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Four Businesses That Should Consider Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybercriminals are more active now than ever, so the question of whether or not your business needs cyber security really isn’t up for debate anymore. Cybersecurity is essential to keeping your business, your consumers, and your reputation safe. With cybersecurity consulting with Edafio, you can be confident that every facet of your business will be protected.

Generally speaking, any business that deals in any type of data would benefit from cybersecurity measures. But there are some industry sectors where additional consulting is a good idea, particularly if sensitive data needs to be protected. Some of the top businesses that could benefit from security consulting include:

1. Financial Services

Financial services and institutions deal directly with data about people’s money, including information like direct deposits, bank account, credit cards, debit accounts, and savings accounts. To be sure, because money is a daily necessity and building wealth is a priority for many people, it’s essential for financial services to have top-notch cybersecurity.

Financial institutions are a prime target for many cybercriminals. Attacking financial services is a much more direct form of identity theft and can have long-lasting financial consequences on victims. For that reason, businesses that deal directly in finances must have good security to ensure the safety of the customers.

2. Government Services

There are several critical pieces of information the government is privy to, such as social security numbers, birthdates, names and aliases, current addresses, and much more. Unfortunately, government organizations are notorious for having cybersecurity features that are easy to breach, so it’s doubly important for government services or businesses contracting with the government to elevate cybersecurity measures.

Government services can refer to both state and federal organizations that hold onto private data. Some industries have a heavy cross-over with government services, such as third-party vendors that complete certain tasks for government agencies. These vendors also need enhanced security.

3. Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has access to a shocking amount of personal information. Not only do hospitals and healthcare centers have access to personal identification information, but they typically also have access to financial information, too. Many cybercriminals target healthcare organizations to get private information about patients that can then be used for identity theft or other cybercrimes.

4. Retail

The retail industry also serves as an easy foothold for gaining private and personal information about consumers. Retailers typically have financial and personal address information on file, even for consumers who have not used a retail service in several years. This information can be used to commit fraud and other crimes related to identity theft. Truth be told, retailers are some of the most obvious targets for cybercrime for this reason.

Every day people can’t imagine how easily their personal information can be accessed through the services they use every day. Financial services, government services, healthcare services, and retail all have access to important private data that can be used by cybercriminals to steal money and other information. For that reason, these industries are in need of more in-depth consulting to cover any cracks in existing cybersecurity defenses.

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