How to Improve Test Automation Effectiveness

In all of the available enormous brands starting from Netflix, all the way up to Google are willing to spend money on Automation testing services. The thing to wonder is why does it still have an average usage of around 14-18% all around the world. Considering the increased degree of competition nowadays, you cannot afford to go wrong in these immensely vital functions. Today we going to discuss Improve Test Automation Effectiveness. This very blog focuses overall on the fact of

Test automation or automatic testing is definitely a part of one of the most important functions of any business. which is called software development. This process of software creation itself is a chaotic journey. It is characterized by a wide array of processes. Any particular software development projects begin with a huge amount of enthusiasm with the designing stage.

In the architectural stage. Both of these stages, you and your team seem to manage fine. However, as the process continues, there may be times when your developers find themselves behind in their schedule.

How to improve the test automation process for your company

The next thing you think about doing is to make some adjustments to your schedule. So that you do not fall into debt of any kind. Somehow you are able to deliver your software process is started. There are exist some issues. You will find the software you developed with so much hassle is starting to show some bugs and issues.

This is exactly where you understand the value of proper testing. How important it is to invest time in it.

Spending money on manual testing services has been a very old practice. Now it is replaced by the automated testing processes. The process of automated testing often takes a huge amount of time and slows down the overall development process. This delay generally takes place because there might be companies that are not experts in the processes of testing. You might not have expertise in this field. That’s why you are not aware of the huge variety of tools available to simplify this process.

Why this particular function has become so integral for judging the quality of development of software. You also confused about the fact why is treated as a rescue mission by so many companies? This blog focus on clearing all your doubts about the vital process of automated testing. So that after that you have a more rigid idea about how to execute a successful and effective testing process.

This blog will deal with some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind, about automation processes. However, it is crucial that you get to know about how to start everything. The following section is meant to educate you in the specific section.

How to Get Started?

Testing and bug fixing are integral parts of the current software development process.We already been talked about in the previous sections.

Testing in most cases dictates if you will be able to deliver a particular project on time or will experience some kind of delays.

According to the world quality report, 61% of the total number of respondents experience difficulties in the process of their QA automation.

Manual testing requires a company to allocate a large amount of time to the process. The major problem with this if a single error is detected. The testing goes all the way back to stage one and everything needs to be started again from square one.

The very first thing to do while developing software that includes the testing obviously is strategizing. The whole process in advance so no room for errors.

One very important thing to inform yourself about before getting into the tips of improving automated testing is about a very popular software. This one is particularly known because of its test automation services.

Selenium Testing: An Introduction

Selenium is basically a suite of software testing automation tools.Which is open source, and are slowing becoming a standard for quality assurance. It comes with a huge array of programming languages, which makes Selenium developers work for renowned companies like Google, Fitbit, Hubspot, Netflix and more.

Selenium comes with a suite that provides developers with different solutions, as far as testing goes. Selenium has become a big name in a very short time. Its remained relevant for more than the past ten years. Jason Huggins created this in the year 2004. It was his effort to free all the developers from repeated manual testing. Originally referred to as JavaScriptTestRunner and had the ability to run tests directly within a browser.

Now we arrive at that point of the article. Where you will inform about the tips that will improve the software automation process drastically.

How To Improve Test Automation?

  • You need to decide what to automate

This is obviously the first step of a test automation process. You must know clearly about what you are planning to automate, as it is difficult to achieve an ideal result otherwise. You need to know that the things which function in a particular environment, don’t work the same way in another. Other factors to consider are hardware dependencies, environment, potential impacts. Most importantly the app is that tested.

  • You must prioritize tasks

The moment you have taken the decision of which tests you want to operate, the next vital step is to divide them on the basis of their priority.

Here you think about the outcome you want to achieve in a specific amount of time and divide complicated tasks on the basis of their urgency and priority.

  • Prepare test scenarios beforehand

It is an extremely helpful practice to understand and identify test scenarios, before beginning test automation. Preparing test cases beforehand will give you an idea about how the automation process will pan out. It will also give you an estimate of how much time the testing will take, in addition to helping you to identify any kind of defects.


There is basically no ideal way to do test tooling. In addition, there also exists a number of quick fixes, but none of those will satisfy your needs the way you want to. They will result in a system that will be impossible to maintain and expensive. We all know how important to Improve Test Automation Effectiveness

You need to make sure that you are not rushing and are checking the layers of the application correctly. You need to identify the processes are repetitive. So you can know the amount of time you have saved by automating them.

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