Why and how to use digital signage to boost brands

Advertising is an industry that will never run out of business, as it supports all other sectors of the economy and boosts a business’s brand name and profits. The advertising industry in Australia is highly profitable and offers several avenues for brands to increase their consumer base. These avenues are effective, according to many studies. For example, billboards in Australia help brands reach more than 80% of the population.

Digital signage in Australia contributes majorly to the worth of the advertising industry because of its versatility. Digital signage comes in many forms and styles, allowing brands and advertisers creative freedom. Billboards were some of the earliest forms of advertising, with historians finding primitive billboards in sites of ancient civilizations. From these primitive signs to today, billboards are digital with flashing lights, colors, effects, and more.


Digital signage can come in varying sizes, shapes, designs, and technology. Brands can commission several unique types of billboards and digital signage today, but they also need an efficient message and advertising strategy for digital signage to be effective. Several factors work together to make successful signboards, and advertisers must ensure they use these various features to their maximum effect.

The Message

The message on the billboard refers to the subject matter of the advertisement. For example, a cosmetics brand using digital signage will probably be advertising one of its products. This advertisement will have a concept that highlights the benefits of the products or its USP.

Advertisers should choose relevant digital signage technology for the advertisement’s theme. For example, if the product is a bronzer, advertisers can use sparkle effects on the signboard to boost the advertisement’s effects.

Similarly, there are numerous other visual and audio effects that digital signage manufacturers provide with their models. Brands and advertisers can choose from this vast array of models depending on their budget and message.

The Location

The central point of a digital signboard is the visuals. When considering visuals, advertisers have to pay attention to location and position. A digital signboard does not require vast amounts of space, but there are other parameters that advertisers have to check. The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has stipulations regarding a billboard’s location for advertisers to follow. Advertisers must find an optimal position within government stipulations and a prime location with regular crowds.

Another factor to consider while choosing a signage location is relevance. The billboard location should be relevant to the product and where a relevant audience is likely to visit. For example, a cosmetic brand can have digital signage in malls with their outlets, encouraging people to visit the shop.

The Attraction Factor

Digital signage is a popular medium of advertising for its direct reach with customers, its proven efficacy. Digital signage in Australia also comes with several custom features that can engage people around the signboard.

As almost every brand in Australia has a digital signboard across the nation, the brand’s signage must stand out among the crowd. This attraction factor could be auditory, visual or both. Audio effects refer to music, sounds or SFX in the content itself. Visual effects refer to the use of lights and computer graphics to create unique visuals.

Combining both aesthetically and uniquely ensures maximum audience engagement and reflects in increased sales and customer base .


The primary reason billboards and signage exist today is because of the various benefits the medium offers. It is versatile, cost-efficient, effective, and malleable to any concept. Studies prove that billboards contribute more than 25% to a brand’s boost in sales. Digital signage in Australia provides ample opportunity for advertisers to promote brands.

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