What Is a Duplicate Photo Finder and Why Should You Use One?

The average American has around 630 photos in their phone’s camera roll. But they no doubt have thousands more in their iCloud or Google drive. 

And if you like photography and own a DSLR, too? You will have photo files coming out of your ears!

If you love taking photos and sharing them, you likely have the same images saved on several devices, taking up valuable storage space. What you need is a duplicate photo finder. This program will save you storage space and money you spend on that storage space, and it will help you keep your files organized.

Not sure what one is or how it will help? Read on for a guide that explains it all.

What Is a Duplicate Photo Finder?

A duplicate photo finder is software that does exactly what you expect it to do. You can download this program onto your laptop or computer and use it to find photos with the same metadata. 

This means even if you have given one of the files a new name but not the other, the software should still find duplicate images. 

The software can also find similar and duplicate photos so you don’t end up keeping photos that look too alike. For example, many smartphones take burst photos, allowing you to choose a specific frame to keep as an image. This software will help cut the frames you do not want to keep.

Why Should You Use a Duplicate Photo Finder?

If you are not the most organized person in the world, you may have more duplicate images than you think. Figuring out how to find duplicate photos without a program is a huge time-suck and there is tons of room for human error.

Unorganized DSLR photographers could gain from using a duplicate image finder if they copy photos from memory cards a lot. They may capture some photos and copy them, but realize the card has tons of space left and keep using the same memory card. And then they might upload everything on the memory card, forgetting some photos are already copied!

For photographers that shoot in RAW and JPEG formats, that is a lot of wasted storage.

Or if you are an avid social media user, you may upload the same photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others. Your phone might save every single upload and store the same photo four times. The software will take care of this issue for you.

The Best Duplicate Photo Finder for You

There is duplicate photo finder mac software available as well as Microsoft and others. 

Here are some options for you to research:

  • MacPaw
  • CCleaner
  • VisiPics

Depending on what system you use, the best duplicate photo finder for you might be different from the best for someone else.

Store Your Photos Like a Pro

It may not seem like the most urgent of tasks, but people take more photos nowadays than ever, and it is hard to keep up. Using a duplicate photo finder will clear out the excess and make your life easier. You’ll be thanking your past self the next time you need one single photo from five years ago and you find it straight away.

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