Why do Sydneysiders Love to Buy Sneakers?

If you are a person that loves looking at rare and beautiful sneakers, you should try to join sneaker events or conventions around Sydney. One event that took place in 2018 was Sneaker Con, which is the world’s biggest sneaker convention that any sneakerhead dreams of going to. It was the first Sneaker Con that Sydney experienced, held at the International Convention Centre (ICC), wherein thousands of sneakerheads attended the convention. 

You should know that becoming a sneakerhead is not something that happens overnight. Usually, it starts when you get your first pair of the best rare sneakers Sydney offers and then slowly learn about other sneakers enticing you. You need to find out more about why a Sydneysider becomes a sneakerhead to understand the culture better. 

  1. Love for Sneakers

The main and most obvious reason a Sydneysider becomes a sneakerhead is that they fell in love. People will always be attracted to something, and sneakers are no different than people who love collecting cars, watches, or clothes. In some cases, their love for sneakers can grow so much that they have a large closet filled with all kinds of sneakers. 

It does not matter whether you love Yeezy’s more than Jordan’s because every person has a unique taste. If you have a specific shoe that you love wearing or looking at all the time, you can already consider yourself a sneakerhead because you love sneakers. At one point, you might even want to learn the history of sneakers and slowly transition to other brands and designs because they have piqued your interest. 

  1. Feeling of Nostalgia

People from Sydney might tell you they love sneakers because of the feeling of nostalgia that hits them every time they wear them or hold it in their hands. You can find that the best rare sneakers Sydney has to offer are usually the classics, specifically Air Jordan’s. They have been around since the ’90s, and it was one of the most famous shoes that have been worn by the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. 

Besides the Jordan sneakers, other classic shoes manufactured in the ’90s are still being produced today, like the Nike Cortez. You will see young, adult, and old Sydneysiders wearing Cortez’s because of its unique and timeless appearance. The nostalgic feeling of seeing something old being created again is the best experience most sneakerheads get. 


  1. Overall Style and Appeal

You can find sneakerheads in Sydney that wear the sneakers more than display them in glass boxes. The reason for wearing them is that they simply look amazing on anyone’s feet, as long as they are paired with the right clothes. They can be mixed and matched with other types of clothing, making them the most customizable pieces within your fashion. 

The Yeezys look great when you pair them with jogger pants and a hoodie, while Jordan’s will look good with a sports shirt and NBA basketball shorts. No matter what style you want, there is a big chance that you can pull it off with the right sneakers. Even something as simple as a different colorway can alter your overall appearance. 

Being a sneakerhead in Sydney can be amazing because you will hear other people talking about how your shoes look great and unique. You might even see other people wearing rare sneakers, convincing you to purchase and add them to your growing sneaker collection.

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