how to download clone hero & installation guide

This game got some early recognition from the game lovers as its rhythm genre was so famous, and everyone was crazy about it. It made some shocking sales that most of the developers dream of.

Clone hero is much similar to the guitar hero that includes hitting the guitar string on the colored inputs. It can be in different forms, and the player needs to get them all to keep the sounds playing. Playing different strings with incomings is the greatest thing about this game.

You can also create a playlist and add your own songs in the game to complete a stage with the proper chords. Additionally, there are new practice modes where you can polish your skills to show them off to your friends.

This perfect game was developed after a lot of unsuccessful trials, and the developer finally got this idea to complete the game.

If you want to play this game, then this article is the right place for you.

Today, we are going to show you how to download clone hero along with the installation guide.

Steps to Download Clone Hero

Just follow the below steps to download and play the clone hero in your device:

Step1: Download The game

Just go to this website and download the setup of the Clone hero from the web page by clicking on the download button. Your browser will catch the file and will take a few seconds to download the setup of the game.

Note: Downloading time depends on the speed of your internet service provider.

Step 2: Download Custom Charts

The game includes several types of songs that require you to download custom charts to add them to your playlist. These charts can be found on the same page from where you have downloaded the setup.

Step3: Made the Monitor Setting Changes

The game requires you to edit your monitor settings to enjoy it in its original quality. Just follow the instructions on the page, and you will be able to do it. Every monitor requires a different set of settings. Hence, it is better to check their official website to know the best settings for your device.

Installation Guide for Clone Hero

Most of the people find it challenging to install and run this game on their desktop. That is because it comes with complicated methods to add the songs in the game. However, this installation guide covers all the steps that you need to take to enjoy the game.

Steps to Install the Clone Hero game:

Step1: Open The Setup

Browse and find the setup of the clone hero on your desktop that you have downloaded in the previous steps.

Step2: Double Click and Accept the Terms and Conditions

Simply double click on the application. A setup wizard will pop up asking you to continue to install the application. After clicking on the continue, it will show you the terms and conditions of the application. Go through them, and tick the “I accept” box to continue the installation process.

Step3: Open The Application and Update the Settings

The setup wizard will take several minutes to complete the installation process in your device. After installing, open the application and head towards the settings section. Update the settings as per your device compatibility.

Step4: Adding Songs in the Game

The last step is to add the songs in your game to play them with the strings. To do this, you need to go to the “general” option under the settings. There you will find the option to scan for songs. Just click on that option, and the game will scan all the available songs from your device to play in the game.

That’s it, now you know how to download clone hero and install it in your device. After doing this, you will be able to play this game as long as you want. Additionally, you can repeat the song scanning process once you add some more songs in your library.

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