6 Warehouse Trends to Watch in 2021 And Beyond

The warehouse market is one of the most impacted industries during this pandemic. An increased number of individual businesses have started to sell their products online, and along with this, the retail industry had to upgrade its working procedures. 

Warehouse trends in 2021 were created mostly for the demand to deliver more products in a reduced time. Retailers had to deliver products often with closed borders as well. Furthermore, technologies will support the warehouse and logistics in the future years. The warehouse and transportation industries have only worked with e-commerce, which is the fastest-growing market in the world. 

According to some analysis, it has been found that the market will expand to $12 trillion by the next two years. This will also see the growth of artificial intelligence as its use will increase in data transportation and machine learning. Let’s check out some 2021 warehouse trends in this article. 


This is a largely increasing technology for the past few years. This trend not only depends on the market development but also on the influencers of technologies. The best thing about this trend is that it’s safe and transparent, so the business can use it internationally. 

For instance, a vendor is protected after implementing the technology for the history of good performance. The moment the data on using blockchain transactions will be clear, the next clients will get reliable information about trucks. 

Also, this technology is used to check the capacity of the transportation. It monitors the same. Dutch industries already use this trend successfully, as the technology helps to prevent documentation fraud and heists of goods. 

AI or Artificial intelligence

AI has a bigger impact on the transportation sector for the last decade. JD Edwards ERP successfully uses this technology. This is the way they have grown their reputation to a solid level for their customers. 

They also have the goal to offer this trend to their clients. The best thing about AI is it improves the functionality of the operations. It also finds the possible issues and proposes a solution. New warehouse technologies are implementing artificial intelligence in the pandemic. This happened because so many management people have started to work remotely

Autonomous vehicles

Trends in the warehouse have also become effective with autonomous vehicle delivery. Some years ago this very trend seemed more unreal for so many manufacturers. Only a few larger organizations invested in autonomous vehicles for the transportation of their products. 

With the help of self-driving trucks, the drivers will get relief and the delivery system will be swift. As self-driving vehicles are capable of analyzing traffic and they can operate smoothly on busy roads, this will become one of the best trends this year. 

This technology became real as it can offer safe delivery. It became very useful in the pandemic situation. As people were looking for no contact systems, an autonomous vehicle has provided them the same benefits. 

Automating warehouses

With the latest warehouse trends, JD Edwards ERP has also upgraded its working technologies. They have started with the automated warehouse trend before any other organization. The atomization of the manual work technique is in the focus for this year. Automation of warehouses can bring the solution to so many problems for companies. This is not expensive rather very affordable, and convenient for any kind of business. This trend is also useful for better monitoring, dispatching of products in the warehouse. 

In some organizations, robotization helps to reduce the time in freight management. This reduces the time spend twice on the delivery in the warehouse system

Sustainability through technology

The warehouse trends of this year are also based on the economic position of the world. So many organizations and customers are choosing eco-friendly solutions. This means that the agencies will invest more in emitting reduction and decrease environmental hazards. For this eco-technology will revive the logistics industry.

Large data analytics

Businesses use big data to analyses new warehouses and transportation systems. Every logistics statistic is important for the planning of future deliveries and understands the demand for goods in the market. 

The collection of data and evaluating the same has become easier with the latest software and the better understanding of company objectives. 

JD Edwards ERP brings the feasible solution to warehouse and other logistics problems. They offer better business scopes for companies, so they can cope with this crisis. They help organizations to improve productivity and mobility so they can earn more profits. 

Also, check out these 6 warehouse trends for 2021, as this will help you understand the benefits of automation in the business industry. 

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