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6 best web development books for beginners

6 best web development books for beginners. Web Development is one of the most profitable industries right now. Every business needs a website to reach out to its audience and a web developer is a person to help them create it. However, starting your web development career needs some high-level skills.

In this article, we will discuss the best web development books that can help you start or boost your career in a short time. The books are arranged in the order so that you can work on the basics first.

So, let’s dive in to know more about these books.

Importance of HTML and CSS Design

The first skill you need to how to learn code in HTML and CSS. Every web developer needs to learn about coding and HTML is the soul and body of the coding languages. HTML helps you to create or develop the pages and CSS gives a visual form to that page.

Best books to learn HTML and CSS

Book Recommendation 1: A smarter way to Learn HTML & CSS

This is the first book that you should be looking out for as HTML is the basics of web development. Almost every type of code starts with HTML coding. Thus, you should always be looking out for the fundamentals of HTML.

It was written and published by Mark Myers in 2005 for his Web Development course. This book will cover your basics of HTML and CSS. However, most of the part is about the HTML and the author has focused a little less on CSS. You can use it as your ultimate guide to cut your efforts and get more results with them.

Book Recommendation 2: “HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites”

John Duckett has beautifully described the best methods to learn HTML and CSS in this book. It was published in 2001 and has been revisited by the author several times with the updates. This book is not limited to the programmers as Bloggers and designers can also learn a lot from this book.

It is much different than those HTML books that keep you stuck with the basic codes and old methods. This book will teach you to structure websites and the web pages associated with it. Typography and Color Scheme is another important topic covered in this book.

Go for this book if you want to learn a new way to code in HTML and CSS.

JavaScript in Web Development

JavaScript is another important aspect of the web development learning process. It is a dynamic programming language that makes your website responsive without much struggle. It is not limited to website development as a javaScript expert can develop games, 3D graphics, etc.

You can apply its framework to give a unique look to your HTML code and impress your clients with your work. The variables of Javascript makes it one of the most versatile programming languages in the world.

Book recommendation 3: “ A Smarter Way to learn Javascript”

It is one of the most famous books to learn JavaScript written by Mark Myers. He has done a great job of providing some reliable methods to get better results with fewer efforts. The learning process goes smoothly with the well-structured chapters. Each chapter covers a unique topic to help you know everything about JavaScript and its use in web development.

The book includes different chapters and exercises to give you a proper learning experience. We recommend you complete each chapter’s exercise as it needs several rounds of practice to learn.

We can say that this is one of the best web development books to learn javascript. Especially, if you are a beginner and starting your career in web development.

Book Recommendation 4: “JavaScript: The Good Parts”

This book will take you through an amazing journey of learning JavaScript. It was written by Douglas Crockford and was published by Yahoo Press in 2008. The author believes that every programming language has its good and bad parts. However, JavaScript is the only programming language that outweighs all the bad parts and leaves you with the good ones.

The author has covered Javascript as an Object-oriented programming language in this learning book. It will teach you to use JavaScript when all your codes start to fail. The chapters and modules of this book are perfectly organized for the beginners. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to start your journey with the help of this book.

Just go for this all-in-one javascript course to find out what you are missing in your web development strategy.

UX design

There was a time when having a website was enough for a business. The competition level was low and users were not bothered by the design of the website. However, the time has changed and the User Experience has become one of the most important factors in Every Business’s online strategy.

It means that you can not leave behind UX design when it comes to learning web development.

Below are the books that will help you learn the basics of UX design improving your website performance drastically.

Best books to learn UX design

Book Recommendation 5: “DOn’t make me think”  

It was first published in 2000 by Steve Krug. It got some early recognition from the users as it covered all the major aspects of UX designing.

Later on, two more versions of this book were launched by the writer considering the changes in the way people used to look at the websites now. It is a great book to learn UX design and its effect on the websites. This book is considered as a masterpiece as it is only about learning the designs of the website. It will also teach you how you can deal with the designs by looking at your website from the visitor’s point of view.

It will take you through the mindset that is much needed to reach the accessibility goals of the website. It tells you how and where you need to place the important sections of your website to get better conversions.

Site navigational structure is important to give the user freedom to find what they’re looking for in a second.

Book Recommendation 6: “The Design of Everyday Things”

This is one of the best books on UX design written by Don Norman. The book covers basic and teaches you how you can attract users even with a simple design. We have mentioned this book as it does not discuss many technical aspects and focus purely on the design.

It will change the way you look at a design that allows you to work on your creativity. Every chapter of this book will cover a unique topic to develop your creativity in UX designs. We recommend using this book if you do not have any knowledge of how designs work.  

Final Words

Web development is a field where you need regular check-ups of your skills. The world is changing every day that forces every developer to update their skills to deliver what their client needs. These are some of the best web development books that will help you improve yourself as a web developer.

The UX design books that we have mentioned in this article can also be used by the experts.

We hope that these books will help you start your web development journey. If you think that we have missed a book, then leave a comment and let our visitors know about them.

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