of the Best Screen Recording Software in 2021

It’s very much important for a person who creates video content to record the screen of your computer. For a SaaS provider, he/she needs to record the screen to explain and showcase how to use the product. For a teacher/student in this remote learning period, he/she might need to record lectures, presentations, etc. For me and our YouTube channel, We need to record our screen & it’s a very important part of our work now. Most of our videos are based on SEO comparisons and helpful in being able to SEO slideshow images side by side. I like to compare side by side in the lightroom I have much more control over the images. Points are often difficult to describe effectively if the viewer cannot see the images as well. This also applies if you plan to create a tutorial to demonstrate a specific strategy for your audience.

If you have created a webinar or want to record a video on your computer, EaseUS RecExperts is one of the best screen recorders. This software helps you to capture your screen, easily overlay video from a webcam and most of all recorded audio. RecExperts supports high-quality recording and comes with a variety of convenient features that definitely going to videos more efficient.

Screen Recording Features

There are many reasons why we need screen recording software as a necessity. It simplifies our day-to-day tasks such as giving instructions, running over new employees, recording a video call and sharing lectures.

EaseUS RecExperts, as one of the most efficient screen recorders, can do much more than that. 

Record Any Activity on Your Screen Flexibly

You can capture what’s happening in your entire screen, any custom area or just in a selected window. You can also create a scheduled recording task to automatically record the screen and webcam at specific times.

Record Screen and Audio Simultaneously or Separately

As a screen and audio recorder, it allows you to record screen, system audio and narrator’s sounds at the same time, to avoid any extra work and steps. Thus, it is helpful to record lectures, explainer videos, demonstration videos, etc. Of course, you can choose to record the video and audio separately. It all depends on your needs.

This screen recorder has good audio recording performance. It can work as background remover of noise and boost your audio.

Record Games in High Quality

EaseUS RecExperts combines features to make it easier to create advanced screen recordings. To get started, you can record videos up to 4K resolution. This may not be necessary for any webinar but it is a great drawing for gamers who want to share session recordings. As one of the best game recording software, RecExperts enables you to change the frame rate up to 60 frames per second during game recording.

Better still, it can also record the webcam and make it as an overlay while you are recording your gameplay. It will make your game video more interactive.

Handy Post-recording features

Once the recording is done, you can simply cut the video, add intro and outro or take a screenshot with the built-in editor. With a mouse click, you can upload videos to popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and directly download your videos to google drive or Dropbox.

Plan and Price

19.95$ per month for EaseUS RecExperts, 39.95$ per year, or 69.95$ for lifetime upgrades. This price includes only a single license for one computer. Note that you can also try the software for free. The free trial version has some feature limitations including recording time limit. 


RecExperts is a great screen recording software and has superior customer support service. But if you’re looking for more bells and whistles, you might be interested in Camtasia or Flashback Pro. Camtasia has many options for animating your video recordings and it has advanced video editing features. Flashback Pro provides similar capabilities and adds the possibility to record multiple screens in a single video. 

The final verdict

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recording software with many features to offer. It can capture audio and webcam videos. We liked that it provided scheduled recording and an auto-stop function. Although a bit more expensive than competitors like the Flashback Pro, it still represents good quality for money.

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