Know about automation in email marketing to generate conversions

For business owners and marketers, staying connected to your consumers is paramount. Email automation is a time-tested, powerful, and reliable marketing automation resource to enable brands to send the right message to their target audience at the time.

  • You use automated segments and workflows. This tool is mighty effective to nurture leads and eventually drive revenue from current customers as well as the potential ones.
  • Email automation is a method of creating emails that go to the right people. The tripe R is everything here. These are right message, right people, and right moment.
  • When you send automated messages, you don’t need to toil every time. Brands are increasingly leveraging this awesome marketing automation tool.
  • You link your website and social media analytics with the concerned email marketing domain. It helps in targeting people on the basis of their preferences, behavior, and previous sales.
  • You can then personalize your customers’ experience on an individual basis, increasing the impact of your automated marketing campaigns.
  • The biggest benefit of automated emails is personalizing your customers’ journey. That’s what research says as well.

92% of customers tend to patronize brands that provide targeted or individualized offers and recommendations. In 2019, 76% of customers responded to marketing directives that targeted their interests and shopping patterns.

Beginning with the basics

Brands often don’t know the purport and pivot of knitting automation with emails. The dilemma arises because email appears to be old in comparison with newer technologies like FB ads, native advertising, retargeting, and mobile text alerts.

  • It’s important to know the types of automated emails that sync with your brand. These generally fall in two categories.
  • They are drip-feeding emails and trigger emails focusing on events. You can use them together or independently, depending on your business objectives.
  • Trigger emails are the ones you trigger on the basis of your subscribers’ patterns or behavior. In the email automation field, these are the most common types.
  • They eliminate much of the lengthy, convoluted stuff and you don’t need to send regular messages.
  • Generally, trigger emails entail onboarding, welcome emails, and getting started with a product/service. It also includes emails in the abandoned cart.
  • Trigger emails also have friend referrals and coupons.

Its milestone emails are lovely. They include special milestones, dates, and birthdays. You can also create automated emails and trigger them in compliance with the action of your customers. You call this behavioral email marketing. It encapsulated every aspect you know. It includes general emails and bonus emails.

Growing your business

Since email automation thrives on an elementary trigger to action mechanism, your limit is only in your business needs and creativity. For example, when you see what someone likes on IG, you can send the person or group your trigger emails.

Research suggests that 97% of visitors to your account or website are not ready to purchase. These people have still shown enough interest in your product or service. They could be potential or perfect customers. You can communicate with them and convince them to buy from you later on.

  • A great way to initiate is to urge them to subscribe to your email list. Brands need to know that subscribing to email lists is a basic conversion directive than a typical purchase. Hence, anybody can do it.
  • After people subscribe to your list, you can then start an automated email campaign for welcoming them to your world. Give special subscriber offers that can compel or provoke them to purchase.
  • There are leading fashion brands that do this perfectly. Their automated welcome mails impress new subscribers.

These emails are also visually fascinating. They have a clear call-to-action and showcase exclusive offers for subscribers. You can set up these automated welcome emails within a few minutes.

The way to go

There are custom template studios, where you can design and build scintillating, re-usable template within a couple of minutes. The intuitive email builder has strong drag-to-drop features. You can add gripping videos, images, and much more to build responsive and attractive layouts. You need minimal or zero coding for this purpose.

You can make each mail a personal message by using the personal details and behaviors/preferences of your customers. These things instantly make an impersonal, bland message to warm and inviting.

You can also enrich and equip emails with your system date. Obtain real-time data from sources like catalog, recommendation server, CRM, and so on to make hyper-personalized emails.

You can also monitor conversions for measuring progress and success. You can instantly and easily view detailed campaign reports to know where you’re going at the moment.

The best email automation tools

In an era when digital marketing is fast expanding to encompass countless new platforms, email finder continues to be one of the highest ROI providers.

  • Statistics show that more than 80% companies use email marketing services to grow their business. Out of that, only 54% of firms are using the automation directives for saving time and money.
  • Among the brands with an online presence, or those with an Instagram following, 60% use email automation to boost their busines. Automated emails fetch clicks rate that are 122% higher than regular broadcast emails.
  • OptinMonster is a prominent email automation tool that creates high converting mediums for your landing pages and websites within a few minutes.
  • Additionally, it streamlines and simplifies lead management. It helps you compartmentalize customers and leads with behavior segmenting and personalization.

Brands can then funnel the leads into their automated campaigns.

  • RafflePress is a great tool to amplify your email subscriber list. You use it to run giveaways and contents.
  • This tool helps you to host the events on your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and your own blog.
  • When it comes to integrated automation in email marketing, Contactually has to be the first name. It’s a neat and compact tool and has a CRM platform that concentrates on vetting contacts.

The tool gathers contacts and resources from your email inbox, social media accounts, and website. It gathers information to bolster your messaging. HubSpot and Intercom are other prominent names.

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