Bingo calls that I will easily remember

Bingo has been an ever-present fixture in our lives for hundreds of years, ever since the formation of an Italian lottery style game called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia in the 16th century that is widely recognised as being where the roots of bingo lie. But here’s the thing: for many people bingo doesn’t really get as much recognition as it deserves, mainly because it occupies a strange territory that isn’t quite casino gambling, but also isn’t quite a game like a board game or chess.

Oh yes, bingo is hard to pin down, and in many ways this is central to its success. In the 1800s, for example, bingo shot to fame in Germany as a result of schools using it to teach their pupils. There are many reasons for bingo’s popularity in the modern world of course, and one of the main ones revolves around the funny world of bingo calls. Keep reading or check out www.barbadosbingo.com for some bingo calls that will be extremely easy to remember.

Bingo: A quick story of its history 

You know what? We’re fed up of people neglecting bingo’s interesting and globe-trotting history, so before we get into some easily remembered bingo calls, we’re just going to give a quick round-up of bingo history first. As we mentioned before, bingo has its roots in the 16th century with an Italian lottery. From there it crossed the border into France, where rich businessmen enjoyed playing it under the name Le Lotto. 

This is where bingo was first played in smaller groups, and it quickly spread all around the world. The Germans used it for educational purposes in the 19th century, whilst a US inventor called Edwin S. Lowe honed the game in for commercial use at the beginning of the 20th century. So there you have it – a quick story of bingo’s history. 

Why is bingo so fun? 

You simply cannot deny that bingo is great fun, otherwise it wouldn’t have ended up being so popular in the modern day. But why is bingo so fun? Well, here are a few examples: 

·         Easy to play: One of the main reasons behind bingo’s popularity is simply that it is so easy to play. This means you can spend way more time enjoying it, and less time actually learning how to play it.

·         Potentially huge jackpots: As the bingo world has become more commercialised over the last century, the jackpots on offer have grown to be larger and larger. And really, is there anything more fun than a big old jackpot prize?

·         Bingo calls: A huge reason behind why bingo is so fun is the reason for this article: bingo calls. What other gambling game can you play that has such a hilarious edge to it? Bingo calls are integral to the overall popularity of bingo, there’s simply no denying it. 

Bingo calls that I will easily remember 

Want to know a few bingo calls that you will easily remember? Take a look at these: 

·         5: Man Alive

·         12: One Dozen

·         17: Dancing Queen 

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