Top 7 apps to track your wife phone without touching it

Getting in contact with other people has never been this easy. Thanks to social media and various applications you can talk to pretty much who you want, when you want it, around the world. This freedom has allowed us to meet new people and increase our group of friends. With the advancement of that type of technology, dating applications started to appear as well. Nowadays, it’s extremely common to meet people through dating apps. However, now that communication is that easy between everyone, the act of cheating has become easier as well.

Now you can just go through social media and send messages to random people and delete it afterwards to leave no trace. You are anxious about your wife potentially heating with someone else ? You would like to know a bit more about her private life because she’s acting suspicious lately ? Then, this article is made for you ! Here we are gonna describe to you in detail 7 applications capable of tracking your wife’s device without touching it. You have a hard time to believe it ? Then check the following applications out ! 


Minspy provides secret tracking with little payment thanks to a built-in feature of recording all text messages as well as passwords, browser history and emails on any types of devices. It will never damage the software of your lover’s phone and will keep your identity hidden carefully. Moreover, this application is designed to not drain any battery and to not take much space. To track a spied phone on Minspy, you just need to follow the target device on a map where you will previously mark a few boundaries.

Everytime the person will come close to those boundaries you will receive a notification. To install this program, you need to physically have access to the phone you want to spy on. Once it’s done everything else can be done remotely. This application doesn’t consume a lot of battery nor data storage. If The device you want to spy on is an Iphone, you just need to add the Icloud account details of the phone and you will be able to use it right away without actually touching the phone. 


This application will increase your awareness concerning the latest activities and interests of your lover. With that, you can track someone’s location as well as view their texts on any social media. It’s entirely legal and will work without any need to temper the device of your loved one. This program can be installed remotely so no need to touch the phone you want to spy on. 


This tracking device is online and you can use it from anywhere without installing any application in your device. Spyier monitors phones and tablets with absolute secrecy. With that you will be able to track any calls, apps, locations and messages from your lover’s device. As this application works in stealth-mode, it is entirely safe and you will be protected from any danger.

Everything is done remotely for smoother monitoring. Spyier also provides a web-based interface that helps you use the app with all kinds of browsers. With this program, you will be able to fully access the target device whenever you want and wherever you want. 


With this app, you won’t need to download additional software and it does not require connecting any extra lines and hardware. You will be provided with all texts and calls of your lover’s phone without a moment of delay. You can use it with any browser for a very affordable price. You will be able to monitor any activities on the spied phone entirely. Thanks to all of that, Spyic is a well-recognized application all around the world and anyone can enjoy using it at any time they want. 


Spyine provides quick services and a professionally designed interface. It will help you track calls, SMS, and messages from any social media as well as simple text messages without being visible. Moreover, you can view any activities of your partner remotely, no need to have his phone next to you. All your tracking tasks can be done remotely without the need to physically touch the other phone.

Moreover, all browsers are compatible with this app and you can use it on Android as well as Iphone. Results will be as good for any operating systems that you have. 


This application allows you to track emails, texts, calls and locations. With it, you will have the possibility to record video and audio as well as use it with any electronic tool. Even if you use it, you will be invisible to the phone where FlexiSpy is installed, so no one will suspect you. You can use it on Android as well as Iphone. 


With this application, you can track Tinder and Snapchat activities as well as Facebook and Whatsapp messages. Moreover, mSpy provides its user with access to call history and GPS locations. You can also monitor the incomings, outgoings and even deleted text messages of your spouse.

Now you are all set up to track your wife’s phone without leaving a trace. Keep in mind that those applications are not free, each has a different price. Now, it’s your turn to look into each of them and see what will be the most convenient for your needs. 

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