IIT toppers reveal tips for iit JEE preparation

The first and most shocking tip for preparation is that you don’t need coaching to crack JEE. Coaching centres never guarantee that they will make you succeed. They just make you a time table and teach you accordingly. But, these are the things you can do on your own too. You can make your own time table. You can go for self study or online teaching or contact your teacher if you have any doubt.

So, the main drawback of coaching is they take so much of your time that you don’t even get time to self study. You will just keep filling yourself with new topics and never get the chance to revise them. If you have a strong determination that you have to crack IIT-JEE on your first attempt, then you don’t need any other agency to push you or guide you through preparation. Make your own way to get to your goal. 

Make your own notes but if you don’t have time or you can’t present anything like notes on a sheet of paper, then borrow or purchase some useful notes which will help you to clear your topics. You can see that on many websites, notes are available. You have to just find the one that fits you. Stick up to one website throughout the year. So, for finding your favorable notes, you have to give full attention to reading one or two chapter notes from these websites. 

When you get your desired website notes, get it printed on sheets and mark important words according to you. Read those notes twice to get them engraved on your mind. Sometimes, the amount of notes on one website is higher than the other, so there is a myth among students that lengthy notes will be more suitable for studying. However, the quality of notes matters too. So, start studying with whatever notes you think are going to help to crack IIT-JEE exams. 

  • Where to concentrate?

If you are in class 12 and you don’t know if you should concentrate on your upcoming CBSE boards or IIT-JEE, then you should solely focus on your IIT-JEE because for preparing you will have to primarily go through NCERT which is the base of your board exams. You will only need 75% in your boards to be able to appear for your JEE exam. So, try to study only to get above 80% in your CBSE boards. 

Physics, Chemistry and Maths contribute to your JEE exams. Other than these subjects, you should not excuse yourself from these subjects as they will also be a part of your CBSE board exams resulting percentage. Focus on your language subjects because they act as JEE Main Eligibility Criteria.

For mathematics, you must focus on your JEE preparation because the questions of this subject come out to be very tricky. After you have completed a certain chapter from the point of view of JEE, then you will just have to go through your NCERT maths textbook and it is observed that after studying for JEE, NCERT will feel like the easiest book you have laid your hands on.

For Chemistry, Chemistry NCERT is known as the Bible whether you are appearing for board exam or for your IIT JEE exam. 75% of chemistry in your JEE exam is based on NCERT. So, you should very much focus on Chemistry NCERT to score both in your boards as well as IIT JEE exam. The remaining 15% of your JEE chemistry will be based on other reference books so you have to pay attention to those books too.

For Physics, if you are already studying very hard for your JEE exam, the you just have to go through your notes in order to clear your CBSE board exam. Also, pay special attention to diagrams of your NCERT. You will see a diagram in your reference for JEE but maybe NCERT doesn’t have that way of presenting a diagram and for CBSE boards, the diagrams in your NCERT are given more priority. 

At the end of each subject, you have to solve previous year questions and also sample papers given on CBSE website. Don’t just solve these papers but also get it checked by your tutor or senior and correct your mistakes so that if the same question comes in your exam then you will not do those mistakes again.


In your January attempt of JEE, try to hit more than 97 percentile in order to secure your seat in IIT. By achieving this, you will not have to worry a lot for your CBSE boards. 

  • Don’t drown yourself in too much burden

The thing about students is that they want to appear for IIT-JEE but they start studying at the very end when there is Almost no time left to crack JEE. In that case, they try to study constantly without any breaks. This schedule makes them drowsy and irritated and in turn you will end up forgetting what you have studied. You have to make a very tight schedule which must include studying for 45 minutes and having a break for 15 minutes. After starting a new topic after a break of 15 minutes, Revise the previous topic thoroughly for better understanding and boosting up your confidence.

  • Stay away from distractions

Stop hanging out with your friends.Even if you think that you will only hang out for an hour or two, you will see that your whole day is wasted just because one hang out. 

Delete every editing game from your mobile phone and recharge only what amount of internet to download your notes or see an online lecture.

Stay away from everything that will distract you from cracking IIT-JEE in your first attempt. 


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