Robosex, artificial intelligence and a new form of modern human relationships

Sex with robots or realistic sex dolls possessing artificial intelligence is not science fiction, but a reality. The robot-spinning industry generates billions of dollars, even those intended for intimate moments are not left behind. The sex doll market is only gaining momentum

Robosexual freedom

Erotic moments with sex robots are certainly an extraordinary experience. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a robot or a realistic sex doll with AI?

There is nothing holding you back from experiencing your secret erotic fantasies. You can give way to your desires. Do not deal with shame, mood or setting of a partner. You can also forget your fear of disease or infidelity.

Ultrarealism and artificial intelligence

At the beginning of the development of sex robots and realistic sex dolls was the effort of the creators to maximally imitate the human being. Today, it has reached almost perfection. Realistic sex dolls nowadays, are accessible and extensively detailed.

In the robotic industry focused on sex robots, the struggle for the connection of faithful human copies with artificial intelligence has been going on for the last few years. Currently, sexbots have the ability to communicate easily, they can respond to touch, get excited, have a human body temperature, heart rate or a functional G spot. Their nature can be easily set and changed.

You can buy the most advanced sex dolls today in the order of a few thousand dollars, and the truth is that we will have to wait a few more years for a smooth conversation with them as well as developing a natural realistic body movement.

The trend of solo sex

Scientific research in recent years shows that young people are losing more and more interest in sex and traditional forms of relationships. Their lives move into virtual space and communication habits change.

Digisexualism is most prevalent in Asian countries, especially Japan, which is dying out. Nobody is surprised here about owning a sex doll. Even if you see someone taking one with them to public places.

Many people, especially those born earlier, may find this trend perverse and unhealthy. Conservatism has always been here. However, the change in sexual behavior is a natural reflection of modern evolution, there is an ever increasing desire for intense connection with technology and the virtual world.

The fact that our love life will look completely different in a few years than our great-grandmothers is simply a fact. And robots are likely to play a vital role in it.

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