7 Top Tools Of PDFBear That Can Offer You A Quick Solution

We all want immediate action for many document-related concerns. The world is too busy to be too patient for a slow interface and for a slow process. If a tool cannot guarantee you a fast method, better look for a quicker option. You can find hundreds of more instantaneous tools on the internet. 

One of these tools is PDFBear. This is a website that features various tools that can work for your documents. These tools are known for giving users an immediate solution for their papers. In just a tap away, everything will be granted. If you want to learn more about the tools they offer, check these out!

Rotate PDF Tool

This is one of the useful tools provided by PDFBear free of charge. The tool allows you to rotate PDF based on any angles you wish. Rotate your PDF files quickly and conveniently with just a few taps on its toolbox. The site brings a simple solution to a stressful task when you have a lot of files that need to be rotated. 

Whether the files are intended for your boss or your professor, the site’s toolbox can offer you a helping hand. Whatever angles you choose, be it may at 90, 180, or 270 degrees, the tool will deliver the best service.

Merge PDF Tool

If you already have a lot of PDFs spread on your computer but cannot delete them since they hold essential details, this is the right time to use PDFBear’s merge PDF tool. This tool allows you to combine multiple PDFs in just a few taps. 

This is one of the handiest PDF merger tools you can find on the web today. The PDF merging tool simply takes seconds to compile your individual documents and allows you to view the merged copy of your PDFs. 

Split PDF Tool

However, in contrast to the merger tool, the website also offers this split PDF tool that allows you to split your PDFs into individual pages in a matter of moments. The tool also assures a safe method. No personal data will be stolen. PDFBear ensures that their users will be protected from prying eyes. 

You can go to PDFBear if you are now searching for a free online platform where you can separate PDF files. This digital tool is free to use. You can also opt for its paid membership in order to get more access to the other online features under the website.

PDF Editor

If you wish to edit some of your PDFs because your employer or your professor asked you to make some changes, this PDF editor can offer you a helping hand. The tool is 100% sure that they give you excellent output. 

The PDF Editor helps users to edit their PDFs directly. You can include text and photographs to it. You can also highlight particular paragraphs and even create some circles and arrows. Whenever you need to modify your current contents in the original PDF format, try the website’s service. 

Document Converter Tool

PDFBear can also get your files converted to any format you wish through their converter tool. Whether you want your PDF to be converted to Word or vice versa, PDFBear’s converter can offer you a helping hand. It is also 100% free and safe. 

Add Watermark Tool

You can now add an image or a text as a watermark on your PDFs using this tool from PDFBear. You can conveniently insert any form of watermarks into your PDFs for free.  Pick from several ways to add your desired watermark. The tool gives you a lot of options to choose from. 

After selecting your preferred watermark, pick a spot where you would like to see it. You can put the logo at the bottom of each page. The best part of this tool is its ability to serve various platforms. So, if you’re surfing Chrome or even using your desktop or phone, there’s no problem creating a watermark for your documents. 

Unlock PDF Tool

Removing the password from your PDFs has been made easy with PDFBear. This tool can quickly delete passwords for you and decrypt your PDF documents. The website has built a feature that can decrypt your files with only a few taps. 

This actually makes PDFBear more helpful than other web-based tools. From uploading to importing, and the entire process in-between, they can guarantee you it’ll be faster than making tea.


If you wish your files to be converted to another format, to get them unlocked, add some watermarks on them, or split them into individual pages, PDFBear gives you the quick solution. It can also assure the safest method—no wonder why it has become a primary tool for students and professionals. Visit the website now and see how the magic happens within its toolbox.

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