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8 Important Steps in Writing Research Paper

A research paper is similar to an essay, although it is more detailed and longer. Writing a research paper requires students to contribute to the work, use extensive scholarly research, and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the topic under study. Besides, it allows researchers to understand the research gaps and benefits of the research area.

This article outlines the critical steps involved in writing a research paper:

  1. Title

The first important step in writing a research paper is choosing an ideal title. The title should inform the reader of what your research paper entails. It should also include all keywords.

  • Abstract

An abstract is a summary of the research paper that often comprises 100 to 150 words. It explains what the paper is about and highlights the key arguments. It is an essential part of the paper because most readers read it to get a glimpse of the research paper’s content. The abstract is alone to determine the research paper’s relevance. Thus, your abstract should be clear, concise, and informative.

  • Introduction

The introduction is critical because it provides a first impression of the paper, establishes the paper’s credibility, and sets the tone for the rest of the document. You need to write an effective introduction that helps the reader to understand your research topic, even if they do not have any previous knowledge of it.

  • Methodology

The section describes the paper’s aims and outlines the tools, materials, and methods used in collecting data on the topic. A well-written research methodology informs readers of the research paper’s concept.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the fifth step involved in preparing a research paper. It summarizes the key findings achieved through research. You should also explain how and why you made certain research conclusions.

  • Analysis of related studies

After writing conclusions, you need to review related studies to define information and data in the current research.

  • Recommendations

Here, you need to inform your audience what needs to be done, for instance, to address the issues identified. List several possible solutions and give the audience room to conduct further research on the most favourable solution.

  • Bibliography

In this step, you need to list the sources from which you acquired information. Remember to reference all the sources cited in the proper required formatting methods.

  • Before submitting your research paper, you need to check if it has:
  • Any grammatical, vocabulary, and punctuation, and sentence structure errors.
  • Any inconsistencies in formatting
  • Proper use of transition phrases and words.
  • Plagiarism can help you to prepare a research paper. We always use these steps when writing to provide you with high-quality research papers.

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