Gaming and Health

Video gaming is the one that is played on computers or any other device. It is usually a programmed software that allows the users to experience fun and enjoyment by playing particular games. Video gaming is popular among all kinds of people, irrespective of gender and age groups. 

It gives you a fun time and very adventurous experiences, but that does not mean that this package comes with advantages. Some definite disadvantages come with this too. Yes, there are some health and behavioural effects associated with gaming.

There are specific health issues like obesity, muscular or skeletal problems, and visual impairments associated with excessive computer devices and gaming addiction.

Gaming is very addictive, and gamers do not miss a chance of becoming a professional gamer. They buy every equipment required for it, and they also go for in game purchases to make their gaming experience venturesome. For example, people buy cheap CS GO accounts and become prime players, which offers the best experience. 

As we are well aware that gaming does not require any physical use of the body or muscles. So, we can say that there is no physical activity associated with video gaming. And it is not limited to age and gender. But we can see that most of the gaming community consists of teenagers; school going or high school going community. 

World Health Organization conducted a survey all around the world to find out the effects of video gaming on the mental and physical health of the gamers. And they classified it as gaming disorder.

Gaming disorder explains that his game is more important to a gamer than any other activity of his or her daily living. He has little to no interest in other activities of his surroundings. Even if he experiences some bash or negativity from people around him, he is unwilling to change his behaviour and is only focused on his game. And this is what addiction is, and like all other addictions, this too is dangerous.

People who indulge themselves in video gaming are more prone to developing sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress. They are always trying their best to win whatever game it is, which puts them under constant pressure. When they start playing, they lose track of time and this leads to sleeplessness. 

People who are already diseased can have severe health issues; for example, epilepsy people can experience game-provoked tremors or seizures. Gaming can lead to Obesity, and physical inactivity for more extended periods of time daily can have muscle soreness and spasms, which can lead to muscle wastage in the future.

Health Consequences of Gaming:

Vision Problems:

eye problems are related to video gaming. The human eye consists of iris, pupil, and cornea, which are not customarily created for long-term digital or electronic imaging scanning.

And as we know, video gaming is all about scanning screens for hours, which can put a chronic strain on the eyes, affecting long-term effects on the vision. 

Though video gaming has been found interestingly helpful to improve certain conditions, there is a disease in which the patient has blurred vision because of a problem in the transmission of visual information to the brain. Gaming can be helpful for such patients.

Surprisingly, there is one another intelligence fact about gamers; they have improved attention. They can focus on two to three things and can process them very efficiently without facing any discomfort. 

Musculoskeletal issues:

pertinacious gamers have been seen to suffer from muscular problems. They have tensed muscles of hands, wrists, and neck. PlayStation thumb is a disease commonly seen in gamers. Its symptoms include the numbness and tingling sensation in the thumb and blister formation caused by the controller’s surface tension after use for prolonged gaming. 

Doctors encountered patients with postural problems, as gaming requires certain postures to be maintained for longer durations. Tendon injuries of wrists and hands were seen in patients because of the excessive usage of these tendons. 

Overweight and Obesity:

Obesity is frequently associated with video gaming. This may be because of the physical inactivity of the players. Young people who watch TV and play video games have been seen to gain weight and have a disturbed body mass index.

A survey showed that video gaming is positively associated with large intakes of junk food even when you do not have an appetite except for the players who play active video games. 

Intake of junk food and cola drinks do not fill your appetite and cause weight gain in return. They come with only harmful effects. Canned and processed foods are usually high in carbohydrates and low-density lipoproteins, which are also known as toxic proteins and induce detrimental effects on the body.

Thus concluded, video gaming does induce harmful effects on the body, be it physical or mental.

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