Enhance Your Viewing Experience With One Of These Mi LED TVs

Founded by entrepreneur Lei Jun in 2010, Xiaomi, the parent company that makes Mi TVs, has a singular vision – to make innovation available to everyone. The brand’s aim is to make hi-tech products available to all people on the planet, even budget buyers, by having a competitive footprint in the market areas of smartphones, routers, and home appliances, and is expanding globally. 

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Mi’s TVs offer all the features that other big brands like Samsung and LG boast of, while keeping prices low enough to attract budget buyers. The present 32 inch LED TV from Mi is popular in the Indian TV market space. Geared towards most TV enthusiasts, Mi TVs offer an opportunity to own a good TV with all the trappings of smartness and high definition. 

From a wide variety of TVs to choose, you will surely find a Mi LED TV to suit your family’s requirements. The good thing about these TVs is that because they are affordable, home owners can think of buying more than one. 

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In 2019, Xiaomi sold over 500,000 Mi smart TVs during the Diwali season. That’s an impressive feat by any standard. The 32-inch LED TV was the most popular, being offered at a great price, and comes with a decently-sized screen, a budget buyer’s dream. The Mi LED TV makes a great gift for someone dear, or the first TV for a child’s room. With standard features like Wi-Fi and at least 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port in each TV, Mi TVs make great appliances that come with a host of apps and gaming facilities. 

The screens are quintessentially bright and offer a bezel-less display. In case you want to go a notch higher, you can get a superb Mi LED TV with a 50-inch screen with an attractive price tag. If you want something not too large, but striking enough to make an impact, go for the Mi LED TV with a 43-inch display. The displays you get are available in a range that few other brands can rave about. 

Mi Smart LED HD-Ready TV (32-inch)

The Mi Smart LED 32-inch TV is one of the most sought-after TV models today. At 32 inches, the display is good enough for any average Indian room. With applications such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix pre-installed, you will never lack entertainment. With an entertainment experience at just a click away, you can live-stream on the internet with quick Wi-Fi access. 

On its Patchwall, you can conveniently search for information across OTT platforms. Patchwall also recommends content that you may like based on previous searches and previously watched content. The Mi LED TV is an Android TV that offers Google Voice Search technology. Lightweight and sleek, it sports a RAM of 1GB and storage up to 8GB. With powerful speakers of 20 watts with stereo sound, the TV also offers an immersive aural experience. 

This LED TV is easy to control with a single remote for TV, the set top box and more functions, and you can be assured of good after sales service with Mi.

Other Fabulous Mi Smart LED TVs

The 43-inch Pro 4A LED TV from Mi is touted to be India’s smartest TV yet. With cinematic quality in its picture, the best sound clarity ever, and multiple ports, it offers 700,000+ hours of content on its signature Patchwall UI. Its Play Store offers Chromecast and you can play movies and do much more on the TV screen. 

It comes with a power-packed 64-bit quad-core processor and is a great TV offering value for money and smart performance with impressive screen size. The 50-inch Mi TV is even better, as the screen size is visibly larger, with an immersive viewing experience and loads of content on its multiple apps. It has Dolby sound and like all its TVs, this Mi TV promises an outstanding overall experience. 

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