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New attributes on Google my business in 2020

Google has been innovative for years to make the lives of businesses better. Now with the latest Google My Business GMB has changed the lives of business people forever; a total of four new attributes has been added in the GMB that can help your business stand out from the rest. If you don’t already use GMB to stand out in the search results yet, these four new features will benefit you in the following ways. Let us explore them first and how business experts rank them.

Four New Attributes Introduced in Google MyBusiness

Businesses around the world can add these following attributes of Google MyBuisness to their GMB profile and Google is always ready to show them in the search results when someone is able to search you. These attributes include:

  • Online Care
  • Online Appointment
  • Online Estimates
  • Online Classes

All these features aim to grab the attention of searchers on the Internet by showing your businesses more importantly due to service offerings. Searchers can also use these features to make better decisions and get a better idea of where to visit their desired business or service. These attributes have been tailored by Google experts to help people find their desired products or services.

Towards an Online Revolution  

In the middle of the pandemic, many businesses across the globe remain closed, which is why; there is a great potential of doing business online in the future. Many businesses are serving their clients using online technologies who have never used online solutions before. Most people are also searching for online alternatives to services that are no longer available face to face. This also includes physicians, fitness experts, and medical therapists. It is time for Google as well to take advantage of this change in the business trends. Therefore, Google MyBusiness has updates its services according to changing business environment.

How to Add these New Attributes in Google MyBusiness

The following steps will help businesses to add the brand new features or attributes to their Google MyBusiness listings. Get online and take control of your account.

  1. Sign into your Google My Business Account online.
  2. Open the location where you aim to manage the account.
  3. Click Info from the available menu options.
  4. Click attributes and tap Edit.

Now you can search for the attributes you wish to add to your account; simply scroll through the availed options for your business.

  • When all the preferences and features have been selected, you can click APPLY and set your account according to your needs.

Google Adds New Features in GMB every Month

Because not all the business cannot access all the attributes of Google My Business, that happens because your business varies from other businesses due to attributes. For example, Online Care cannot be added to a pizza delivery business to their GMB listings. If you have access to all these four new attributes for your business, then your business category belongs to service category. Ever since the hit of the recent pandemic, Google has been rolling out a steady stream of new features to its Google My Business listings; the Search Engine Journal article reveals that every new month, Google is adding new features to GMB.

For example, Google added three new features in GMB in May 2020; that helped a lot to restaurant businesses who struggle due to the pandemic and offering dine in or delivery services. Since some businesses are still struggling and some are starting new, in the future, Google may enable businesses to highlight whether masks are mandatory or optional.

The New Features Give Power Back to Local Firms with Logos and Images

Rosie Murphy, an author and researcher at Bright Local Inc. reveals that Google MyBusiness is determined to offer more amazing and exciting new features for local businesses to maximize their listings in search results. For example, GMB users now can take charge of their photos that appear in the My Business account listings. This latest attribute now helps many businesses to control their images and show this image more effectively. They can also control which image can show in the search results.

Google My Business also gives power to local companies by helping them display logos prominently. Logos will surely play a powerful role to represent businesses; think of a logo of Apple or Nike and the power it possess to attract global customers. Listings of GMB which include core information will now be able to display the business logo at the top of your profile.  


All these new features can play a great role in promoting local businesses. The firms can share offers with new customers and display their business logos and images more effectively. It may still take some time until a significant portion of customers are fully aware of these features; but if you are focused on growing your customers and followers, then these features are useful for your business.

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