Current Problems in CSGO

1-Ranking System

Up till 2015, there were more number of players placed on the higher rank in CSGO while lower ranks had fewer people.CSGO has taken this as a challenge to their credibility and reputation. Instead of modifying the levels of the game, CSGO officials changed the ranking system of the game in a way that higher ranks get less populated as compared to the lower ranks. They balanced the ranking system in a way that neither higher ranks nor the lower ranks get more people in it. This change has caused great disturbance among players. Now it is complicated for players to rank up in the game. In order to get a higher rank, the immense skill of players is needed to beat the opponent in CSGO. Skill can be acquired through consistent practice, but another problem that is quite frustrating for the struggling players is that for getting higher rank, they need to wait for the player placing on higher rank to get inconsistent or worse in his game. This is the only way for the lower rank player to get a higher level. For ranking up, it does not matter that player is performing well in the game. The thing which matters is a higher rank player’s performance, which, if get bad, then shifted to a lower rank. Only then the lower rank player with exceptional skills will get a higher level in CSGO. Here we cannot negate the performance of a player to get a higher rank because if a player’s performance is not good, then he/she cannot get a higher level despite higher rank players’ worse performance. These all things make CSGO a very competitive game in which player strives for the best with each passing moment. Though ranking high in CSGO is hard to achieve, but there are some tricks that players can assess by playing CSGO frequently. The time factor also plays an important role. On weekdays in the afternoon time, there are usually average players who play the game having just the necessary skills. While on weekends, i.e., Saturday and Sunday, there are exceptionally skilled players and perfect matchmaking. So it can be analyzed that on the weekend, there is high competition as compared to the other week days.


The other striking problem players of CSGO face is the Match Making when players play the game after taking a few days to break. These players are compelled to start the game from the lower level with poor matchmaking no matter previously they have invested much of their time on it. This adds to the frustration of players.

3-Free to play:

Previously, CSGO was paid, but lately, the price tag has been removed, and now it has become free to play, which has badly impacted the matchmaking for new players.CSGO treats both the new and veteran players alike when it comes to matchmaking and ranking. This causes many health issues among the serious game players who are dedicated and passionate about achieving a higher rank in CSGO. This can eventually lead to the reduction in CSGO accounts if officials do not sort out the problems in the best interest of gamers as well as the CSGO game itself.

Though CSGO has offered ‘free to play,’ but the main motive behind this offer seems to engage more players in CSGO and increase the traffic. Everyone rushes for free to play service, but nobody knows the consequences of it as it is devoid of quality matchmaking, and many hackers await such nascent players. It is better for serious players to buy Prime accounts in order to avoid all the nonsense in the form of cheaters, poor matchmaking, and ranking. Prime accounts benefit the player in gaining trust and quality matchmaking with zero encounters with hackers and cheaters.

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