A Guide to Make Sure You Are Well-Dressed!

Well, it comes without any surprise that the way you dress helps people make a perception about you,

Yes, there are no right or wrong dresses, though, dressing according to the place and occasion is very important.

By choosing not to do so, you may end up embarrassing yourself. But do not worry, here are a few tips that might help you pick out some outfits for yourselves.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Occasion

The first step towards achieving a perfect look is understanding the occasion for which you have to dress.

Suppose the occasion is like a birthday party or a formal event. On birthday’s you could wear anything that looks cheery and happy as it’s a celebration time! Talking about formals, one should keep in mind the colours should not be tacky, and the length of the dress should be appropriate.

Anything very designer wouldn’t go with formals.

  • The Colour for the Day

As uncommon as it sounds, the truth is, colours play a crucial role. More than the dress, it also depends on the colour, how much attention it gets. While decoding the colour you want, ask yourself what look do you want to show? Bold or subtle? Colours for a subtle look would be more like beige, pastels or lighter shades of any colour. If you decide to go with the bold look, you could wear as much funky colour as you like. It includes all the darker and solid shades.

  • Contrast or Matching

One common mistake people make is finding a middle ground somewhere and trying to fit their clothing with something matching and something in contrast. It might work for some, although, as usual, it’s easy to pick one side simply. If you decide to go with contrast, you can simply wear opposite colours in terms of shades. While matching, you can look forward to the colour combinations. That is, simply searching for the darker or lighter shades of one colour that you decide to wear.

  • Footwear Is Very Important

Footwear is like the icing on the cake! You definitely cannot compromise here. Meanwhile, many love wearing sneakers under each dress, and some prefer heels under dresses. But the best thing you could do is to increase your variety. But, it’s not that you must hoard different kinds of footwear. Though, having one of each kind, like a pair of sneakers, a simple pair of heels, bellies, boots, etc., would come in very handy!

  • Accessorise

There is a small line between looking trendy and overdoing yourself. Accessorising yourself with something minimal gives a graceful look. Maybe wearing simply one ring, one watch, and a simple pendant would suffice in a daytime event. Although in a concert, you can wear as many rings and hair clip-ons as you want! It is just about the type of crowd you expect in both places.

  • Carry Yourself Well

Until you do this, all the above will fail. It doesn’t matter how good you dress until you know how to carry it. To carry yourself within clothes in the right way is also an art that comes with time, practice and self-awareness.

  • Keep Backup for Safety

This can be a lifesaver. If you’re wearing a pretty dress to a party, then carrying a couple of safety pins wouldn’t hurt. Sometimes, dresses just tear, or mishaps happen. So, it’s best if you are prepared for such unforeseen circumstances.

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