5 Leading Employment Sectors in Australia for Skilled Immigrants

The prospects of working in another country, or rather, a stronger economy than your own, is certainly tempting. Not only does it give you a new experience and much more money, but it also opens you up to new experiences, opportunities and an entirely different way of life than your own! 

Australia, for that matter, attracts several people every year who are keen to explore employment opportunities and a better quality of wife. One primary reason is the nation’s strong economy (that means well-paying jobs), better opportunities with policies in place for every sector and profession and a quality of life that is at par with any of the other developed countries in the world. To encourage immigrants to experience the Australian way of life, the Department of Home Affairs has enlisted different visas like the TSS visa, business visa, permanent entry visa (with precise criteria for each class).

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa is one of the most common visa types among skilled immigrants. It allows Australian employers to sponsor a person from overseas to work in their business. Enlisted below are some in-demand job sectors (and jobs) that can help amplify your chances of qualifying for this type of visa.


  • Finance & Accounting

Skilled and qualified accountants seeking work opportunities in Australia must have sound technical accounting skills, are familiar with accounting standards, and have experience with primary and publicly traded companies. Additionally, payrollers with end-to-end payroll experience, knowledge of specialised payroll systems like MicrOpay and Preceda are also in demand. 


The Australian job market has only seen exponential demand for commercial analysts in recent years. They are needed to possess strong technical abilities, such as Tableau and Power BI and are required to work with a company to deliver commercial insights.

  • Architecture

In response to a rise in new home construction, residential drafters with experience and the ability to do design work for kit and custom design homes are in demand. Along with that, the need for environmental planners with public sector experience is on the rise. Urban town planners have also seen a surge in parks and community assets, business and residential precincts, public transportation terminals, and common areas. However, the prerequisite to qualify for these jobs is necessary prior work experience with local authorities or council codes and standards.

  • Banking

Commercial Development Managers, brokers, and lending managers with mortgage or business lending and credit experience are in high demand in Australia’s banking jobs market. 

Due to increased volumes and growth goals, credit analysts with experience in residential and commercial lending are also needed, along with risk and compliance managers.

  • Education

A leading champion of nearly 100 per cent literacy rate for ages, Australia’s education sector has always strived to boost and further broaden this field of economy. Hence, educators, trainers, assessors, along with special skill teachers, have always found employment and home here. 

Early childhood teachers, educational coordinators, high school teachers in the subject areas of technology, mathematics, and science are in high demand. Along with this, qualified trainers and assessors within vocational education with industry experience and training qualifications are in continuous demand in Australia’s job market. 


  • Energy


The demand for grid engineers/managers with project development and construction management experience is exacerbated by traffic congestion and system weaknesses in recent years. Additionally, CEC Accredited electricians who can operate on a growing variety of solar projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors have also seen a rise in their services.


Due to recent investments in clean energy projects and the resulting surge in activity, electrical engineers and R&D analysts in these fields have gained newfound popularity and increased their demand. Power systems engineers with experience working across power generation, transmission, distribution components, energy storage, biofuels, and power generation are also needed.

Due to a rise in solar projects, from domestic to utility, CEC Accredited Electrical Engineers who can take on principal responsibilities with design consultants and owner-operators are relatively in demand, as are structural designers whose skills are required in design consultancies.

One of the simplest ways to obtain a TSS visa for working in Australia is finding employers and consultancies in the above sectors. Over the years, many immigrants have successfully managed to make the shift from a temporary visa to PR.

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