4 Cocktails to Try This Winter

A party with friends on the weekend is all you need to relax from the week-long tiresome work. What else you need on the weekend is a cocktail party with your friends. The cocktails have gone through many changes over the years, and what’s now trending is the premixed cocktails. It is because of the ease of making and serving within minutes. 

These cocktails are easy to make as you need to open the bottle and pour it away. In addition, these cocktails have a shelf life between two weeks to three months, an added advantage over the typical cocktails.

With these cocktails, you need not worry about the mixing ratios and recipe of different ones. When friends are over, open the bottle and serve.

You have plenty of cocktails to choose from when inviting your friend over. You can make the following varieties of cocktails during this weekend.

  • Bourbon Old Fashioned

It is considered a staple drink by many, and it has been around 200 years. Even after so many years, this drink remains relevant and trending. This may be because of the simplicity of the drink and the ease to make it within minutes. It takes no more than time to make a cup of tea. The old drink hits at the right spots when you take a sip- a little whisky, water, sugar and a bit bitterness.

  • Manhattan

It is a classic cocktail seen in bars for more than a century now. It was invented in New York City’s Manhattan Club. This mix of bourbon and bitters garnished with brandied cherries and sweet vermouth makes it one of the best classic drinks. A modern twist to the cocktail can be seen with a lemon twist instead of brandied cherries.

  • Margarita

How can Margarita not be on this list? A classic margarita combines the tanginess of the lime, the sweetness of orange liqueur, and the punch of white tequila hits the right chords. The origin of the drink is still unknown, but some say it is a twist-off Spanish cocktail daisy, while others believe it originated in Mexico. In some recipes, the orange liqueur is optional, while some make it mandatory.

  • Bloody Mary

If you want to drink a cocktail in the morning with breakfast, the bloody mary is the right choice. The modern version of the drink tends to be heavily garnished to make up for the spicy flavour. The traditionalists prefer it with little or no garnish. With lemon juice, tomato juice, pepper, salt, and Tabasco, all topped with vodka, a bloody mary packs up some nutritional value, making it the best drink to cure hangovers.

These drinks are the best ones to choose from for a cocktail party with your friends. These drinks will be a favourite of many of your guests, and you will have a blast saying cheers to them in the evening. 

Some cocktails are a bit tough to make and take more time than other drinks. To avoid the hassle of making a cocktail now and then during the party, you can buy some premixed cocktails, which are ready to serve and have. It is a good idea to keep some of these in stock when inviting guests for the weekend. These cocktails will surely make the evening fun.

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