10 Tips To Sell And Promote Wall Prints

As an artist, creating art is not enough, you need to promote it as well. By promoting your prints you can reach a mass audience and can sell the prints to earn money.

The most important thing is to promote art in a successful manner to target potential buyers to achieve the needed success.

Here are some tips for you to sell or promote wall prints.

Use Portfolios


One can go to photo studios to click photos in different styles and angles, to create a portfolio of pictures. Portfolios should have high exposure of photographs, each image should have a text with a strong link.

Interior Design Market

You should also consider the interior design market to understand current designs, trends and build up your artwork. Accordingly, which are more selling pieces in the market. Reach out to designers whose style matches your artwork to increase your business.

Go to Retailers

Work with retailers to sell your artwork either through consignment or on a wholesale basis. Build your relationship with them to bring in income for your artwork.

Retailers include Walmart,dollar stores, best buy etc. Also include small stalls in local malls, they sell artwork at a good price keeping their margins low.

Make A Website

Making websites is in trend,it adds much of a viewer approach to your work. Create a website to promote your artwork in a way so that it should be up to date,high quality and works correctly.

So that buyers can find your work online and interact with you about your artwork details before buying it.

Make small blogs on your websites or write guest posts for other sites talking about your artwork to reach out to more audiences in an easy way.

Reach Out To Bloggers

Nowadays blogging is in trend. It will capture more audiences through an online platform like social media.

Select and give them a piece of your artwork and ask them to write about it on their page,
as well as with your artwork.

Start Online Shop

When you display and sell your artwork in local venues,your audience becomes limited. Starting up an online shop will add more access to your work, expand your audience and uplift your sales. opening an online shop is a benefit.

It captures more audience, showcases more of your work,it is cost-effective and no money is required for investment. In an online shop, you can add or showcase different prints every day. It is a smart business option for anyone starting a new venture.

Use Instagram and Facebook Page

It is a creative platform to run flash sales by offering trending art prints like these at a certain discount price for a limited time. Also offering sales on limited edition prints on a particular date and time.

Further, providing a link to an online shop makes it easier for people to find your stuff online.


From the above tips, one can get a clear picture of what should be done to promote prints on a larger scale. These ways, if used in the right manner will help you to earn money.

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