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Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Our world has undergone mass digitalization in the past 30 years resulting in a complete transformation of our lives. For the past decade, specifically, the graph of advancement in technology has been exceptionally vertical. Computers are evolving rapidly, and so are the tactics and approach of those who run them; developers. App development, database management, game development, software development and web development services are some of the major programming trends in the modern IT industry all of which are developed and maintained with programming languages. This article is focused on web development services and lists the most popular programming languages for 2020.

1. JavaScript

This is certainly the most popular programming language of all time. With its debut in 1996, the language has been widely accepted and appreciated in the web development community. Some may think of JavaScript as a spin-off of Java but in reality, the resemblance of names is merely a marketing strategy by Netscape, the parent company of JavaScript.

The language, along with CSS and HTML, primarily helps in front-end web development services and is used by some very popular websites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and Google for building their web pages and their appealing designs. One of the main attributes of JavaScript is that no compatibility with any operating system is required to code and execute a script as long as a supporting web browser is installed. However, when opting for the language, it is important to remember that at the cost of its simplicity and user-friendliness, JavaScript comes with a few draw-backs. The execution, for example, is slow and there are security risks due to its inability of hiding codes. Similarly, due to not having its own compiler, JavaScript is largely dependent on web browsers for execution.

2. Java

Released in 1991, this coding language is considered to be the big shark of the computer programming industry due to its versatility and large users’ community. According to a research, over 14 billion devices run Java globally in some way. From Android apps and games to high-end software and web development services, Java is extensively used to write a diverse series of programming. Moreover compatibility across a broader range of devices has always given Java an edge over other languages, and is one of the major reasons for its wide popularity. Apart from that, security is another key feature of the language and makes it appealing to all kinds of developers.

Web applications are developed using the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) with an additional support of several web frameworks, which abundantly help in both front and back-end web development. The Standard MVC framework and JavaServer Faces (JSF) are two of the most commonly used frameworks with JEE. Apart from that, the syntax of Java is not all that difficult and for beginners who already have a grasp on HTML and C+, coding with Java is rather easy. Learning from scratch, however, could be relatively challenging.  Some examples of the popular websites that rely on Java include LinkedIn, Ebay and Amazon.

3. Python

This is another popular programming language which holds a prominent place in the community of web development services. Python made its first appearance in 1989 and has since been emerging as a leading platform for AI, Big Data, back-end web development and some other functions. Thanks to its simple and versatile nature, not only is Python easy to learn but also considerably efficient in performing and handling various types of tasks. The syntaxes of the language are impressively concise and flexible compared to Java and some other programming languages, which is the reason it is now being used to teach in universities.

Python is independent of operating systems and has an impressive processing speed. Furthermore Pycharm, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed specifically for Python, provides coding assistance, analysis, error identification and more, which significantly eases programming for developers. In addition, Django, an open-source web framework written in Python, has been widely used for the development of various popular websites including Spotify and Instagram. Python comes with packages which are commonly referred to as ‘libraries’. These libraries contain bulks of reusable codes that can be added to projects that are in progress.   

4. PhP

PhP is another trending programming language which came into existence in 1995. Initially, it was abbreviated as ‘Personal Home Page’, but it was officially modified to Hypertext Preprocessor later. The language is easy to use but learning could also be easy with some prior knowledge of HTML.

PhP is open source and universally compatible across platforms. It can be used to perform multiple functions. Web development services suit it at best, just like JavaScript. With extensive libraries containing a wide range of web frameworks, PhP is one of the best and easiest programming languages for beginners. Apart from that, some of the most popular websites that rely on PhP include Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Tumblr. The biggest defect you may come across in this language is a slower speed compared to its other competitors.

5. Go

Go or Golang is the most recent of all the programming languages for web development services. Formed in 2007 by Google, this language is designed to create simple, reliable and efficient web applications. Just like most of the languages, Go is open source and cross-platform.

Being a modern language, Go has a distinctively high speed and differs from the C based languages in numerous ways. On top of that, it has a unique tendency of deflecting bugs and an efficient garbage collector. However, wielding one edge often costs the other getting blunt and Go comes with its own set of flaws. The biggest defect, which is not a flaw to be exact, is its distinction from the C based languages. Not only does this make it difficult to learn but also lesser flexible. Similarly, there are no third-party modules you can use with Go which may be a major turnoff for a lot of developers in web development services who have previously used Python and Java.

Computer programming is no longer just a regular field of work but has taken the shape of a necessity for the modern world where nearly all of our lives depend on growing technology. When choosing a language for web development services, there are no goods and bads since each one comes with its own set of distinct abilities which they perform best. In fact, learning multiple languages helps make a better and more versatile computer programmer in this era.

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