How to Convert PDF to PDF/A for Long-Term File Storage

The use of PDF is crucial in today’s technological world to secure files from corruption and illegal alterations that may occur during the process of delivering them to various devices. The Portable Document Format has proven to be an essential communications tool. Many people use this digital format for correspondence while writing confidential and important documents in numerous professions.

Because consumers rely on PDF for so many crucial tasks, it’s critical to ensure that it’s accurate and accessible for a long time. As a result, it becomes necessary to convert PDF to PDF/A. To enhance an existing PDF file, you must first become familiar with and grasp the tools available to personalize it; this is where GogoPDF comes in. PDFBear includes a PDF to PDF/A converter. Color action plans, font assistance, and a user interface for viewing integrated notes are all included in the PDF/A file.

PDF to PDF/A Conversion Tool of GogoPDF

Convert PDF to PDFA using GogoPDF for saving files in the long run and to ensure its quality. GogoPDF is a platform that allows users to visit the website using a variety of browsers and devices without affecting its functioning. Anyone who isn’t familiar with PDF tools should go to this website. It’s a technique that allows you to convert PDF to PDFA or the other way around. You do not need to be concerned about its legitimacy because it is frequently used.

The best aspect is that you won’t have to pay forth a lot of cash for software. It also offers lightning-quick customer service for PDF files. You can access the website at any time and from any location, but there is one stipulation. In your location, internet service should be readily available. You won’t be able to view the website or use any of its services if you don’t have it.

Another feature of GogoPDF to notice is that it is compatible with main operating systems like Mac, Linux, IOS, and Windows. Furthermore, it will run smoothly regardless of the browser you are using. As a result, you have the option of using whatever device and browser you want to access the conversion tool.

GogoPDF does an excellent job of protecting all of the data contained in the submitted files. Its usage of 256-bit SSL encryption technology ensures consumers that the server will not enable any type of data leak. It has a strong security mechanism that deletes files an hour after they are uploaded to the website. Unauthorized individuals will not be able to access your files thanks to the rigorous security measure. You don’t have to be concerned about the security of your documents now that you know this. It runs all of its activities on the cloud, so it won’t eat up any of your device’s storage space.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

The website is also user-friendly, with an easy-to-follow manual that will help you and meet your conversion goals. Look for PDFBear in your browser. Then, under the list of tools, click the “PDF to PDF/A” icon. Choose a file from your PC or Dropbox. The file will then be instantly uploaded using the online interface. Decide the level of PDF/A conformance.

Click the ” Convert to PDF/A” icon after selecting the conformance level. Finally, within two minutes, you will be able to download the converted document. Users must be aware of the PDF/A saving options. Each choice corresponds to a different level of conformity. The levels make it easier to keep track of different items or details in your digital project, and they support things like layers and effects.

A PDF with the extension PDF/A-1b can be viewed and read on a computer monitor. However, the text’s legibility cannot be guaranteed. If you want to create an archival version of your document, use PDF/A-2b. This version will preserve all of your document’s elements and create a mirror duplicate for you. The “u” in PDF/A-2u stands for Unicode. This version enables businesses to ensure that document text may be searched and copied with confidence.

Dynamic material is prohibited in PDF/A. PDF/A guarantees that readers will see the precise material today and in the future. Furthermore, it eliminates the content’s ability to be reproduced in the future. All of the elements required to render the document precisely, such as fonts, color profiles, photos, and so on, must be included in the PDF/A file.

More Tools From GogoPDF

Protect PDFs With a Password

People have been attempting for years to discover a means to protect their confidential digital information against illegal access and copying for years. Fortunately, anyone can create a code for any file they choose with GogoPDF’s Protect PDF application. To ensure that the code is unique and that no one can guess it, GogoPDF allows you to establish a personalized password with at least nine or more alphanumeric characters.

Compress PDFs for Compact File Sizes

If you’re experiencing problems emailing or uploading any of your digital files online, you may have over the file size restriction. When this happens, all you’ll need is a tool that can shrink your file. Fortunately, GogoPDF has it all. The GogoPDF compressor program can reduce the file size by up to 70%. With GogoPDF, you can rest assured that your file’s quality and format will be preserved.

Merge PDFs Into One File

GogoPDF also provides a free merging tool that allows users to combine as many files as they wish to better manage their files. It will save you time looking for the documents you need to see or read if you have your files organized.


PDF/A is an upgraded version of the ISO-compliant portable document format. Both are trustworthy document formats, but PDF/A offers greater security and ensures that a file remains accessible and correct for a longer time. Online converters such as GogoPDF make it simple to convert PDF to PDF/A. Anyone who wants to use GogopDF as a personal PDF/A Converter should do so. This software will help you with whatever you need, and you’ll have a lot less trouble with all of the challenging PDF file-related activities.

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