All You Need to Know About FiberSense CEO Dr. Mark Englund

One thing about launching an idea and bringing it to life is that it requires an individual or team ready to defy the odds. You see, all entrepreneurs face challenges through this journey, and how they deal with the challenges is what separates successful entrepreneurs from those that quit because of the challenges along the way.

Here, we are going to discuss in more detail the individual behind FiberSense. As you may know, FiberSense is a relatively new and next-generation data capturing and rendering technology. Its application intends to make our lives safer and enhance our survival abilities.

 This technology is rapidly increasing in popularity and use, which leaves many people wondering about the person behind FiberSense. For this reason, this piece is here to explain in more detail the brains behind FiberSense.

 Everything You Need to Know About Fibersence CEO?

 If you are wondering who is Dr. Mark Englund, this article will give a detailed view of who he is.


 Dr. Mark Englund is a renowned serial entrepreneur and an Engineer who is Australian in nationality. Dr. Mark pursued his higher studies at the Charles Darwin University from the year 1990-1994. During this period, Dr. Mark Englund deservingly gained a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering and Engineering.

 And from the year 1999-2004, Dr. Mark would attend the University of Sydney where he was able to attain a Doctor of Philosophy in Physics. That’s not all, this FiberSense CEO has a vast background in the following fields:

 · Ph.D. in Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR), particularly in Fibre Optic Sensors and

 · Engineering

 Dr. Mark didn’t start working on SONAR or Fibre Optic Sensors recently. His experience in this field dates back to the late 90s. During this time, he was able to specialize in advanced and innovative Sound Navigation and Ranging studies.

 He did this by utilizing the fiber sensors in Adelaide, Australia at the Defence Science and Technology.

 His Portfolio

 Moving on, Dr. Mark Englund was then chosen to secondment the USA’s Research Laboratory, which was in Washington DC. And in the year 2001, Dr. Mark Englund would go on to co-found Redfern Optical Components Pty Ltd.

 TE Connectivity Limited would later acquire this company from Dr. Mark and the other co-founder after necessary agreements. Dr. Mark Englund moved on to become a managing director at TE Subcom, which is a fully owned subsidiary of TE Connectivity. After such experience, Dr. Mark is now the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FiberSense.

 And about 6 years ago, which was in 2015, Dr. Mark started working on a project that would utilize FiberSense to capture events and movements in cities over broad grids and in real-time. This new technology uses the setup and operational fiber assets in large cities to detect and record vibrations when they happen in real-time.

 These vibrations may be from nearby objects surrounding the fiber assets and are recorded by using VIDAR.

VIDAR is short for Vibration Detection and Ranging and utilizes the FiberSense principles to detect and capture vibrations as they happen in real-time. And it’s a project that Dr. Mark Englund has been working on since 2015.

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