How can a real estate agent improve social media presence

Toronto, the city affectionately referred to as T-Dot is the gateway to Canada. Being the fastest growing city in North America, it was also among the first ones to mix residential lots with apartment buildings thereby curbing suburban sprawl.

However, the situation today is different and sort of difficult too. With prices going sky high, buying a home in Toronto has become quite difficult due to rising prices, rise in rents, strict lending policies, and stress tests. Though prices have stabilized recently, still more measures need to be taken.

Do real estate agents in Toronto have a cake job? Well, it is one of the lucrative jobs in Toronto and it does pay well. With real estate diplomas a sought-after qualification, the job comes in with perks and yes, the stress of the sales.

But should real estate agents be on social media and do business there as well? Oh yes, they should! After all, the most successful real estate agents have earned the trust of their clientele. This however does not happen overnight.

These relationships are built gradually in time based on friendly discussion, giving clients helpful advice, and demonstrating expertise thoughtfully and tactfully. In terms of real estate agents being on social media, they should know that it is an incredibly useful tool.

How can real estate agents make the most of social media?

Whether they are real estate agents selling suburban homes, condos, Toronto lofts, apartments, lakeside cottages or mansions; if they are ready to start making the most of their social media accounts then this is how they can do it right:

1. Making a plan of action

One of the most common mistakes agents make in social media is neglecting their existing social media presence. They should plan ahead of time which can help them ensure that they always have something informative, entertaining in their hands. They can even plan when to post things that are beautiful and even plain.

For this to work, they should start thinking about the kind of content they would like to create ranging from video tours, team photos, and blog posts to virtual tours and the like. They should be ready to track their outcomes using analytics to determine what works and what doesn’t.

2. Being consistent with their actions

In terms of social media marketing, real estate agent should never forget building credibility in time. For this to happen, they must make a schedule for their social media activities and stick with it.

The best posting times and frequencies differ from one business to another. Yet, consistency is the key, and taking out time to work on the content and then delegating social media tasks when needed works well. Other than that, the schedule they make should be sustainable.

3. Looking for the right tools

Every real estate agent would love to post on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram at least once each day, and more often when it comes to Twitter. When things become hectic, these tasks are easily forgotten and hence need to be prioritized.

Thankfully, a wide variety of tools are present to help them stay on the right track. Tools like CoSchedule and Buffer allow them to automatically schedule their posts as well as utilizing a host of other features.

4. Utilizing images to the max

Beautiful images are powerful marketing tools for real estate agents, ranging from high-quality listing images to vibrant neighborhood pictures. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

This is the reason Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among people today. To capitalize on their target audience’s imagination, real estate agents should consider investing in photos taken and designed professionally.

5. Centering on neighborhoods

Ranging from detailed neighborhood guides to shout-outs for small businesses, community content works quite well for real estate agents. It helps them showcase their local expertise, and buyers always search for such content.

Community content gives real estate agents a valid reason to utilize and post beautiful pictures which then makes buyers desirous of exploring the areas the real estate agents work in. To make content easy to search, location hashtags should be added when needed.

6. Utilizing present resources at hand

No real estate agent has to dig in deep to look for inspiration to use social media. From their listings to their client testimonials as well as images of them working, real estate agents are more than likely to have a truckload of content at their fingertips.

It is however true that some posts require more work than others, they should not compromise on available resources at hand. Since everyone wants to see what is in the market, they also want to get to know the agent too.

7. Authenticity should be maintained

Real estate agents can use social media for marketing, but it also does not mean it should be objective. The idea of real estate agents using social media is to build creativity in time and be a part of their followers’ lives in a natural way.

They can only do it if they are communicating their way uniquely. If they are genuine then their followers will recognize them.


A lot of real estate agents are social people, but interpersonal skills are a must to make it big social media. The best thing is that they can be sharpened over time. When they plan ahead of time and use their social media accounts right, they can obtain insights into their clients’ needs and create connections lasting a lifetime.

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