15 apps to catch cheating spouse text messages

We are currently living in a world where technology is the main master. Thanks to the internet, it is way easier to keep contact with relatives, friends or lovers whether by text messages or by using any social media. However, with such a simple access to other people, there has been a rise in cheating issues. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to send a message behind the back of your loved one without him noticing anything. However, there are many ways to find 9ut what’s really happening on the phone of your lover. If you’re afraid that your significant other is cheating on you, fear not ! This article will deliver you 15 applications that will help you know more about the activity of your lover on his phone.


This application is a tracking software that is not using any type of storage space making it really difficult to notice on your phone and impossible to track. With this software, you will be able to remotely track SMS, social apps and locations used by your lover’s phone. It is entirely legal to use and gives you the authority over your significant other’s phone in a few clicks. This application works on IOS and Android devices. 

Highster Mobile

This application enables you to capture all Whatsapp, Facebook and text messages. Moreover, Highster Mobile provides  a GPS tracker reporting both past and present locations. Thanks to its remote installation with Iphone, you don’t need to have any physical access to your phone in order to install it. This application allows you to purchase a lifetime license for a cheap price. If you subscribe to it, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime update. It’s working on Android as well as Iphone. 


This application will function only with an Android device. LetmeSpy allows you to spy and gather information about the person that you want on any of his devices. It tracks call, SMS and GPS locations of the phone it is installed. It will be invisible to the user on the phone and take almost no space in the storage.


Minspy provides secret tracking with little payment thanks to a built-in feature of recording all text messages as well as passwords, browser history and emails on any types of devices. It will never damage the software of your lover’s phone and will keep your identity hidden carefully. Moreover, this application is designed to not drain any battery and to not take much space. 


With this application, you can track Tinder and Snapchat activities as well as Facebook and Whatsapp messages. Moreover, mSpy provides its user with access to call history and GPS locations. You can also monitor the incomings, outgoings and even deleted text messages of your spouse. 


This software only works on Android (only version 5 or higher) an email will be sent on your lover’s phone and will require you to physically have the phone of your lover with you to install it. An email will be send on your spouse’s phone and you will have to click on the link given to download the app. The mail will be automatically deleted after that. After that, a video will be sent to you with all the pictures and text messages that your spouse has on his/her phone and who they are sending it to. 


This application will increase your awareness concerning the latest activities and interests of your lover. With that, you can track someone’s location as well as view their texts on any social media. It’s entirely legal and will work without any need to temper the device of your loved one. 


SpyBubble is designed for Iphone users. This online tracker will intrude into the most secure applications without any difficulties whatsoever. The only downside is that it will cost you a big amount of money for its spying services.


SpyFone is a mobile phone tracking software. It will allow its user to spy on someone’s activities whatever the type from text messages to live remote control if you want to. It’s working on Iphone as well as Android  and only requires you to sign in and install the application to start it. 


With this app, you won’t need to download additional software and it does not require connecting any extra lines and hardware. You will be provided with all texts and calls of your lover’s phone without a moment of delay. You can use it with any browser for a very affordable price. 


This tracking device is online and you can use it from anywhere without installing any application in your device. Spyier monitors phones and tablets with absolute secrecy. With that you will be able to track any calls, apps, locations and messages from your lover’s device. 


Spyine provides quick services and a professionally designed interface. It will help you track calls, SMS, and messages from any social media as well as simple text messages without being visible. Moreover, you can view any activities of your partner remotely, no need to have his phone next to you. 


This application will allow you to track locations and read messages that are currently on the phone you want to spy on. However, you will not be able to see deleted messages or track call history. For that purpose, it refers to the other choices on that list. 


Zosearch is an online search engine that permits you to view background information of any people you would like. To start, you need at least a phone number and sometimes the person’s name or mail address. From there, you can know everything you need to know about that person. 

With all of that, you are now all set up to find if your spouse ever cheated on you. You have multiple choices of app. The one who will fit you the most depends on your demands and how much money you are ready to pay for it. Once you have one of those applications you just need to launch it and get started.

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