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How does Google Ads serve to be a Boon to Growing Businesses?

The competition in the online business sector is increasing with each passing day. One needs to be smart as well as professional to compete with your rivals. You need to set your business priorities right to invest right. Investing right helps you increase brand awareness and generate potential leads. One such wise investment is in google advertisement. Good AdWords helps to create brand awareness and increase the process of revenue generation. Google ads work wonders no matter what place you are in. Be it google ad Australia, it will attract the desired audience and generate leads. As Google ads are free from demographic boundaries.

What are Google Ads? How does it Work?

Google ads use the advertising platform of Google to display advertisements. Google ads being quick in its results is highly recommended for growing businesses to seek the attention of the desired target audience and generate a solid customer base. Using an optimized Google Adword campaign helps you to reach your goals real fast. It helps the ads to reach the top of SERP and get maximum exposure to the audience.

Types of Google Ads

Google ads are of several types. Each can be used in your favor to create brand awareness and generate maximum leads. Following are the types of google ads:

  • Text Ads

A text ad is composed of three components, a headline, URL, and descriptive text. This format uses Google’s search and display network. The length of the description text can be 90 characters. Text ads show in the search according to the keywords related to ad groups.

  • Responsive Ads

These are more flexible. Responsive ads display on a website or a mobile app and they adjust their size depending on the medium. Responsive ads are a great fit for mobiles.

  • Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are used for online businesses. These ads give information about the product, its price, and its description. You need to have an account in the Google Merchant center to operate shopping ads. The advertiser pays when someone clicks on the ad.

  • Image Ads

Image ads make use of images and animations. You are in a better position to attract your customers. Image ads give a visual representation of your ad and help you to seek the attention of desired target audience. These are visible in the Google display network.

  • Video ads 

Video ads have a much more impact on the audience than image ads but at the same time, they are more costly. Video ads are displayed on Google partner websites such as Youtube. They are of three types, In-stream ads, bumper ads, and video discovery ads.     

  • App Promotion Ads

These ads are useful for businesses that have their online app. App promotion apps  are linked to Play stores and app stores from where customers can directly download them.

  • Call-only ads

Call-only ads are beneficial as they give proper human interaction to the customer and their queries. Customers can directly make a call by clicking the ad. It is used for local businesses.



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