Fine Jewellery for fine occasions

The saying “diamonds are a woman’s best friend” has prolonged its stay only because of how true it is. Stores like ALINKA Fine Jewellery sell quality diamonds and black diamonds in different jewellery pieces ranging from ear cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and more. They can be worn for different occasions depending on their type and the overall look you want to achieve.

Contrary to popular opinion, diamonds can be worn anywhere and at any time of the day since they do not have to be all about glamour alone. They can be subtle style statements, a cute date accessory, or classy soiree bragging right. Here are some occasions and what kind of jewellery to wear for them, so there is no confusion!


Every evening party is the best time to bring out your coveted black diamonds. They glisten when light falls on them and elevates the overall look. It can be paired with an LBD, or any light shaded gown since black goes with everything. White diamonds also go with pastel dresses and gowns depending on what look you are trying to create. 

A classy party does not require very edgy jewellery, so it is best to pair the dresses with black diamond earrings, either a ring or a bracelet, a shiny necklace, and an anklet if it is a short dress or has a slit on one side. Subtle ear cuffs could also elevate the entire look. Black diamond jewellery is a style symbol.  

Brunch or picnics: 

Afternoons are a chance to escape from the scorching sun with a playful sundress or the simple straight cut jeans with a printed shirt or sleeveless t-shirts. Since the whole vibe of this event becomes light and happy, it is also necessary to accessorize with jewellery that is easy to move with as well. One cannot wear body jewellery on such occasions, surely. 

White diamond earrings with anklets could be enough since over-accessorizing is a no-no. If the dress is really short and flared, one could wear subtle thigh jewellery as well. Necklaces can be plain and have small pendants alone. Hair accessories like clips or chains could be added if they are little or do not overwhelm the look. 


Who says diamonds cannot be worn to concerts? Black studded earrings or ear cuffs are a rockstar look for concerts. Pointy necklaces and anklets are a go-to. One could also wear inexpensive leather jewellery on their clothes, and it is not a problem to wear an excess as they suit the whole concert aesthetic. Pair it with leather clothes or ragged jeans for a great concert look. Staying comfortable is extremely necessary during concerts though.

Breakfast dates: 

Accessorize the least during morning events. It is best to have subtle and simple earrings with just pendants for anything in the morning to produce a light and fresh look. Pair it with floral dresses or solid pastel colours for the best demeanour. Do not wear shiny accessories as they may look too over-accessorized for a morning affair.

Other than this, one can wear diamonds regularly to their offices, on trips, or even when at home. They suit every occasion perfectly, and the type has to be decided based on the occasion. Stores in Australia like ALINKA Fine Jewellery have a great range of jewellery, so it is easy to pick one that is perfect for you. Look for quality checks and best prices before purchasing to determine the product’s authenticity and affordability.

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