Top 10 Tips To Score Full Marks In Class 8 Maths

We strive to be the best and be at the top of our game at all times. Similarly, if you’re taking a CBSE Class 8 exam, Mathematics will be the only subject that can assist you achieve your goals. Because mathematics is the only subject in CBSE Class 8 where pupils can get a perfect score on the exam. However, in order to achieve full marks or to excel in Mathematics, you must prepare well and work diligently.

Mathematics is regarded as a nightmare for kids preparing for the CBSE Class 8th examinations. Some pupils who enjoy playing with numbers consider mathematics to be enjoyable. Good grades aren’t a problem, but getting better grades necessitates dedication.

Math is not a linguistic subject; it is entirely dependent on numbers. You either get the answer right or wrong, which means you have a chance to achieve a perfect score in this subject. Preparing properly will undoubtedly aid you in receiving full marks in the Maths topic.

Mathematics is not a topic that can be learned and mastered in a single day. It is a subject that assists pupils in developing rational thinking and a logical attitude. Scroll down to see Class 8 Mathematics preparation strategies to stay on top of your game and stay on top of the competition. Students must become familiar with the question structure and topic weighting to achieve excellent scores.

Students are put under a lot of pressure to perform well in tests if they don’t know how to employ an appropriate exam approach, which leads to anxiety and tension. The following are some pointers to assist students in planning their studies and performing well in tests.

It’s crucial to understand the fundamental principles in each chapter because they’ll assist you to prepare for competitive examinations like JEE and NEET. You may always use NCERT Solutions to obtain the greatest understanding of any subject in CBSE, as each chapter is discussed in detail. Students can simply gain higher marks in the examination by learning from textbook solutions without the help of teachers, therefore saving time and without having to attend tuition or a coaching center. One of the most crucial topics, mathematics, necessitates a strong foundation. Students must solve and practice a wide range of questions found in textbooks. Students can refer to reference books for solutions like RS Aggarwal for Class 8 Mathematics, RD Sharma for 8th Class Maths, etc. Students should strictly adhere to the section of the syllabus provided by CBSE.

Students should use a study agenda to keep their schedule and preparation more structured. NCERT textbooks and NCERT response sheets must be carried by students. Before creating a schedule, students must first determine their strengths and shortcomings. This would aid pupils in their preparation for CBSE Class 8. The timetable’s objectives should be attainable and simple to achieve. Students should concentrate on comprehending rather than memorizing concepts. If they get stuck while doing the activities, they can consult the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 for help.

When you’ve finished with NCERT, look at the previous year’s question papers. Because CBSE exams follow nearly the same format, answering past year papers will help you understand the types of questions that will be given in the exam, as well as the difficulty level. Practicing past year papers can assist you in developing a sensible plan that you may use when taking the Class 8 CBSE test.


Finishing a topic in mathematics is insufficient for successful CBSE class 8 math preparation. Students should put themselves to the test by completing chapter-by-chapter exercises. NCERT textbook solutions can be used by students to double-check their answers. They can also organize papers from previous years. Along with speed, pupils must also pay attention to accuracy. In math, practice makes a pupil perfect and exact.

Math is a subject that requires continual and effective practice. Students can use their textbooks to assist them to understand difficult subjects, as well as seek aid from their teachers. Students should return to a few ideas and practice the sums daily even after mastering them. They can also utilize the internet and free online worksheets and workbooks to familiarize themselves with a variety of sums related to the same theme.

If you want to get a good grade, you should concentrate on the difficult chapters and make sure you comprehend all of the ideas. 

Complete the first few chapters, such as quadrilaterals, geometry, and algebraic expressions, before moving on to the others. This is because these subjects are the most difficult, and the knowledge you master now will be applied to future exams. As a result, always prioritize finishing the difficult tasks over the easier ones. Students are encouraged to use the NCERT Solutions by CBSE. This is because each subject is presented in chapters. Students gain a fundamental understanding of a topic and know what to concentrate on to perform well on a test. The NCERT Mathematics Solutions might also assist you in your JEE preparation. 

Referring to NCERT textbooks is the finest strategy to achieve remarkable results in class 8 math. This can assist pupils in solving more relevant issues and sums. These practical and interactive strategies might help students do well in their CBSE class 8 maths exams. Students’ academic backgrounds are built on a strong foundation of math. You will undoubtedly do well in your class 8 maths exams if you follow the methods and ideas offered on this site.

Three common blunders to avoid when studying for CBSE Class 8 Math:

  1. Avoid missing courses with low marks or weight because the principles learnt in Class 8 will be useful in future exams.
  2. Never attempt to answer a question if you are unsure of the topic. It won’t get you anywhere and will only waste your time.
  3. Do not attempt to learn Mathematics with those who are attempting to avoid it at all costs.

Finally, set aside one hour for study and one hour for practise. At least twice a week, use this method. Remembering these pointers and avoiding typical blunders will undoubtedly help you score well on the CBSE Class 8 Mathematics exam.


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